Just Follow Me

‘Just follow me!’

Xin Yi hurried me in a loud whisper, dragging me out of the house into the very open corridor I lived at. Choosing the spot right outside my doorstep, she made me lean against the wall overseeing the neighbourhood and yanked my shorts all the way down to my feet.

Paranoia was ringing so loudly in my head when I realised what she was doing, impossible to focus on the blowjob she was giving when I am so distracted by our surroundings. Only when she went down throat deep on me, did I find my head lighten, and brought my attention back to the crazy girl.

She had one hand at the base of my cock while she continued to suck, making long laps up and down the shaft. There was little I could do except to lean back and relax, trying my best to keep my knees straight so I couldn’t crumble.

‘Your turn.’

She looked out of the low wall next to me and casually lifted her skirt up to expose her thighs. Immediately, I went behind her and squatted down, burying my face in that smooth ass of hers. Licking and flicking randomly with my tongue, her moans were my only encouragement to keep going. The fresh shower scent was a bonus, though I could still smell that alluring odour of hers under.

My mouth was smeared with her juices when she was getting close to an orgasm, which inspired me to change my plan. I got on my feet and sank my cock into her pussy, that came just as I pushed my way to her deepest spot. The overwhelming tightness got me started instantly, thrusting my cock as fast as I could go.

Those tensed fingers holding onto the metal rail kept me pumping fast, channeling all my rage into that poor pussy. The tightness that massaged the complete length of my shaft, it was too good to stop. This cutesy innocent looking thing, was driven so wild with a dick she had been teasing since we were colleagues. And now, she is getting what she deserved – a good fuck.


I slammed my hips onto her and peered over her shoulders, dazzling cityscape mesmerising me as she shivered to her orgasm, so ever gently in my arms. ‘Fuck.. ‘, she sighed over and over again when it was done, but I knew it was just ‘almost done’.

I resumed my position and dragged her ass outwards, grabbing that slender waist tighter to continue pounding. The little peaks in tightness, the secret gushes of wetness, I was addicted to her. How I wished I could last forever inside her. Just as my mind wandered, the suddenly awakening when I was about to cum, came back.

‘It’s my turn to cum now.’

She gracefully knocked me away with her jerk of her ass and turned around, kneeling so obediently to suck me off. The non-stop trails she left on her up-down trips, got me cumming in no time into that sweet lips. The pout emptied all of me and then emptied itself in the drainage next to my feet. I just had to get her up for a hug, that I almost killed her with the strength.

‘Let’s head back inside.’

‘And continue?’

The cheerful tone was what I fell in love with, the voice that always fixed my worst days, and makes the better ones awesome.

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