My Best Friend

Here I am again, this time to feature another story submitted by a fellow writer/ reader who had been visiting my site for a long time. Reading this story does turn me on and it reflects some of the ‘so close, yet so far’ scenarios we had experienced in our lives. I am sure all of us have friends that appears to be tempting from how they dress and act, but rarely we feel close enough to ask them to be FWB. Below, is the long, but totally arousing story Randy had submitted, and I am sure you guys will find it fun to read.


Part 1 | Part 2

They say that a guy and a girl can never be only friends. That sooner or later, either one would fall for the other. Well, this was not so in my case. I have two female best friends from my days in school and we’ve been great friends for the past 5 years. We talk to each other about everything and anything under the sun, and thus when my best friends started having sex with their boyfriends; these details were also included in our conversation. Being the only guy in the group, I was often asked questions that guys could answer best, like why some men like deep-throat, anal and certain fetishes among other questions. I did my best to explain this to them and they in turn told me about how they liked a man to fuck them.

This story is one part in a series of many stories we shared and this first story involves me personally. Yes, I broke the cardinal rule and had sex with both my best friends.

My friend, let’s call her Claire, is your average girl next door type; sweet with long hair that reached to her waist and brown eyes. Claire spent her childhood overseas and she’s very fair as a result, some guys even think she’s a Chinese Caucasian. Claire lost her virginity at a very young age of 14 and she has a sexual drive that is very high. By the time I met her and when we got closer, she shared with me many stories on the different experiences she has had. I really wanted to fuck her but the fact that she was attached and she was my best friend kept my dick in my pants. Till one afternoon…

My friend, let’s call her Claire, is your average girl next door type; sweet with long hair that reached to her waist and brown eyes. Claire spent her childhood overseas and she’s very fair as a result, some guys even think she’s a Chinese Caucasian. Claire lost her virginity at a very young age of 14 and she has a sexual drive that is very high. By the time I met her and when we got closer, she shared with me many stories on the different experiences she has had. I really wanted to fuck her but the fact that she was attached and she was my best friend kept my dick in my pants. Till one afternoon…

Claire always woke up late and I was forever going to her place to drag her out of bed. That afternoon was no exception as I made my way to her house. ‘Seriously, Claire!’ I muttered angrily for it was a scorching afternoon and it was a long walk to her house. I was let in by her maid and I went straight to her room, having been there countless times to wake her up for school. Claire had a habit of sleeping naked so the maid peered into the room from the door before saying ‘Okay sir, she got wear something’ Part of me was silently disappointed, but I pushed those thoughts aside and entered the room.

Claire was lying on the bed wearing a singlet and a pair of very used shorts. The singlet was green with ‘ARMY’ written on it, probably from one of her ex boyfriends or flings, I could never tell and the shorts were worn and fraying. Claire used to go out with guys but she lost faith in men after a particularly bad breakup and since then she had decided to try out being a lesbian. ‘Pity’ I thought gazing at her long white legs. As my eyes traveled upwards, I noticed her firm ass curled up and that her B cup breasts were stretched tight against the singlet. I looked away for a moment to calm down and reached out for her shoulder.

‘Oi wake up, time to go already! We’re going to be late in meeting Joanna!’ I said, annoyed. At least her room was air-conditioned, so I was cooling down fast. She turned over onto her back and moaned gently in displeasure before pushing my hand away. ‘Five more minutes lah, Joanna also confirm gonna be late’ she murmured sleepily. I realized then that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were erect, probably due to the cold. ‘To take my mind off, I looked at her face and shook again, ‘No no wake up now, I know you take forever to get ready’ I said. ‘Mhmm…’ Claire slowly opened her eyes and squinted at me. ‘Oh it’s you’ she said tiredly. ‘Let me sleep awhile more lah, last night got late night activity you know’ she grumbled as she made to turn on her side. But I was not going to let her turn away and I put my hand firmly on her shoulder. ‘Haha well good for you, but not my problem. Let’s go, Joannna will be waiting’ I insisted.

