Wrong Subject

Harnold was at his school’s Red Cross camp which happens once every year. Since it was organised only for the secondary two and three, there were just 20 or so people. And to make this camp different from the previous ones, the committee planned it to be at East Coast Park. A whole day of activities and even the night was packed with a few events for the daring.

His favourite teacher, Ms. Ng, was there as well, as one of the teachers in charge. All Harnold thought of was the times he had with her, and how to squeeze some time out to do it again. CCA t-shirt, with a pair of blue FBTs, every move she made, Harnold would be watching her slender legs and slim waist move. Dirty thoughts running through his mind almost for the whole of the camp.

At around 3pm, all of them were given some time off for a dip in the waters. Scorching sun, perfect time of the day to swim. The guys basically just stripped and changed quickly in their tents and the girls took a whole lot more time and shyly jumped into the waters with their swimwear. A few shapely ones would be in bikini with shorts and others just in t-shirts. Ms. Ng did join in the fun too, in her pink shirt and shorts. Harnold was really looking forward to seeing her in whatever attire she brought to swim though.

As she waded into the water, her clothes soaked up and the pair of micro bikini became very obvious. All the guys, even the male teachers were awkwardly stealing glances at her. She didn’t seem to realise anything different though, since she was appropriately dressed and wasn’t revealing anything she shouldn’t. If she looked harder, those guys with a hard on would be in the water, pretending that everything would be fine. Anyone could tell what she wore. A pink shirt, with a red bikini, probably a matching thongs as well.

The water play lasted till about 6pm, where everyone was too hungry to splash anymore water. Everyone got up and changed out, and Harnold was watching her tent move and imagining her stripping and slipping on her dry undies. Ms. Ng put on another pink colour shirt and a pair of black FBTs, and Harnold was so glad night time was coming. The BBQ started and laughter filled the air.

Nothing kinky happened until then, but as a few of the students and teachers had to leave, Ms. Ng remained to take care of the other eight who stayed. Since the numbers of participants dropped to eight, the night activities were removed as well. 9pm was simply too early to be sleeping. Being a ‘good’ student, Harnold decided to drop by Ms. Ng’s tent to check on her.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, are you asleep?’

Her tent entrance unzipped and she poked her head out.

Ms. Ng: ‘Nope. Why?’

Harnold: ‘Okay. Don’t sleep first k? I’ll come back again at midnight.’

Ms. Ng could have guessed what was on his mind. So she gave him a smile and a nod.

At 12am, Harnold’s bulge twitched and he impatiently went over to her tent and climbed into it. Ms. Ng was already waiting, in the same shirt and shorts, but something was protruding out of her thin top. Harnold pulled her shirt up and sucked on it hungrily, and his hands were running all over her perfumed body, smooth and soft to the tough. As his dick was between one of her thighs, he loosened his shorts to rub onto her legs.

Harnold’s hips slowly moved up and soon, he was kneeling in front of Ms. Ng, between her legs. He held her head and pushed it towards him, all Ms. Ng did was to look at him while she stuck his manhood between her lips, moving her mouth in and out, with her tongue at the base, stroking and running along his shaft. After three minutes of tight slurping goodness, it was time for the next.

Ms. Ng leaned backwards onto her haversack and Harnold positioned his dick between her legs, opened and wide for him.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, I’ve been fantasizing this moment for the whole of today. I was afraid you wouldn’t ask.’

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, here I am now.’

With that, he forced his meat into her slit, splitting her wide and deep. She couldn’t respond any other ways except to grab his strong arms and bite her lips to silence any escaping moans. As Harnold thrust his dick in and out of her dripping pussy, the slurping and slapping sound was attracting the three other guys in the tent beside. Issac slowly unzipped Ms. Ng’s entrance and Wilson being the daring one, stuck his mobile phone in to view the ‘action’ on a bigger screen. Well, it was more than a magnifying screen though, it’s on recording.

After watching Harnold enjoy himself, the guys were awkwardly getting harder too. A quick discussion later and Kiat and Beng boldly open the door while the other two stood watch. The tents they used could fit six man, US sized, so there were plenty of space to play.

