Unpleasant Joy

Mabel entered her boyfriend’s Krisnad’s crowded house and went into his room after addressing everyone in his family. He had asked her to go over since she was having her study break and it was an achievement to him for dating a Chinese girl despite being Indian. His family was proud of him, and it did make his other brother’s jealous.

Krish: ‘Honey, go lie on my bed first? I go get a drink for you.’

She went to his single bed and laid herself down for a rest while he did his things. Often, she had wore her old school’s skirt as it still fitted her, and the navy colour went well with her casual t-shirts. He returned to the room with a cup of tea and she drank thirstily. He climbed onto the bed after the cup was kept away and held her hands above her head.

Krish: ‘I miss you a lot May.’

Mabel: ‘So do I.’

She picked her head up to kiss him and he matched his lips to her, licking and tonguing into her mouth. With her vision obstructed, he reached behind the bed frame and took out a set of straps made into a handcuffs, tying it casually without her notice. It was only when she tried to move her hands, when she realised her wrists were secured to the bars of the bed and the smiles he had on his face was priceless.

Mabel: ‘Be gentle k?’

Krish: ‘Honey, don’t worry. I will.’

He went to her knees and used another two loops to hold them apart, before he reached into the drawers for the clothes pegs for her nipples. An innocent sharp breath of air widened her mind and she was ready for his next move. Or so she thought.

His shorts disappeared in a flash and was in front of her pussy, stroking his dick to get it hard. Watching his dick grow had turned Mabel on and the glister on her pussy was signalling him to enter. He did after a while, going into her with slow and gentle strokes. Her opened legs could not close in any way and her hands were held from doing anything.

Krish started to pump his hard red cock into her and she bit her lips in an attempt to keep herself from moaning, since his family was outside. There was a certain feel for Krish as he was wilder this time, and did not bother to slow down even when she was climaxing. The continuous pounding of her pussy had got her addicted and she shut her eyes to enjoy the unstoppable orgasms he was giving. About close to ten minutes later, she felt a gush of warm liquid enter her pussy and clenched her pussy tighter, so he could keep shooting.

The sudden exit surprised her since he did not usually do that, but did not ask him since it could be just one occasion. He went to the drawer again and took out a gag ball, tying it behind her head for her to bite on. Mabel had never done it before but it was better than screaming out for his family to hear. After all, she was just in his room to study.

Still restrained by the straps, Krish left the room and brought his older brother in, who still had bread in his hands while he undid his pants. The shock that went through Mabel’s head was inexpressible with the gag on her mouth. Her pussy still dripping with Krish’s cum, was in full view of his brother. Once his shorts was removed, he went to the same position Krish had fucked her in, and leaned his body forward. Pushing his dick in, the difference in size stretched her pussy to its limits, trying to contain the unwanted piece of meat.

Older Brother: ‘Krish! Tight ah?’

Krish: ‘Shhh!’

He smiled at her expressionless boyfriend and continued to pump his cock into her, sending her into orgasms in mere minutes. Although she was penetrated by someone else other than Krish, this dick was better in satisfying her. Without anyway to struggle or fight, her body was ravaged by him with the non-stop pounding that carried on silently. He had grabbed her boobs in the frenzy and squeezed them to a sore, with his finger marks around it while his hips gave no mercy.

He was lasting way longer than Krish and all her boyfriend did was to stand at the side to watch them go. Going to her hands, he untied them and held her waist down to pound her harder, which to Krish’s surprise, did not struggle nor push him away. Her legs was still opened by the constraints, but her hand had went to his testicles to tease him.

Older Brother: ‘Mabel, where should I cum?’

She pointed at her groin and he got his answer. He laid his chest on her body while keeping his hips moving, thrusting with full force into her tight cunt. The spirit of sharing was never stronger, until Krish decided to do this. With his dick growing inside of her, she squeezed her pussy with all her strength, and got him to groan.

Finally, he stopped pounding her pussy and let his cum fill her up. Mabel then pulled the gag down to her neck and pushed him backwards, where he almost hit his head. She crawled forward to him into doggie and sucked on his dick, that was still hard. With that thick cock in her mouth, she turned her head to Krish and slapped on her butt lightly, asking him to do her from behind.

Krish got up excitedly and went behind her, shoving his cock in one move and started taking her on. Her mouth moved with the pounding from her ass, and slid easily up and down his brother’s shaft. Having two dicks in her at once was one of her fantasies all along, and this time, she got to experience it with someone she knew.

Krish’s dick was significantly bigger than before as he got more turned on with sharing his girlfriend. And his brother simply laid back and enjoyed the effortless service. The pleasure flooding into her mind came from both her pussy and the scent of a freshly washed cock drenched in her juices. She had never felt so horny before in her life.

Within ten minutes, the cock in her mouth exploded and she swallowed as he came, gulping down fast so she could keep the vacuum in. But to her dismay, he pulled himself away from the sensitiveness and took his brother’s phone to film. Like a porn star, her expression went wilder in front of the camera while Krish continued pumping her. A while later, she shifted her legs together and let her pussy did the work.

Having a slim and tight body before him, Krish came from the second time and flushed some of the collection of cum out onto his bedsheets. He remained in that position for some time before exiting, and bringing his dick to her mouth for clean up. By that time, his brother had left the room for them to wipe the stains off the bedsheets and to spend the rest of their day together.

Krish: ‘You like it?’

Mabel: ‘Kinda? And it’s still warm inside.’

They hugged each other to sleep and she was awakened in the evening, with her hands and legs tied up again.

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