Sleep Driving

Angeline’s night at the chalet ended as she could not stay over, on top of that, she had work the next day too, although at noon, she had decided to go home. The night had been filled with drinking and games, and the amount she had was huge, despite how well she could hold her liquor compared to others. Rex on the other hand, had been eyeing the sleeping girl and she had finally made her move.

Rex: ‘Angel, you’re going home right? Can give me a ride?’

Most of the guys knew what was in his mind, but did not expose him too much and let him have his night too. He walked with the wobbly girl to her Benz and got in after she opened the door. Her dress was a normal one, but in the darkness of the vehicle, she just appeared so much more appealing than normal. In between catching glances at her, he noticed her eyes was closing as well, and even for Rex who had no license, he knew it was dangerous.

Rex: ‘Angel! Don’t fall asleep!’

She jolted and gripped the wheels tighter. Squeezing her eyes a few times, her attention came back, but not for long. The car swerved on the empty road and Rex had to pull the steering back on lane.

Angeline: ‘Fuck man. I can’t stay awake.’
Rex: ‘I’ll massage you?’

She pointed at her shoulder and he placed his palm over it, massaging it till it ached a little, so as to keep her awake. Her shoulder soon felt more painful than relaxed and so she held his hand and said ‘enough’. Rex had another spot in mind to keep her awake though.

Placing his warm hand on her thigh, Angeline was caught by surprise but she did not push him away. Perhaps it was the alcohol, perhaps it was him. His hand moved towards her pussy and the hemline of her dress followed the move on her leg. She finally removed one of her hands on the wheel and single handedly took out a stick of cigarette. The window wind down and she lit the stick before taking a deep puff. Her head relaxed onto the head rest while Rex’s hand landed on her panties, and began rubbing it. She opened her legs wider and he went faster.

In a few minutes, a patch had formed on the silky red undies and it was time to advance on her. He leaned over the where her cup holder was and wrapped his hand around her neck. Due to the space constraint, she could only move a little towards him. His fingers dipped into her neckline and reached for her boobs, the strapless bandeau bra was stretchy and it gave him easy access. Her eyes immediately widened as his naughty fingers twisted her nipple around. Needless to say, the patch on her panties was spreading.

After they got off the highway, he removed his hand around her and placed it under her dress, into the soft panties. His fingers immediately went into her love hole and alternated between her clit and vagina, fingering her as fast as he could go in that position. Her legs gradually closed tightly as the first round of road-gasm strike her mind and the clench on the steering wheel reminded Rex he was doing great. Soon, the number of stops at traffic lights increased and he had to be more discreet, but despite the dangerous of being seen, he kept moving his fingers to keep her awake.

The car turned into a carpark near his place and he stopped toying with her pussy as she reversed between two larger vans.

Angeline: ‘Shall we move to the back?’

Rex stepped out of the car and wanted to open the doors for her, but she just climbed to the back. He froze momentarily to admire her awkward movements that revealed the G-string under her dress, with the lights still turned on in the car. He made his way to the wider seats at the back and suddenly, everything seemed so peaceful and quiet.

She pounced on him and kissed like a crazy woman, frenching him by shooting and darting her tongue in his mouth, he could barely match her level of horniness that instance. Her hands frantically went for his short pants and was even quicker to pull his bottoms off. Stark naked from the waist down, he helped her to remove her soiled panties as well and she moved towards his standing pole. Holding her dress up, she held his dick with her other hand and sat down carefully over it. It totally felt like she had been horny her whole life without knowledge of how to relieve herself, except through sex.

His dick entered her pussy by prying the close soft flesh apart and it sat in her as though he had found his missing puzzle that fitted him perfectly. With one feet on the floor, Angeline began grinding back and forth on his groin and his dick head was kept busy stroking the insides of her. His free hands found their way under her dress and worked on her nipples while she rode him. Then, she decided to change to bouncing and the car shook violently while she was slowly losing herself. Now, this could be quite obvious to any peering eyes from the flats.

Rex: ‘Stop stop.. we’re too obvious in this position.’

Angeline woke up from her indulgence and stopped for his suggestions. Holding her waist firmly over his hips, he knew what could be done.

Rex: ‘Let me move instead.’

Invisible question marks appeared over her head and she followed his instruction to raise herself just a little. Rex then placed his heels firmly on the seat, then proceeded to jerk his hips back and forth very quickly, thrusting his dick in and out of her. The pace was so much for her to take that she moaned uncontrollably, Rex took that as an encouragement and kept going non-stop. The heat was so intense that the air from the car’s air conditioning turned misty, cloaking their bodies better from curious eyes. Although there was no lights in their vehicle, the condensation on the top and windows was showing what was happening inside.

Angeline lost her balance as another wave of climax hit her and she fell onto Rex’s body. He did not stop despite the change in her pussy distance and tightness and kept ramming until he felt his urge coming and slowed down.

Rex: ‘Angeline, I’m cumming!’

She tilt her body upright and opened the door and went out. Her upper body stuck back into the open door and placed her mouth on his dick, sending him into another realm which ironically felt better than fucking. Her head bobbed up and down in haste and he did not hold back. The warm cum filled her mouth gently and she went down on him for as long, until he found it too much to handle and stopped her.

She guided her head up and gave a light suction on the way to draw out whatever did not escape. She climbed back into the car without shutting the door and swallowed his load before planting a kiss on his lips. Rex smiled and got up, making space for her to enter. They wore their clothes back and sweet Angeline let him keep her panties, but not before wiping the excess juice off her pussy with it.

The two of them made out for a while more, and she drove off after he waved goodbye. What an adventure, all from trying to keep his target awake while driving.

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