Nocturnal Sins

Written for Natalie’s Sins.

‘Hi there! I’m Bryan! What’s your name?’

‘I’m Natalie.’

The hunky guy in a grey hoodie over his white shirt and black pants found himself seduced by the tight blue strapless dress Natalie wore, cleavage plunging so deep into the braless chest every men had surely caught a glimpse of.

‘Let me get that for you.’

He raised his index finger for ‘a minute’ of her time, turning his mesmerising broad shoulders towards the bar where the crowd of thirsty clubbers have yet to get their drinks. Natalie’s eyes were all over him and didn’t even turn her head when her boyfriend walked up and spoke to her.

‘Who’s that?’

‘Just someone who tried to chat me up. He’s getting me a drink.’

‘And you just let him?’

It wasn’t the first time that happened and the incident that she, his girlfriend, was found outside his doorstep unconscious, had been troubling him since. The checks he went with her got him so worried for days, though she kept reassuring him that nothing would go wrong.

Bryan got back to her a few seconds after and her boyfriend moved behind him, still within Natalie’s line of sight. His jealous looks became serious when she gave that stranger a kiss on his cheeks, sending her love storming out of the club shaking his head. Holding the new cup in her hand, they talked about lighter topics like their jobs, and if she liked doing chores.

As the night went down, the music went up, to a point they couldn’t hear each other anymore, and had to leave the place. It was when he took a smoke that she stared at him mindlessly, admiring that ‘coolness’ like a little girl. Both of them weren’t drunk nor tipsy, and they could make out what those little expressions they were giving to each other.

She couldn’t care less about her boyfriend’s tantrum, but beyond that, she knew he wasn’t wrong either. Bryan actually looked more mature than him, and had everything she could only dream of, in him. What her eyes saw then had sufficiently made up for what her heart desires.



Answering a question she didn’t hear, she found herself stepping out of the taxi into the lobby of a budget hotel, though way out of the red light district. After he checked in, she was helped to the room as she felt weaker, making it through the door before she collapsed on the bed. A click into the cardholder flooded the room with cold air, briefly chilling her until he climbed on top of her.

Making out passionately with her one-night stand in the dark, he quickly found the zip by her rib and pulled it down, loosening her dress so he could remove it under his body. His clothes were removed piece by piece, until he was just in his pants. As his face disappeared to her closing eyes, a pair of warm hands cupped her bare tits and were massaged with forceful squeezes. Taking turns on each side, the twinkle of his belt freed the last and final part of his outfit, touching her belly a few times when he bent lower to use his mouth.

With both boobs together, his lips took them one by one into his mouth, licking and sucking her nipples so hard the pain was causing them to get even more sensitive. He was relentless when it came to those melons, teasing them till the stiff erections embarrassed Natalie.

‘Turn over now.’

Her whisper flipped him on his back and it was her turn to play. Sliding down to the carpet, never had she seen any dick so beautiful, with the backdrop of a window behind that hardness. Pecking her way up, she devoured it and grinded her teeth to get his full attention, before replacing her pearly whites with her lips.

Her head was moving up and down faster as she sensed herself getting wetter, to the size that was expanding in both directions in her mouth. He smelled so clean and tasted so vulnerable, especially with that unstoppable leak of pre-cum.

‘Okay. That’s enough.’

He got her up and threw her onto the bed, sinking that lazy girl into the soft mattress. Getting on his knees behind her, he didn’t restrain any urges when he grabbed her hips violently, jerking higher and abruptly piercing through that smooth ass. The tension in her clenched fists of the bedsheets only got him more excited, plugging her pussy over and over again.

Natalie was always one step behind his intentions when they shifted to the windows, chest pushed flat as her life was fucked out of her brains, vision in blur streaks of light. It was undoubtedly one of the best sex she had in a long time, without any shame, as exclaimed by her screams midway during the window fuck.

‘Sit on top.’

She hopped to the dresser in his arms and his dick was back inside her again, rocking the cups and kettle as hard as his thrusts. Her feet and arms, were around him throughout that intense love-making. She was surprised when he carried her in that position to the bed, falling on top of her like the moment they stepped through the door.

‘And now.. for the finale.’

By the edge of the bed, her legs were in the air, and fingers interlocked behind his neck. A swift stroke of his hips sent his cock tearing through her pussy like a virgin all over again, shocking her with pain and depth that she had wet dreams of. The abrasion and soreness barely hindered her moans for him, keeping him on his toes till he couldn’t take it anymore.

‘I’m going to.. ‘

‘Inside me!’

‘You sure?’


Her feet tightened around his waist as they joined as one, exchanging her sensual gasps for his huge loads of cum that poured into her in waves, until they were spilling out around his circumference. On his way ‘out’, the vacuum in her pussy sucked everything back and Natalie was back breathing normally, like a sleeping kitty.

‘Don’t wash it. Sleep with me.’

She didn’t want the only warm body to leave her side and he couldn’t be bothered with the mess anyway, joining her for a sleep till daybreak. Her phone rang non-stop for a few hours that night, ignored on silent mode, unnoticed on the floor. The words ‘faithful’, ‘love’ and ‘girlfriend’ didn’t deter her at all, as she slept soundly like a long time ago.

The next morning, Bryan woke her up and brought her into the shower, spending a good fifteen minutes washing themselves. They only kept the ‘play’ to their hands and nowhere else, leaving the bathroom wet and cold after they both came once.

‘Bryan, we need to get the morning-after for me.’

He nodded in silence and they got her medication, a tidy pack of six for emergencies.

‘Can you keep the other five for me?’

That half-awake man took a second to process that information before his face lit up with a smile. The two exchanged numbers and hopped on a cab one after the next, leaving for home where questions about their whereabouts will be waiting.

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