Date Rapist

‘No no. Please please please.. ‘

Cecilia was grabbed by the arm and thrown on the bed, after she rejected Collin’s suggestion to play rape. Somehow, her resistance had stirred his perverse fetish and went on to tear her bare back dress of her shoulders, easily peeling those silicon stick-on bras off her chest.

Just as she was about to get out of bed, he sent a slap in her way and knocked her near-unconsciousness. The good-guy had disappeared from her mind and a monster showed up in his place. A few hard punches landed on her belly to keep her still, quickly achieving its effects without anymore abuse.

He forced her legs opened and pushed her knees against her chest, before reaching into his pocket to flash a shiny butt plug in her eyes.

‘No! Not there!’

The agitated man raised her ass even higher and forcefully jammed the pointy orb into her anus, fitting it inside her unwilling butthole. When he was done, he just jumped on her thighs with his knees, shocking his date into loud screams.

‘If you are going to keep screaming, believe me when I say I will fucking punch your pussy.’

Her hands went over her mouth to contain her squeals of pain while he undid his pants over her stomach, whipping out his cock that was throbbing with life. He clenched a bundle of hair to pick her up and waded to her armpits, shoving that thick cock into her crying mouth.

He leaned forward over her head and went on to fuck her mouth, going deep without regards to the choking noises coming from under. Stomach still filled with dinner, he felt her digest regurgitate over his cock and went back down her throat. Collin couldn’t resist the thoughts of fucking the gorgeous girl whom had unknowingly played hard to get, all because she wanted to be sure he was serious about her.

After five long agonising minutes of forced blowjob, he left her face with bits of food in her mouth, swallowed quickly so she could catch her breath. A condom was retrieved from his other pocket and put on, making his elongated torture rod pinkish. For Cecilia, he wasn’t the first guy to be inside her but none of her ex-boyfriends had ever been so violent with her.

He flipped her to the sides and lifted an ass cheek up, so he could ram his cock between her pussy. A single jab took all her energy away and he was mindlessly pounding her lifeless body. The grunts coming from him could never sound any more degrading when he complimented on her tightness, pussy rarely touched since her last break up.

‘Oh! You’re getting tighter huh?’

She was feeling the gentleness returning as he rested his chest on her arm, still thrusting fast into her vagina. He could not wait any longer and turned her on her belly, raising her hips by stuffing a pillow under. In the lazy doggystyle, he licked her ears while pumping her from behind, groaning loudly for her to hear.

The fight in Cecilia faded as he composed his strokes, ravishing the most sensitive end in her body. She was picking her knees up so he could fuck her proper, leading her to the first orgasm that weakened his movements. The first moans from her excited him more as he knew she had opened up to his advances, pleasurably though forcefully.

The moment when she had tucked her knees under her body, she tried to crawl away – in vain. He caught her by the waist and swung her off the bed onto the carpet, nudging her towards the window with every thrusts. Right when her breasts touched the cold glass, she could see the devil’s reflection behind her.

Seconds later, he pulled out and turned her around to look at him. Lifting her up briefly, she was placed on his dick so he could fuck her face-to-face. Before him, a beauty had turned into a slut, and the man she saw in him turned into a beast. The slut’s beast huh? What a twist.

He let her back warm the windows up in the continuous series of hips thrusts, bruising her skin on the squeaky surface.

‘Cumming again huh? Look how hard you are holding me.’

Her manicured nails were digging into his biceps as he increased his speed, about to complete his conquest for the night. Long, deep strokes brought her to the second orgasm and he bit on her shoulders as he came into her. Hot fluids pumping through his cock flushed into her vagina, filling and overflowing cum onto the carpet before he was even done.

Collin could not stop himself from finishing the last bits inside her and almost collapsed if not for the window behind her. He took a step back from Cecilia as soon as he was done, leaving her to crumble like an old wallpaper.

She fell on her chest while her legs slanted to a side, dragging herself to the torn dress just an arm’s length away. A trail of whitish liquid trailed behind her as she covered herself up, hopeless after the fateful date rape. A sudden flash caught her attention when he snapped photos of her, increasing her worries after what just happened.

‘You are still going to see me again right?’

He waved his phone displaying a naked photo of her before her eyes and got a nod that rested her head on the floor. Since he had utterly destroyed her hopes for a normal love life, and set her on a path she couldn’t easily break free from, revenge was building up in the once-innocent lady.

The hotel room was left to herself once he took his leave, happily skipping out of the room with photos of his achievements. The only way to relieve the soreness in her pussy was to massage herself there, as well as to take out the butt plug he stuffed into her ass.

Drifting to sleep, the only good thing that happened that night was the uninterrupted masturbation she did for herself, without anyone to please or disappoint.

Sleep tight now, Cecilia.

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