Pumped from Behind

‘Hello? James, I’m at the hotel now. Which room is it?’



Shen Shen went up the lift in a worried mood, unsure of how her first shoot would go. Asked to turn up in a club wear, she wore the only outfit closest to it. Besides being underaged to club, she had no idea what to expect out of the S$300 photoshoot.

‘Hey! You’re here. Just make yourself comfortable on the bed. I’m still setting my camera up.’

She clenched her hoodie tighter under the air-conditioning unit wearing a knitted bralet on her top, and a pair of black denim shorts as her bottoms. The long sweater had been her only shield from staring eyes but it got better once she was in the room.

‘Done! Take off your jacket. We’re going to start now. I’ll guide you.’

She reluctantly removed her outerwear and posed to his instructions, bending over and sitting legs wide apart for his camera to blast the shutter at. After thirty minutes of tiring poses, he asked for a break and took out two pairs of cuffs for her. Shen Shen had agreed to using some props for the shoot but did not know it was those. He did not asked her any more questions and strapped her on, tying her wrists and ankles together.

Bounded helplessly, she let him turn her into various positions for more photos, then finally went on her stomach for some top view shots. Everything was getting fishy when the autofocus beeps stopped, and he began to tugged her shorts off.

‘Hey! What are you doing?!’

He had planted a knee on her back to prevent her from flipping over and kept one hand on her head, silencing her screams with the pillow nearby. Her shorts and panties were left at her ankles where the restraints blocked it.

‘I’m adding a hundred and fifty more.’

‘No wait! I don’t do that!’

Her bralet came off those knots easily and the naked girl was getting frantic. He rested his whole body on her back while stripping, touching her baby smooth ass with his warm dick as he wriggled out of his jeans. Her ass was raised higher but wasn’t allowed to be supported on her knees, hurting her abs as she tried to stay still in his painful grip.

He was soon forcing his dick between her ass crack to reach her pussy, where she immediately jolted up when she felt his raw dick. Without protection, he rammed into her pussy repeatedly despite not entering her any faster. Her dry pussy was sore from his violent thrusts but got wet nonetheless, lubricating his strokes till he was inside.

‘Stay still k? It will be over soon.’

He just rested on her back and wobbled his hips, sticking his cock into her fast. All Shen Shen could do was to cry as he violated her virginity, being fucked by someone she didn’t even knew the name of. He picked his chest off her and continued riding her ass, groaning her name out loud non-stop. She was feeling high and dizzy from his attacks, about to faint until the moment he pulled out of her suddenly.

‘Shooting shooting!’

Groans came from his unshaven chin and he just jerked himself off over her back. Hot droplets of cum splattered over her back after two minutes, insulting her even further as a cum dump. The man was done putting on his clothes after he came, and did not bother with her turning around to undo the cuffs. He collected his belongings after keeping his camera and strewn pieces of fifty dollar notes all over the table.

‘The room is paid for till tomorrow noon.’

The door slammed shut behind him and Shen Shen was left to pick up her broken emotions. Sobbing in loneliness, she couldn’t even touch herself down there for it was hurting very badly. So, that was what a 300 dollars photoshoot consisted of.

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