Ms. Ng: ‘Guys! What are you doing!’

Kiat: ‘Ms. Ng, Harnold, of all places, you are doing this here. Ms. Ng, the group of us can’t just let this pass.’

Ms. Ng: ‘All of you guys, come in now. Don’t let those girls see you.’

It was quite clear what was happening, intentionally or accidentally, the tryst was exposed. And now she had to pay the unknown price.

Ms. Ng: ‘What do you want me to do?’

Kiat: ‘Your offer?’

Ms. Ng couldn’t bring herself to even face her students, let alone giving them this kind of answer.

Ms. Ng: ‘Let me satisfy you guys then. But promise me not to tell anyone.’

As a teacher, it was important that she kept her reputation. A panel review is coming up and she might get promoted to the disciplinary committee soon. Higher pay, more power, better control over her income and life. This blackmail would probably never end, but she could minimally just keep it to this five kids.

She took off her top and shorts, lying stark naked in the middle of the five of them. Yes, she once fantasized of being in a gangbang, but everything else was wrong. The people, venue, reasons. But she knew there was no other way out than to keep this five kids quiet using her body.

Kiat: ‘Ms. Ng, get up.’

The five of them attacked her at once, like vultures hungry for days. After all, it might be a few of their virgin experience with a real woman. Kiat got Ms. Ng on her fours, and lay below her, poking his dick aimlessly at her pussy, Wilson already had experiences at it, and he stood behind her, ready to rape her ass. Harnold remained in his position, at her head, with her mouth ready to savour his dick as a relieve for what’s to come and her hands busy with Beng and Issac’s tool.

Her ordeal began once Kiat and Wilson got their sticks inside her, as for her ass, it was basically torn apart as Wilson was quite huge for his age, possibly as big as Harnold’s. It was a wild twenty minutes of her life, bouncing her back and forth, up and down and in and out. She was everywhere, and so were her senses. Her ass was screaming pain while her pussy was squirming with pleasure juice, the slight suffocation from her gagging was generating a little more pleasure to reduce the intensity, or at least to make it easier to go through. Her hands were already covered in white syrup as the two guys given handjobs were twitching in orgasms.

The five of them remained in their positions for the whole session as there wasn’t much space nor time. Well, I think it wasn’t the time or space, but their impatience to cum onto this slutty teacher, seemingly intelligent and horny. Ms. Ng’s body by then had received enough to ease her soreness, by simply overpowering the pain with the electrifying sensations up her spine to her mind.

Wilson pumped harder all of a sudden, forcing Ms. Ng to push Kiat’s dick out of her pussy while she grasped onto Harnold to handle the pain and muscle soreness from her butt hole, ten seconds, her body went into shock from the pounding and Wilson injected his cum, pushing it further into her ass, and exited with her ass closing tightly back. No signs of penetration, unlike his girlfriend. That was exactly what would make Wilson come back for more.

Kiat quickly put his over sensitive dick in and Ms. Ng naturally continued bouncing on him, while sucking hard on Harnold’s.

Harnold: ‘Ah ah ah!’

He cummed into her mouth and she took his load of warm cream down her throat quickly and continued breathing through her mouth as Kiat’s member impaled her. None of those who had shot stayed in the tent to watch. But it didn’t take too long for Kiat to exit too.

He had been tortured but Ms. Ng’s pussy that he gave her the hardest and heaviest load of sperm into her, driving them deep into the tightness. Her pussy wasn’t those large nor loose one. Her body recovers quick, and it would all seem like she never had sex once she’s all cleaned and rested. Definitely too tight for Kiat to handle. He cheekily pulled it out and rammed it back in a few times to see his favourite maths teacher moan uncontrollably.

Kiat finally exited the tent and adjusted his clothes. Well, who would have enough of her? Wilson made his way back into her tent after they were all done and the heavy breathing, meat slapping and occasional yelps could be heard till morning. What has Ms. Ng gotten herself into? Immense pleasure? I think she thinks that way.

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