This entry is written on behalf of a girl, Mandy, 22 years old. Recounting a nightmarish event that happened not long ago.

That night, I had no idea why I was so horny after some beers with my boyfriend, Shane, at a nearby hawker centre. Maybe he dropped the pills that he was wanting me to try into my drinks, but all I remembered was myself getting so wet under my multi-coloured striped beach shorts he bought for me on that very day. My nipples were poking so obviously under the padless bra, which was also bought by him. We just left the tables of unfinished bottles of beer and I knew I was walking ahead of him, seeking a dark corner to get off.

We turned into a short building that was government owned, like a power generator house or something and the tall bushes were great for cover. After we went into the end of the bushes, which coincidentally, led to a metal gate that was opened. I went first through it and found a dark corner. My mind was so distracted I no longer cared if the place was dirty.

I pulled him close to me and pushed him up against a wall, kissing him with lips that did not really wanted to taste his mouth. My hands went down to his Hawaiian design shorts and undid the knot, forcing my hand into his underwear and played with his dick. All I wanted was to get him hard, so he could do things to me. I jerked him while he reached his hands up my shirt and squeezed them so hard I was sure I moaned. He knew my nipples were sensitive, and he did not let that go unnoticed. Non-stop pinching and twisting only drove me crazier. I needed him inside.

Once his shorts was lowered just below his balls, I squatted and let him put his dick into my mouth, depraving my brain of oxygen with the gradual thrusts he made. I merely kept my lips around his girth and he was mouth fucking me fast. Groans were coming out of him and I knew he was enjoying it as much as he could, before it was my turn to get satisfied. He was midway to cum and when he stepped away from me, I knew he wanted to empty his load elsewhere.

I got up to my feet, turned around to face the wall and stuck my butt out a little for him. Just as I felt his hands on my pants against the crotch, I heard some whisper and my head just slammed hard into the concrete wall before me. The pain had put me in a daze but it was a number of people that shocked me. I saw about three person who had tattoos on their arms rush in and pulled Shane away. Two of them threw him on the ground and started to attack him. My arms were placed in a wrist lock position before turning around to watch them beat my boyfriend up. Clearly, three of them was enough to handle the both of us.

The man behind me held both of my wrist behind my back with one hand and the other reached in front of me, undoing the strings and reaching into my shorts. I had gone panty-less that night and it was a fucking wrong move. His fingers rubbed my clit so fast that my legs went weak, almost slamming knee first into the ground if not for him holding on to me. He was brought to the ground while supporting me but it was alright, since it was a better position to get what he wanted.

In front of me, was Shane covered in blood, and behind me, was a man pulling my shorts down. Needless to say, he felt my wet pussy and a zip sound confirmed my fear. He pushed me onto the rough ground and held my back down. My cries weren’t any good with him slamming my head on the floor the moment I tried to scream. In a flash, I felt his dick pierced into me and it went all way in without a break.

The force he pulled be back with was so strong that his dick just filled my pussy up like how a tap on full blast would fill a balloon. I could sense my vagina trying to push him out but it was useless. With his two hands on my waist, I was brought back and forth while his dick was satisfied with the convenient fuck. It was that moment when I hated how nicely I kept my body, because of how the world looked at us girls. The other two guys came over after they made sure my guy was too badly injured to move. They pulled my tank top off my body and my bra was ripped off painfully. Their hands just went all over my body, touching me in every spot they enjoyed, including putting their fingers into my asshole.

That move was the fatal one as I lost control and moaned in a squealing tone, giving away the sensitivity of that spot. One of them just kept digging my ass while the guy behind kept ramming. Five minutes of hell passed and the finger in my butt finally gave up. Although my ass was no longer stimulated, the sensation was bombarding in my head so badly I almost wanted to beg for it, but no. I wasn’t going to do that. The man behind me groaned and went faster, until I felt him froze and a hot gush of semen flushed into my pussy. It was truly hell. I was on a birth control patch prescription and one of them noticed.

