As I burst out of my front door in a grumpy mood to cut my fingernails, two students in their uniforms began to cover themselves up. With the girl bottomless and guy’s dick out of his pants, the whole scene was clear cut.

‘Shit shit. Get dressed. Hurry up.’

I quickly turned away and let them get dressed, not totally unfamiliar with such sightings. As the girl walked in front of the guy, he had hugged her in his arms to face me.

‘You won’t report us to the school right?’

‘Just go.’

I was about to sit on the steps to cut my nails when he stood in front of me, partly wanting to threaten me but also intimidated by the actual damage if I were to tell in on them.

‘Sir, you better don’t tell the school. I know where you stay.’

My fingers immediately went to the CCTV installed by my neighbour and he covered his face in shame, swinging his fingers in a hostile manner.

‘Don’t you dare.’

He shoved his girl to get out of the staircase and I had a moment of silence to myself, puzzled by his anxiousness about such a common occurrence. Just as I was done with my pinky toe, voices came up the stairs again and I had to face that all-talk student. He was holding something against her nose this time, causing her to stand wobbly.

‘Bro, you can have her. She’s just another slut.’

He pushed her to the ground and stripped her shorts and panties from under her skirt, promptly tearing her buttons apart to remove her bra as well. Left in a disheveled state at my feet, he ran off and let her convulse from the after-effects of the drug.

‘Hey hey. Are you alright?’

‘Help me please.. ‘

She threw herself into my arms and our asses slammed onto the floor. She grabbed my wrist next and stuck it under her skirt, using my hand to masturbate her wet pussy. The grey top exposed her swollen nipples from their activity earlier, but something else was overpowering her sane mind.

She tore my thin sleeping shorts off my legs and straddled on top of me, so dangerously close to my raw dick. Her ass slid down my thighs and it just has to enter her in that position. My cock, was inside her. Everything was happening so quickly that I wasn’t thinking straight either. We were fucking right outside my house!

‘Lie back and enjoy k?’

My shoulders knocked against the rough edges of the steps and she began riding me crazily, jutting her hips up down left right to get me touching her every spot. Those straight gazes into my eyes told me something was possessing her, but she was enjoying it all the same. Point was, she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to.

‘You need to help me orgasm to stop the drugs. I’m serious.’

She closed her feet on my stomach and turned to a side, helicoptering on my dick to face the other direction. Once she was bent over touching the ground with her hands, she gave a slap on her waist asking me to hold her. In time, we switched to doggystyle and the rest was history.

Pounding her studious frame hard and deep, she was moaning to her heart’s content. My cock repeatedly stabbed the underaged pussy till she let off a stream of urine, splashing loudly onto the floor. I continued to fuck her at my fastest speed till she backed up on me, putting my bum back on the lowest step before she sat on my lap.

A fling of her back sent her against my chest, legs wide opened for her skirt to be raised. Her shoulders began jerking uncontrollably as an orgasm fixed her heightened state. When she was finally done, I had to pick her up and place her next to me.

‘Better now?’

‘Not yet.’

She grabbed my dick and fell her head over it, enveloping in her mouth that began sucking instantaneously. I decided to lean back, not to resist an outlet where I knew it was safe to cum into. After the exhaustive five minutes of her tireless blowjob, I felt the incoming urge and let loose all the white soldiers after she was given a fair warning.


She wiped her mouth with her hand and slurped the last drop down her throat – with the rest. The jacket she brought in her bag replaced her school top and her skirt was long enough not to be upskirted. Before she left, she gave me her number, as well as introduced ourselves. Sherlyn, she is called.

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