Being the restless me, I could not sleep even though it was already 1am. So, I did the usual thing, to take my iPad, and make my way to the prawning area in Bishan. It was a ten minutes walk, but the serenity of the empty roads and clear skies was so calming. I reached the place soon and realised it was especially quiet, on a weekday morning. Putting my bag on one of the chairs, I paid for my rod and a box of worms, ready to put my attentive mind to work. Seated in front of the yabbie pond, there was not much people walking past, probably cause everyone was zoning out and tired.

The prawns bit my bait at a steady number and I was quite happy with the frequency. Just then, at the corner of my eye, a lady in a navy blue polka dot skater dress walked up the stairs to the prawning area and sat adjacent to me. A demure looking girl, ponytail hair with brown streaks. I went back to prawning and she had caught her first prawn.

Girl: ‘Umm.. excuse me. Can you help me?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

How could I say no to such a pretty lady? I removed the pincers off the prawn and threw it inside her net to keep the prawn alive. But what bothered me was the fact that she knew how to set up the bait and do the flicks to hook the prawns, yet not able to handle the catch.

Me: ‘You know how to catch a prawn, but why not to free it from the bait?’
Girl: ‘I used to come here with my boyfriend.. but he is no longer with me.’
Me: ‘Ouh. Don’t be too sad. I’m Caleb. What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Christine. Thanks for helping me.’

We smiled at each other and went back to prawning, which was no longer lonely with each other. As time passed, she could not fight the fatigue and was dozing off on the chair, which her legs opened wider and wider, almost exposing herself. A quick look around showed that there was no one else except the two of us, and some sitting far away. I placed my palm on one of her knees and shook, but she just gave a weary glance at me.

Me: ‘Christine.. do you want me to send you home?’
Christine: ‘Yeah okay.’

We packed our stuff and I got all the prawns she caught. We made our way to her car, which I totally did not expect at all. Now it would seemed like she was the one sending herself home, and me getting in the way. Well, at least not that the age she looked like. I knew she was drowsy, but the packet of sweet was finished by my itchy mouth.

Me: ‘Can I give you a massage with you drive? So you can stay awake.’

Christine turned her head to me and reached for my left hand, which I handed her. She placed it under her skirt on her right upper thigh, before moving the car out of the slot. Of course I knew what to do, and what was about to come. My hand lightly brushed against her smooth skin, and went further up to her panties, which was extra soft and.. moist?

Christine (whispering): ‘The knot is at the side.’

Knot? I shifted my hands to her hips and found the release to her panties, which I gladly undone. Her bare private still felt moist, but softer in another sense. I reached deeper into her clit and teased her sensitive spot, which was doing well in keeping her awake. We reached her place before I put my fingers inside her, but that was all I needed to get her home safely.

Christine: ‘Come up. There’s no one home.’

The lift ride was a quiet one, but I could sense the density of thoughts flooding the small cube we were in. Her doors opened and we entered, just after putting my bag of prawns on her kitchen sink, her arms wrapped around my larger-than-average body, sobbing very lightly. I turned around to her and she immediately planted her lips on mine, which her tongue slowly invaded my mouth and we started frenching. Like long lost lovers, our mouth never separated, but her tears just seeped between our lips expressing her bitterness.

I carried her to her room with some directions and placed her on the bed like a baby. I lay beside her and my hand roamed along her legs again, up her thighs, and onto her hidden clit. She was giving out soft sensual moans all the time and her ecstatic face just made me feel better making her feel good. My fingers soon found their way into her pussy and every time I sank my middle finger in, she would arch her head and back, to show me how good it felt.

Her free hands came to my shorts, and with one hand holding the waistband open, she slipped her other hand in and went right into my underwear, to where my little one had set up tent. With her delicate hand, she started to get me off and it was as good as masturbating myself, long strokes, in a comfortable grip. After a while of deep fingering, she nudged me away and sat up, removing my shorts and underwear all together. Her head lowered over my hips and I watched my dick disappeared into her mouth. She had opened her lips to the widest, and it had fitted me just nicely.

It had been a long time since someone had done something like this for me, and her diligence just warmed my heart over and over again. Although she did not know how to give proper oral sex, the fact that it didn’t hurt was good enough for me.

Me: ‘Do you want to take off your dress?’
Christine: ‘I prefer to do it clothed.’

It was an unspoken thing in common. I loved it too, doing it as though we’re in public. Best of all, she said ‘do it’. I was about to suggest missionary but she rejected it, saying that it was too unglamourous to be in that position in her dress.

Christine: ‘How about standing up?’

Of course, I was to say ‘sure’ to any suggestions. She knelt at the edge of the bed facing away from me, and I stood right behind her. Holding her waist, she rested her upper body on her arms and parted her legs slightly so she could take me in. I raised her skirt just high enough for me to spot her pink lips, and I dipped my meat into her saucy slit. Christine clenched her fists as I inched my way in, but it was nothing she could not handle. I pierced my way in in about twenty seconds and she tipped a little to her sides to close her legs together. The squeezing sensation was even stronger with this and I could totally feel her every bump inside.

I held her hips and began thrusting, gradually increasing my speed as I monitored her moans to climax. But it did not take long before I was ramming so hard into her that she was screaming for her life at some points, my hands were busy at her pair of succulent boobs while my dick was still hard at work. As she was rocking backwards at me at times, I took the chance to look around and noticed her camera sitting on her desk. Secretly, I took it and recorded our sexcapades, anyway, the camera was hers.

I pumped for as long as I could remember and it was getting tired. So I had no choice but to slow down to a pause and let her take over. She sat me on the edge of the bed like how she did, and like a graceful little girl, she bent her knees down standing in front of me, facing outwards. She only slowed down when my dick poked into her pussy under her dress but she still continued sitting down. Once fully inside of her, she pressed her hands on my thighs and started to bounce. Imagine my legs was opened beside her, and she sat over my dick, with her legs closed together.

There wasn’t much work for me to do, but the camera that was kept out of her sight was still filming. Time was running out for me so I did not bother to last any longer than I had.

Me: ‘Christine, where do I cum?’
Christine: ‘Let me know when you’re cumming.’

She continued hopping in front of me and her pussy just got tighter by the minute until I realised I could not hold on anymore. The ejaculation I was about to have would be a huge and intense one.

Me (panting: ‘Christine, I’m.. cumming.’

She got off me and knelt on the pair of fur slippers she had under her bed. Her mouth once again worked on my dick but this time, she did it differently. Her jaws were kept opened and she merely rammed her head down the shaft, using her throat to stimulate her pussy. Unbelievably, it did not take more than twenty seconds before I held her head down on my dick and just pulled out enough to shoot my juicy load into her mouth. She shoved her face down my cock again, with the cum and did a great job sucking everything out before showing it to me.

Christine was like a little girl who won a bet, so excited and proud of herself. She swallowed it and pushed me onto the bed, climbing on top of me and giving me light pecks, before sliding her body down mine, and let my cum-covered dick penetrate into her. It rested inside of her as we fell asleep and it wasn’t until morning when my dick was fully erected in her. What a night, and a day.

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