School Cubicle

Mr. Toh was a science teacher, a very good one, which many students like to call to ask questions whenever they are studying, even late into the night. He wasn’t those kind of old grumpy teachers who cared about their promotion and yearly appraisals. Bespectacled, young lad fresh from NIE, he had dreams and aspirations for his work. Some of those younger secondary school girls even had crushes on him. Well, that was the nice side.

Once, he was in school till late, and he doesn’t require special permission either, cause there was a school camp going on. A few other teachers were aware and didn’t mind him working in the staff room. So at about twelve o’clock, Mr. Toh went to one of the toilets at the ends, which had showers installed. And it was also around that time when he heard a couple having sex in the ladies. He sneaked in and used his mobile phone pointing over the cubicle door to record a scene clearly with Jasmine’s face in it. She was sitting on the bowl with the cover down, legs wide apart and moaning away as the clearly-sex-starved boy jamming his dick into her young pussy. Mr. Toh couldn’t resist the thoughts of using the video as leverage, yet the morality of exploiting this pulled him back.

Mr. Toh finally gave in and called Jasmine after school, using the pretense of giving her some tips to share under the secrecy of importance not to expose him. Well, in one way, that was going to be true.

Jasmine: ‘Mr. Toh, you want to see me?’

Mr. Toh: ‘Yeah. Give me a minute. Can you watch this for me?’

He handed his Nokia E5 to Jasmine after clicking on the ‘Play’ button. It was on silent, yet the shock that went into Jasmine screamed so loudly she was so close to breaking down after watching it.

Jasmine: ‘Oh my god! Mr. Toh. I didn’t mean to do it.’

Mr. Toh: ‘Shhh.. I hope you don’t take this as a blackmail…’

Before Mr. Toh could finish, Jasmine interrupted. It was a silly act to even think about, a guy whom she liked found out about her feelings for him and he immediately started to convince her for sex. She wasn’t a stupid girl, but the few weeks of ‘steady relationship’ with him convinced her that he was serious about her. Maybe she was silly after all, and now, this. The guy she liked was feeling super horny after catching a glimpse of down blouse of HIS crush, so he texted Jasmine to meet up in the toilet during the camp, on the pretext of giving her a chance to prove she can satisfy him if he accepted her as his girlfriend.

Jasmine: ‘Mr. Toh, I saw through him and understood. I have already broke up with him. And like the few other girls, I have to admit I’ve had a crush on you. After all, you’ve got something on me right? You can use me in any way you want. I promise not to tell.’

‘Use’ is a big word, and Mr. Toh wasn’t that afraid to do so. His mind was already raping her, but something held him back from translating those thoughts into action. To make this a little less tense, he asked of Jasmine to address him by his name, since his age of 24 still doesn’t seem that old to be called mister.

Mr. Toh: ‘You can call me Alvin whenever we are alone. Like now.’

Jasmine: ‘I still prefer you to be my science teacher, Mr. Toh.’

She sat beside him at his desk and her fingers were circling around his pants, with a ‘hill’ formed by the bulge. Jasmine was quite turned on watching herself on video earlier, and wanted to use her science teacher to forget how silly she was with that guy. Clearly, Mr. Toh was afraid of trying anything in the office, despite there wasn’t any CCTVs. I guess his upright principles were why he was such a great teacher.

Mr. Toh: ‘Jasmine? Could you blow me off, under the table?’

Jasmine: ‘I don’t know how to do it. But I can try.’

He whipped his dick out and pulled himself closer to his desk, with Jasmine sat between his legs, holding his dick in her small soft hands. He took her head and pulled her towards his dick, before feeling her lips part to take that piece of rock hard meat into her mouth, sucking and slurping up all the dripping saliva.

Even though it was her first time, she did it like a pro. She didn’t not take any break in between, in fact, as she watched Mr. Toh’s lower body twitched in ecstasy, she experimented with different speed and suction. Her lips pouted and the pressure placed everywhere along his shaft makes it uncontrollable and surprising. Mr. Toh took Jasmine’s head and forced his dick down her throat as his thighs held her head, while spurting nutritious protein gel into her.

His dick was mere centimeters away from choking and gagging her, but she could handle this. She swallowed whatever goodies she got and climbed back onto the chair.

Jasmine: ‘Mr. Toh, what were you doing when I was sucking you off?’

Mr. Toh: ‘I was keeping a look out for anyone.’

Jasmine: ‘No one is going to come around la! Next time we try fucking? I want have you Mr. Toh.’

It was finally close to seven in the evening before Mr. Toh was done with his marking, and left the school with Jasmine, still savouring the after-taste of his cum. Girls these days huh?

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