Crowded Pool

The pool was fairly empty and Shanice had been taking some photos of herself in the one piece swimwear she bought. The photos showed a lot of cleavage with her neckline pulled lower and the lifeguard sitting a distance away had been feasting his eyes behind those shades. Within a few minutes of the camwhoring, a guy with toned abs and biceps walked into the vicinity and looked around for a space to place his bag.

Shanice had spotted him the moment he walked in and was wishing he would sit near to her. True enough, he came up beside her and asked if the seat was taken. Well, there was an abundance of space everywhere, but it was a reason to talk.

Shanice: ‘Nope. You can leave it here.’
Guy: ‘Aren’t you going for a swim?’
Shanice: ‘In a while.’

He left his bag and headed for the pool, swimming a few laps while waiting for her to join him. They swam along their own area and did not speak until she had stopped at the edge for a some time.

Guy: ‘I am Danny.’
Shanice: ‘I’m Shanice.’
Danny: ‘Nice meeting you. I’m about done with my swim. Yourself?’
Shanice: ‘Same.’

The lie could not be anymore fake as it was only ten minutes in the waters. The hidden agenda of his was too obvious to be missed. They exited the pool and carried their bags to the entrance into the showers. He stalled for time outside by talking to her about random topics and she did not know why he did that, but indulged in chatting with a hot body.

Danny: ‘I think there is no one inside. You want to shower together?’
Shanice: ‘Is it safe? Anyone can come anytime.’
Danny: ‘I’ll be there to protect you. It’s not like we will take hours in there right?’

He gave an irresistible wink and she dashed in before him, running straight for a cubicle that was near the entrance. Danny took his time and hung his bag on the bench, before bringing his soap and shampoo into the cubicle she went.

She then pulled her shoulder straps off and danced her swimsuit off, leaving him to pull his trunks down to expose his hard on that flicked water on her body.

Shanice: ‘Someone is being naughty huh.’

He pushed her to the wall where the shower head was and kissed on her lips. His hands dived straight for her pussy and a quick touch had revealed how wet she was getting as well. The viscosity of the liquid was much smoother, differentiating from the pool water. His tongue fought its way into her mouth as his fingers circled around her clit, sending erotic shivers through her body.

In no time, one of her legs had rose to the metal pipes attached to the walls, spreading for his fingers to enter. Without a word, he did as she expected and her pussy was contracting at random, fascinating him with her tightness. She came after a while and he had to pull his fingers out in pain.

Danny (whispering): ‘Sweetie, look how tight you are.’
Shanice: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She squatted down nude with her legs opened beside his feet and held his dick in her hand. Bringing her mouth of his dick, she used her tongue to tease his tip until his legs went wobbly. After the tickle, her mouth sank down his shaft, sending it down her throat. He had to hold onto the sides for balance while her head shoved into his groin, sucking and gagging to her heart’s content.

Of course, he did not let her carry on for too long. She got up and turned to face the wall, before moving her legs back carefully on the wet floor. Giving the button a push, cold water splashed down on her back, at the same time Danny’s dick pierced into her. The water acted as lubricant and he was humping away in no time.

The sounds of water had muted the slapping sounds of their hips, so all he needed to go was to go fast. Pounding Shanice non-stop, orgasms was firing erratically into her body and the grip on the metal pipes got stronger. The few occasions where males entered the showers did not slow them down a bit, but turning her on even more. He was able to feel how excited she got when a guy went next to them and showered.

Soon, the shower was empty again and Danny was ramming at his fastest.

Danny (whispering): ‘Sweetie, where do I cum?’
Shanice (whispering): ‘In my hands.’

He pulled out long before he was done and turned himself to face the door, backing up on her until her arms could go around his body. She felt his abs for a second and slipped her hands down to his manhood, jerking it skilfully. The handjob lasted a good five minutes without much sounds, with some soap she had used to make things more naughty.

After some time, he tapped her butt and she covered one of her hands over his dick, while the other kept moving. A few seconds was all he needed to squirt the soapy white semen into her palm. She used her flattened palm to roll around his sensitive dick head to get an extra few sprays out of him, making him squeal and squat in.. oversensitivity?

They showered each other up in a small scale JAV style, going for another round with the foam all over. The escape was uneventful with no one around despite being evening time. They had exchanged contacts so that they can arrange for a swim together again. If you know what I mean. *wink wink*

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