#28 Pacopacomama 062813_936

Every week (or so), I will strive to present one of the best/ most interesting/ latest JAV clips to aid the healthy, preferably-weekly, release of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, as ‘raw’ and ‘uncensored’ we prefer porn to be, the most captivating ones might just be covered in the occasional mosaic. 

Pacopacomama 062813_936

I wished I have a better/ more accurate name of this particular JAV to provide but yepp, it is that complicated. Few of us might know, that ‘Pacopacomama’ is a company(?) or studio that produces uncensored porn, and apart from that, I have no idea how they put their work into circulation (since portrayal of genitals are forbidden in Japan’s AV sale).

Nonetheless, this is one of the few that I found that made the mark, in terms of ‘talent’. I am not sure if she is that good an actress, but Haruka Tokui manages to pull off a shy-first-timer character on film, so much so that it was actually entertaining just to watch how she reacts. Yes, it may be the most boring kind of scene where everything happens in a studio toilet or bedroom, but she was such a pleasure to watch, even without the sex.

Rating: This might sound weird but this is actually quite a heartfelt piece of work. Good job. If you trust me, do make the effort to find and give this video a watch.

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