With the leather collar and cuffs on Gladys’ wrists and ankles, she crawled on the carpeted office to her husband’s desk. As Aloysius worked for an illegal money lending firm, his colleagues too had their own girls at random times of the day. She went below his desk with the other guys working normally in the black tinted one way windows. He moved his office chair for her to get under and start work on his dick that was flaccid.

Gladys was one of those girls who came from a poor family, but was in no way connected to her husband’s business. He had ‘bought’ her with a sum of money in place of love, and she was treated fairly well. It was the dark fantasies Aloysius had that she was required to get used to, but nothing too difficult for her.

Ah San: ‘Ah Loy, your wife free? Need to release leh.’
Aloysius: ‘Fuck you lah. Where is your girl?’
Ah San: ‘Not free today. Share leh.’

He peered at Gladys who was sucking his hard rod, tilting his head as he whispered, ‘How?’. She shrugged her shoulders and he gave a flick of his four fingers to his colleague. That person happily hopped over and gave her some time to readjust her position after Aloysius had turned his chair to the side. Her mouth went back to work after she bent over in doggie, ready for whatever the man was about to do.

Ah San’s jeans came off in seconds and picked her butt up so he need not kneel. With her ass in the air, the man rolled the condom over his dick and aimed it at her. He flipped her mini dress up and pushed her panties to the side, before plunging his dick in. Shocked by his sudden entry, Gladys let off a muffled moan and almost bit the dick in her mouth. Gradually, she got used to the pounding from her rear and resumed the blowjob, guided by the thrusts her body was jerking to.

He went on for some time without stopping, giving her two orgasms which he could tell from her trembling legs. After some time, his speed picked up and an attention grabbing groan came out of his mouth as his sperms spew into the condom, which Gladys teasing squeezed her pussy tighter for more. Before pulling out he gave in to his temptation and landed a slap on her butt, returning his pants went back to its original place after that.

Just as Ah San was done, another of his colleague which was much fatter, also known as Fatty, came up to him, and unzipped his pants to whip his cock out for some action.

Fatty: ‘Don’t mind hor.’
Aloysius: ‘Eh Fatty, you think she is one of your sluts ah?’
Fatty: ‘You say leh.’

He went to locked her feet together with the restraints and then capped himself before shoving his dick in, encasing his rod in a different kind of tightness. The lack of space in her pussy had caused an even better sensation to flood into Gladys’ mind and she was enjoying herself. Her mouth slowly stopped sucking and had changed to a furious head shove, down at his groin. Within minutes, Aloysius could not take anymore of their nonsense and pulled her away.

Fatty: ‘Oi.. don’t like that eh.’
Aloysius: ‘I should be telling that to you. Change place.’

He got up to his feet and let Fatty took his seat, where he ripped the condom away in disappointment to use her mouth as a relieve. Aloysius parked his meat into her without wasting time and rammed her ass hard, thrashing her blowjob for Fatty into a confusion.

Fatty: ‘Wah. Someone angry liao.’
Aloysius: ‘Then?’

He guided her knees to the ground and knelt behind her, feet apart. Holding her waist firmly, he pulled her butt down hard at his dick and pumped her relentlessly, sending her blowjob into her mouth fuck as Fatty forced her head down. The two men went berserk with the convenient lady and used her body to satisfy themselves in whatever position they were in. One groaning with his dick down her throat, and the other slapping her butt as he rammed his dick deep into her pussy.

About three minutes later, Fatty creamed into her mouth and since his dick was at her throat, the gush of semen flowed down into her stomach effortlessly, save for some gagging she experienced. Aloysius had only got her to swallow only twice after they got together, and the jealousy made him crazier, taking her pussy mercilessly down on his cock.

Fatty had returned to his desk by then, and two girls walked in to pleasure another two of his colleagues. With the three couples fucking happily, Gladys didn’t feel too left out and truthfully speaking, she had been enjoying the three cocks that gave her orgasms she lost count of. The special squeezing of her pussy came about for Aloysius and the usual composed nature of him was lost.

Pounding wildly into her, he screamed out vulgarities as he shot his load into her. Gladys had always admired his protection of her, and understood that those guys who just did her was one of his few trusted buddies in his risky job. The suction in her had extracted every bit of cum he had and was panting hard once he was done. She held onto his dick with her pussy so he could only pull it out slowly, translating into her contentment and desire for him to stay inside of her for a while longer.

He finally pulled out of her and went back to his seat, where his pants lay crumpled in a pile. Gladys stayed by his side for the days he worked, and on non-working days, they would be at those cheap hotels fucking their minds out, living out his fetishes she had trouble keeping up with. Going around pantyless and braless was part of the package she had accustomed to, but having Aloysius around had made her felt more protected and loved than ever before.

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