JT (SMS): Siao ah?

Pearlyn (SMS): Yahh!

It was close to 10pm when he received the few texts from Pearlyn, requiring him to reply stealthily since he was on duty. To be more exact, his last shift of duty. Everyone in his company line had gone home and he can only book out tomorrow, after breakfast. Despite all these arrangements, it seemed pointless as he would be the only one in his block, probably a scheme by an encik which bore a grudge against him.

Finally, the next shift of personnel took over and he dragged himself and his gears back to his bunk. Standing for close to three hours straight, JT was wishing for someone to give him a massage right there and then.

Pearlyn (SMS): I’m in camp. Where are you?

JT (SMS): Yeah right! I’m in Foxtrot.

Pearlyn (SMS): I’m coming! :p

Who is this Pearlyn? She was 19 when JT was 21. They had been together since they met in Junior College. JT had decided to sign on the army when he was in BMT, taking Pearlyn and his future into consideration. She had then fallen deeper in love with JT, especially when he is in his uniform, with a tanned, fit body hidden behind that broad green attire. His facial features were simply too much for Pearlyn’s fetish for army guys, short neat hair and a black frame spectacle made her believe he was hers.

The creaking sound of his bunk door opening shocked the daylights out of JT as he thought was the only one left! Pearlyn’s slim womanly figure broke the shadows and she creep beside JT’s bed. This silly girl did not notice the two soldiers on duty saw her and followed her up into the bunk. Sure it was easy to spot a figure in spaghetti top and short skirt in such a place.

Pearlyn: ‘I told you I was coming.’

JT: ‘Are you crazy? How did you get in here?’

Pearlyn: ‘The gates near the clinic was open.’

JT: ‘You mean the medical centre. How am I going to get you out later?’

Pearlyn: ‘See how later?’

His bodily scent simply turned Pearlyn’s body on, like a bull seeing red, her hormones went wild. Only one side of the lights were left on, and music was playing through his iPod Classic and x-mini speakers. She placed her Prada bag on the bed beside his and knelt beside him, massaging his legs.

JT: ‘Let me go shower first?’

Pearlyn: ‘No.’

JT: ‘What?’

He gave a bewildered look with a contrasting smile. Pearlyn knew what she wanted and climbed on top of him. Unbuttoning his trousers quickly, and that sex-starved JT, was removing his top. She didn’t remove his pants though, merely pulling his underwear lower and letting his rock hard cock free into the air. The two guys out there were faced with the most awkward scene. Anyway, what could they do? Masturbate outside?

Pearlyn: ‘I want it this way.’

She bent down like a gymnast and devoured his throbbing hard rod, slurping and sucking loudly, head bouncing up and down off his hips. Her lips was pressing so tightly on his shaft that many times he thought he was about to cum, but her skillful tongue would tease his small head so much that the sensitivity would drive the ejaculation urge down. It was truly a ‘free show’ to the tactical pair peeping through the windows. JT had his eyes closed and Pearlyn was busy sucking him off, that was how they avoided detection. After three to four times of this teasing deprivation, JT could not take it anymore and slide her off him.

JT: ‘My turn to play now.’

He flipped her over violently and got her on fours, lifted her tiny skirt, which was barely three inches below her pussy, and revealed the soaked panties which only made JT crazier. He used his dickhead to push her thongs to the side and drove it right up her, sending a wave of overwhelming shock into her.

JT: ‘Like it Lyn?’

She was too high to reply, everything was so surreal, being with her boyfriend in his bunk, fucking her mind out while in uniform, with a mix of sweat and his scent in the air. His thick cock pumped in and out of her small slit, desperately trying to handle the big tool, which was getting bigger every now and then. She counted over three times of climax and her limbs were tired out, while JT was still ramming his life into her.

Pearlyn: ‘JT! JT! I’m tired.’

JT: ‘Okay. We’ll have a break k? Come. Lie down.’

She lay on her back and covered her eyes with her forearms to block out the light for a bit. She did not felt JT positioning himself over her pussy, giving her another shock of her life. Despite the soreness from his romp, her pussy was asking for it, always looking so innocent and tidy, perfectly waxed and cleaned. It was the only reason for JT to have love with her, he was the only one who had been in her, ravaging her perfect pussy.

His missionary was Pearlyn’s favorite and most vulnerable position. JT doesn’t know, but he was aware some of the craziest and sexiest moans came from this position. His slightly curved member, scraped across her G-spot and her body shivered, quickly become a tremble to a convulsion. His dick continued to work his way in and out, grinding against her vagina walls with its thick girth and length.

Juice didn’t stop flowing for as long as he pumped, dampening the sheets and dripping off his balls. Finally, the end was almost near.

JT: ‘I’m about to cum.’

Here is where Pearlyn loves and hate. Her hands tightened at the metal frame at the headboard, gripping it so tightly her veins can be seen at the back of the hands. JT burst and went into rapid fire mode, jamming his perfectly curved did in and out, up and down of her vagina walls, pleasure echoing in her head, almost knocking her unconscious. A final few deep thrust and his soldiers escaped into her, like how you would describe a fire hose at work, spraying cum at such force and speed that her pussy squeezed so hard, creating a back flow and pushing some of it out.

With his penis still in her, he gave her a few more strokes to force the last drop of cum out and into her. Before pulling the limp, wasted piece of meat out and dropping it into her mouth for a clean-up. She sucked it clean and even teased him using his hyper sensitive ‘small head’. JT’s got everything done, and Pearlyn fully satisfied.

He went for a shower and returned to dress his sweet little girl up, before sending her the way she came in, out of the medical centre’s gate. Luckily for them, camera devices were not allowed in military camps. It wasn’t long before one of the two sneaky bastards could not take it and fired off in the toilet.

I wonder how would a girl feel knowing a guy is masturbating and releasing while thinking of her?

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