Raped by Two

Baby: ‘Dear.. I was raped.. ‘

Tears flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks as she hugged me tightly, pressing her braless boobs onto my chest. I had never expected a strong girl like her to have been raped, and by two men consecutively. I lay her on the bed and covered her eyes with my shirt, listening to her story of what happened that night.

She was in her formal outfit for a presentation at school, wearing a white blouse and black skirt. And because her own skirt was in the laundry, she wore the pair I gave her which was grey in colour, and made out of stretchy cotton. After school ended at 9pm, she walked home, having to pass through two alleys which made her trip way shorter.

Once she was between the tall bushes, a hand just shoved her to the ground and covered her mouth, with what smelled like glue. In fact, it was chloroform which she had breathed in that made her weak and susceptible to the assault. The man had tied her hands together with the straps of her backpack, and her skirt was then pulled upwards to her waist. He had ripped her blouse opened and tore her bra and panties away painfully, throwing it far away so she could not reach for it.

His pants was then lowered easily and his dick sprang in her sight within seconds. As guilty as she felt, he was as strong as I, and was using his body weight to hold her legs down. He let his body lay on top of her and then plunged his dick into her dry pussy in one move. The pain was excruciating without any lubricant, which baby always needed extra of. He felt the friction on his dick and pulled it out to give her pussy a few spits of his saliva, before sinking his meat into her again.

The chemical on the handkerchief he had covered her mouth with was very potent, and she could not make a sound at all. The man then started to move his hips to let his dick fill her up, further draining her energy from the sex. Having a sensitive pussy, her mind had gone blank and even moaned softly to his thrusts. Her eyes were open, but could not react in anyway to his advances. The scent of coconut oil and the dust on his shirt explained that he was possibly a foreign worker, from a nearby construction site.

He had tried to kiss her but she turned her head away, having enough from the rape than to let him rape her mouth as well. His speed was erratic as though on drugs, but she was also nearing an orgasm. In fact, her body was getting used to his size and her pussy was pulsating to his girth. Within minutes, Her legs instinctively tried to shut itself as the climax fired from her pussy to her mind, wiping out any emotions and replacing it with pleasure.

Her feet went to his butt and pushed him harder, much to her unwillingness. The man gave her his last bit of strength and rammed deep into her, stretching her to a point she was hurting. After a few strokes, she felt the gush of hot cum pumping into her pussy and the man covered her mouth with the piece of cloth again, rendering her body limp. He continued for a while more before pulling his cock out, shrinking fast from the ejaculation.

After he was done, he went behind the bushes and another man appeared, with the chemical laden cloth in his hand. Her feeble pleas did not deter him a single bit, and he proceeded to lower his pants, similarly without any underwear. He flipped her around on the rough concrete ground and pulled at her waist to bring her butt to him. The force had scrapped the skin on her knees and blood was seeping out of the cut. He knelt on her slippers that was lying nearby and angled his dick towards her entrance, before penetrating her in one swift move.

The second man was longer in length but much thinner. Still, her pussy had taken the first few strokes to accommodate his size. The pain on her knees went away as he pounded at her butt, shoving his dick as deep as he could go. With the non-stop piercing of his dick into her pussy, the next orgasm came even sooner and she was trembling as he fucked her from behind. Thankfully, she remembered what she did to get me to cum faster, and so she squeezed her pussy tighter, to a point the man could not take it anymore.

Man (shouting): ‘Fucking slut! You’re so tight!’

He cried out without care about where he was. He sank his meat deep along her vagina and held her still, while his load flushed strongly into her. The amount of cum he was depositing was much more than the previous man, and it had even leaked out of her pussy, down her clit and onto the floor. He pumped his hips a few more times and pulled out after he was done.

They ran away and hopped into a cab by the road. Left alone and helpless. She crawled to her bra and panties in the distance, too tattered to be worn. The buttons on the blouse was gone and all she could do was to cover her chest with her books, and headed straight home which was merely two minutes away. As she walked sloppily back home, warm cum was leaking out of her pussy and running down her legs, reminding her of what she had just been through.

That night, she cried herself to sleep after a quick shower, going as far as pushing the shower head into her pussy to wash as much cum as she could get out. The pain and soreness between her legs was forever a secret, made known to only me.

Baby: ‘I am sorry for not being strong enough. Can we break up so you can find someone else?’
Me: ‘Baby, I loved you for your heart. Not for anything else. I am going to marry you, and have a happy family.’

She cried herself to sleep, and then it was me who fell asleep. Later that evening, she woke me up with her mouth on my dick, growing quickly with her tongue teasing it. It was the best blowjob I had received from her as she was literally fucking me using her mouth. I did not understand why she did that, but from then on, she had become someone else entirely. Going fully under my control when it comes to sex and stuff. She had turned into my personal sex slave, presumingly out guilt and love for me.

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