Stick for Tat

‘Hey, can I have a stick from you?’

The lady sitting all alone under the void deck near the letterbox called out to Ryan, who was carrying a brand new pack of cigarettes he got from 7-Eleven. She appeared to be China-Chinese looking but he wasn’t too concerned about that, cooly tearing the wrapper away and offering her one.

‘Wanna smoke together?’

She lit his stick with a traditional Zippo lighter than tapped on the tiled seats next to her, for him to take his place near the short skirted lady.

‘This is very cold. I like it.’

‘Why are you sitting here alone?’

‘Can’t sleep.’

He took a long drag from his cig and savoured the tobacco down his lungs, breathing out in an upward angle. The sight of her thin long legs was so alluring that he kept staring at them, while the spag top covered her twin peaks. His darting eyes were hard to miss when she was observing his movements, getting daring enough to lean back and opening her legs.

‘Little pervert. How old are you?’

‘Twenty one. You?’

‘Make a guess.’

‘Twenty five?’


She slapped her hand on his and dropped them on her leg. Holding his wrist with two fingers, she led him up her thigh and left him right where her skirt ended, barely three inches from her groin.

‘Feel it and tell me.’

He straightened his body to look around for other night-owls before sliding his palm under her skirt, feeling a warm patch right between her legs. It was so smooth without any bits of pubes and he was resisting the urge to just stick his fingers in.


Her panties were shoved to one side and her shoulders relaxed as soon as he touched her pussy. The lady had tilted her head back to let him continue exploring her nether regions, getting wetter as he rubbed her clit fast.

‘Twenty eight?’


A finger poked into her vagina and blew his mind with the narrow entrance, covered in soft bumps under her clit. It was so tight and cushioned that he was so sure she was just eighteen (or lesser). But how could she be?!

‘Twenty seven!’

‘Far from it.’

She flung his hand away and pulled his shoulder onto the hard backrest, listening to his heartbeat as her hand wriggled into his shorts. She whipped his cock out in the lit void deck and adjusted her hair behind her ears, still holding onto her cigarette between fingers. Her head went lower to suckle on his tip, causing a shiver to shoot through his spine.

Tightly pressed lips sank down his shaft and gave way at the base, swapping for a lighter pressure on the way up. That ideal suction maintained itself as her head went up and down, tasting his cock at its full glory. Her butt shifted to let her take out a brown bottle of powder, to have some placed on her two fingers joined together.

She rubbed the white on his cock before sucking on it again, lifting his senses off the ground in a single stroke.

‘What the fuck is that?’

His voice was as light as his mind while she continued to work his cock, hardening it to the next level.

‘Good stuff.’

She got up from her seat shortly after and raised her skirt higher, though not exposing any parts in case someone walked past. His cock just slide into her pussy so easily with all that juices overflowing, shutting his eyes to the pleasure he never experienced before.

Ryan could totally feel his heartbeat through his whole body, throbbing especially loud in his head. The energetic bouncing on his lap was sending bright red glows in his cloudy vision, like music that he could see.

‘You’re really big!’

The non-stop panting from her wasn’t going into his head, but he was growing inside her all the while. Those thick veins appearing under the effects of the powder, was brushing across all her sensitive spots. It didn’t take him too long to be pumped up with adrenaline, standing up and turning her towards his seat.

Ramming violently into the stranger, she was moaning to his ferocious thrusts. Going so deep, slapping so hard, her mind was as blurry as his memories were. Orgasms began hitting her one after another when he went really fast, weakening her knees to lead them to the ground.

He was fucking her brains out in that doggystyle till he was about to cum. A single wish to hold it in came true immediately and he edged between the glorious orgasm and an influx of constant satisfaction.

‘I can’t take it anymore!’

She called out after he half-squatted on his feet, swinging his hips wildly against her ass.

‘I’ll cum now then.’

She placed her hand where she could reach on his legs to hint him but he wasn’t biting it. He was still hammering her with the same vigour as when he started.

‘Take it out now!’

Ryan, was already out of his mind when he let loose his cum inside her, burying them so deep with his ongoing thrusts. She was high and frantic at the same time, though powerless to his heightened strength. He finally pulled out after his urge disappeared and fell onto the floor, dragging her along with him.

Seated legs crossed, cum just poured out of her like lava, sheer amount scaring her a whole lot. He took a lot of effort to pick himself up before helping her to the seat, resting in the most exhausted state ever.

‘Why did you cum inside me?! What the fuck?!’

‘You broke the rules first by giving me drugs.’

She took another stick from his box and lit it up a few feet away, confused about what was about to happen next. He too, started his own fire and calmed his mind with nicotine.

‘Will you still find me again?’

That question woke Ryan up after what he had just done to her, and his nod received her sighing reply. She took his number and gave him a missed call, securing their relationship a step further. He went home after she took the lift up, exchanging texts shortly after to set up their next ‘date’.

‘I’m thirty.’

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