Fun in the Showers

It was normal for baby and I to meet up on Saturdays, at my place. Only my grandma would be in, and occasionally my brother, after his RT in Tekong. But the showers are in my room, so it wouldn’t affect as well. It was one of those Saturday dates that we’ve decided to shower together for the first time, and I tell you, stripping each other was more fun than showering.

First her top over her head, then my top. Step two to reach around her back, while giving a whiff of her hair and unhooking her black coloured bra at the same time. Her hands then go around my waist, with her thumbs at the sides of my pants to pull it down for me. Well, it was a tighter shorts, but she did managed to get it off. And finally, her FBTs and panties together, dropping onto the floor after I slid it pass her knees. I guess that was the sexiest thing I’ve seen for the day.

We hopped into the showers and watered ourselves for a good long time. Who doesn’t like hot water running over their bodies on a cold morning? Especially on a day just for you and your love. It was about time to soap up when I started to worry about the water bills. You can say I’m childish, but I still love Johnsons and Johnsons baby bath. It was the scent that help me relive my childhood.

Soaping was fun. We were teasing each other, and everything that can be done on bed can be done in the showers too. I would be pinching her nipples, making her moan while she would take revenge, jerking me fast and hard. Never too much soap for us. As I’ve been fingering her to the heavens earlier on the bed, this was where she decided to help me release my army load. That moment we kissed, she pulled me to the wall, and took my dick in her hand.

Our height was quite similar, 163 and 160, not too much difficulty for any position. She placed my dick between her thighs and it was quite an out-of-the-world feeling to be in contact with a vagina this way. Not inside, but outside, right outside it and penetration wasn’t necessary. I took the chance to slide it along her slit, poking at her sensitive clit and she was responding nicely with her short and shallow quick breathes and tight clenched on my arms.

Baby then placed her feet together and formed a Y shape with her thighs and pussy. I pushed my dick into the meeting point of Y and she tip-toed in pleasure.

Baby: ‘Sensitive…’

I knew I hit the spot. The sensation between her thighs was awesome, it wasn’t too tight like sex, and it triggered both our soft spots. I began moving my dick in and out, and it felt quite similar to sex. Baby was moaning and hugging me tightly as I thrust on, kissing and pecking her from time to time. There wasn’t any accident, like unintentionally slipping into her. Cause her legs were tightly together, in fact, tighter as I went faster to reduce the sensitivity. I’m not sure if it worked though.

As I was about to near my climax, it felt too good to end. But I didn’t want us to spend anymore time in the showers. We’ve got a lot of cuddling to do. I pulled it out halfway, right about where my head touched her slit and spray the warm thick juice into that little space.

There wasn’t any water running over us, so she could feel the contrasting temperature as it flowed down her legs.

Baby: ‘It’s very warm.’

We washed up and cuddled on my bed for the rest of the day.What a lazy couple. Sometimes, a day of cuddles and kisses is better than a moment of climax.

I know this isn’t really sexy or fun to some of you out there. But I also know some had similar experiences, and I hope this could provide some knowledge about what couples can do, especially when one or both are virgins. If you want to have sex, make sure it’s someone worth giving it to. Try it, bound to love it.

This act of sex is also known as ‘intercrural sex’. Something like ‘sex’ between the thighs. Non-penetrative sex.

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