Xiao Chilli

She dragged me out of the backdoor and shoved me against a wall in the back alley, unzipping my pants oblivious to anyone who could be watching. I was so distracted with the surroundings despite being there late into the night, but she had already started jerking me off.

‘Why? Can’t handle me? We can stop anytime.’

She squatted down in front of my feet and just watched me tremble to her touches, until I could not take it anymore and held the ponytail she tied during work. Sticking my dick into her face, she opened her mouth and let me do what I wanted, somehow making me guilty with her obedience. How could she, usually fiery and rebellious, be so willing?

I only fucked her mouth for a while and then let go of her, unable to commit the forced entry. She gave up stroking after some time and stood up to my face, grinning with that sly look of hers. There’s a certain limit I do not pass, but there wouldn’t be any IF she was asking for it.

(me asking) ‘You want to see crazy right?’

‘Yeah. But you’re not there yet.’

‘You’ll see it now.’

I did a quick spin to let her face the wall and twisted one of her arm behind her back. The crazy girl did not disappoint by putting up a fight, though did not succeed at breaking my contact with her.

(her shouting) ‘Hey hey. It hurts! Let me go please? I’ll do anything you say.’

‘Don’t lie. This doesn’t work on me.’

‘I mean it! You want to see my cry to prove it?’

‘Why not?’

A loud slap landed on her ass and I clenched my fingers tight, gripping that athletic ass hard. She had no choice but to tiptoe when I yanked that booty up, reminding her of what she just got herself into. The high-waist shorts were held on her hips by the elastic band and it wasn’t difficult to lower them. I left it hanging on her knees, along with her panties I didn’t want to waste more time repeating my motion.

Her chest was pinned against the wall, until my groin was nicely parked on her ass. I pointed my dick down to get between her cheeks, to finally thrust my way in. The wetness that greeted me was such a turn on that I couldn’t stop pounding her, no doubt she was moaning as quietly as possible.

(She whispered) ‘J?’


‘Go faster.’

She whispered her wishes and got them immediately, body shaking to the deep strokes dragging along her vaginal walls. The small body of hers was especially tight, and gorgeous to dominate. I can’t believe I was holding that very waist many would die for. I was soon losing my mind under her control, squirming to every thrusts I made.

‘I think I’m gonna cum soon.’

Ladies first as usual but I sensed my own end coming as well. Without a condom, this was as far as I could go. I hammered my last bit of strength into her for her to reach her orgasm, before losing my balance behind her.

‘You’re about to cum too? That sucks.. ‘

I instantly walked to her and tugged on both her knees, sending her crashing to the ground before her orgasm was over. I towered over her seated position to stuff her mouth full again, this time letting my hips did all the work.

Ramming so deeply down her throat, she was barely breathing from the onslaught. It took me about five minutes before I could feel my balls sizing up, to the huge load that filled her cheeks up so quickly. The fight she put up was useless the moment I had her hair in my hand, pulling them upwards everytime she tried to push me away.

On and on my cum gushed into her mouth, and she was allowed to stop sucking when I was done.

‘So you like crazy?’

I squatted before her in a glee, somewhat satisfied to show her my other side. She’s mine now, or at least for that night. The exhausted girl reached for my dick still dangling underneath, fondling it while staring at my expressions.

‘I love crazy.’

I was hard after just a bit of teasing and we went back into the bar, where the main activity was carried out on a huge table that was recently bought. This time, twice, inside her.

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