After the first guy was done, he went off and gave my boyfriend a few kicks in his face. The agonising scream was so pitiful in my helplessness. A second man came over and flipped me on my back, dragging me a distance to where he knelt. The pain on my back, head and pussy was so excruciating I was about to give up holding back and just scream. But it did not happen. The man who was done with me took off his underwear to clean his dick, and stuffed that disgusting thing into my mouth.

The second man then kept pounding into my cum-filled pussy relentlessly, while the last guy tried to shove his dick into my mouth. Thankfully, the height and angle and everything was wrong and it hurt him too much before his turn. Taking revenge on the fact he was last, he went for my nipples and sucked on them, biting them every now and then to make me go crazy. He wouldn’t have known it was my weakness, but he was doing it.. sort of well. My nipples bled after a while and he went behind the guy doing me, stroking every corner of my pussy with his long dick.

Although I definitely wasn’t enjoying the rape, I had to admit that the orgasms were so intense when coupled with pain and the rough handling. The wound on my head was going numb in the cold wind, and my nipples only got harder as the night blew on the cuts. My mind was going blank and my vision was disappearing. The second man paused again and I felt the second rush of sperms into my cunt. That was how I felt while they abused me freely – a cunt. I tried to push some of the cum out and it was warmth that I felt trickling out of my pussy and between my butt to the anus.

The last man turned me over like a bitch and jabbed into my pussy without restraint. The pain tore me apart and my knees were bleeding as well. The jerking of my body was so strong that I knew my knees gave way to the pain. The man just kept pounding into me, giving me at least three more orgasms before he withdrew, rushing to my front and brought me back on my ass, seated on the floor. My legs rested sideways as he thrust his dick into my mouth, going throat deep continuously despite my gagging and overflowing saliva.

Until about a minute later, he shook uncontrollably and emptied his balls into my mouth, giving me a taste of his sick, man juice. I spat it out immediately and he slapped me hard. It was worth it, if a slap could prevent the previous two men from ejaculating into me. The first guy then came to me and pointed his dick at me, which I thought would be another round of mouth fuck, but he just shot his second load at me and the three of them took off after pulling their shorts up.

Shane and I remained at the same spot for a long time, unsure of what to do. My shirt, shorts, were stained with blood, and my bra could not be found, presumingly in the bushes. He was just blood, with just patches of clean skin showing. The rest was history as we sneaked back to my place which was the closest place for him to rest, before going to A&E the next day.

We made the relevant police reports but all they could assure us was finding the assailants. From that day on, I no longer wore such skimpy outfits, since I also had to cover up the scars that they left on me. And Shane left me after watching me get raped in front of his eyes. Who could I blame? Well, the answer for that question was Shane, now ex-boyfriend, for drugging me and being unable to protect me at my most vulnerable.

My life was officially fucked. Till date, I had not told anyone this as I still needed to get a job (losing the previous one due to recovery and counselling to fix my god damned mind), and maybe, just maybe, a man who would be willing to accept my past. For J’s sake, and gratitude to him for writing this for me, I will put an image of how I looked like in your minds.

I stand at 160, weighing 48kg. I once got addicted to weight loss and the good habit that I picked up was going to the gym (but just for bodybuilding), which kept my figure attractive. My stats at that point of incident was 34-29-32. A small tanned figure, with mid-back length brown-black hair. But seriously, guys, protect your girls, no matter what you want us to do for you, we would, only if you can protect us.

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Though it was meant to be kinky, somehow I felt for the victim this time round instead. The thought of being left behind after going through such traumatic incident sure left her lost.

I do hope it can send a message to all the guys out who always demands from their girls, but fail to offer the adequate protection before the girls submit themselves.

quote “but all I remembered was my panties getting so wet” “I had gone panty-less that night”

nice story but needs slight editing

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