Claire turned to face me then. I gazed at her brown eyes and thick red lips, and she stuck her tongue out to mock me. Claire told me that guys used to request that she give them a blowjob as she really knew how to use her tongue and I longed to ask her for one. But instead I said ‘Let’s go..’ ‘Fine, but you give me a massage first!’ and with that Claire turned onto her stomach. Claire loved my massages as she claimed that I could really massage her with strength compared to her girlfriend. When I didn’t move, she begin to whine and shake her firm butt that had near perfect curves. ‘Hurry up! Faster you do, faster I go shower!’ she promised.

Having no other choice, I took some cream from her dresser nearby and begin to massage her shoulders. I stayed on my knees as I did not want to sit on her butt and let her feel my growing erection. After about 5 mins, I began to make my way down her back. ‘You know that you can lift it up right? I won’t mind’ said Claire as she lifted her singlet up to her chest. I could only grunt in agreement as she exposed her back to me and I could see her side boobs, which made my dick harder. I did not dare go lower than her waist but my thighs were complaining about the position I was in. ‘Eh Claire, don’t mind if I sit on your butt ah, more comfortable for me’ I said as I lowered myself onto her butt. Her response was a low moan, she was enjoying the massage too much to bother how I did it. As I sat on her butt checks I felt my dick respond immediately to the soft curves of her shorts. Holding back a moan, I began to massage her lower back. ‘Harder, harder!’ she said as I began to apply pressure to her lower back. I decided to use my momentum to press down harder on her back and I began to rock back and forth slowly on her ass, grinding it. ‘Mhmm..don’t stop. Right there, that spot..just keep doing that, you’re doing great’ said Claire and she sighed in pleasure.

This was going out of control. My dick was nearly fully erected and it was becoming uncomfortable to keep in my pants. Claire also was beginning to moan like I was fucking her and I was becoming frustrated at not being able to do anything. ‘There, done!’ I said reluctantly as I lifted myself off her butt. ‘Wait, wait I want more!’ Claire complained as she lowered her singlet and turned around to face me, sitting on the bed. ‘No I can’t, no more strength’ I lied, trying to remain calm as I saw her generous cleavage of her milky white breasts peeping out of her singlet. ‘Don’t bluff, you tell me you work out and you can’t even do a 30 min massage’ Claire pouted. ‘It’s not that, I..can’t lah’ I said, starting to rise from the bed before she could ask me anymore questions. ‘Hey, what’s the matter, tell me lah’ said Claire as she pulled me down beside her.

I decided to go for broke and tell her the truth. ‘Look Claire, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to do anything stupid but I’m a guy too. When I’m massaging you like that, I’ve got an erection and I just want to fuck you so badly.’ There was a moment of silence. Then Claire giggled. ‘I know, I could feel it through my shorts. That’s why I was moaning, because it felt good. I haven’t felt a dick on my ass since I became a lesbian and..I kind of miss it’ Claire then looked away. ‘Claire, I know how you’re feeling, it’s not easy for you to just stop fucking men’ I said with some hope in my voice. ‘ If you want… we could just do it. I’d keep it a secret and your girlfriend would never have to know’ I whispered softly into her ear as my bulge slowly started to stroke her thigh. ‘ Promise?’ asked Claire in a small voice. ‘I really promise, I know how much you love her’ I said, turning Claire to face me and looking into her eyes. She closed her eyes and kissed me softly on the lips.

She moaned as I slid my right hand into her singlet and gently massaged her left breast. I leaned her back as I removed my shirt and she removed her top, freeing her breasts. We then had a tongue fight as she removed my pants and I moaned when her cold hand grabbed my warm, hard dick. ‘Mhmm..finally’ whispered Claire as she stroked my dick. ‘ Not yet, hang on’ I said as I gently took her hand off my dick and placed both my hands on her B cup breasts. She had pink nipples, which I begin to nibble on delicately at first. Claire moaned loudly and I attacked both her breasts with my tongue and mouth, slurping up every last bit I could taste.

Claire could not wait any longer and after letting me lick her nipples for a few minutes, she pushed me down and began to kiss me fiercely as her thighs clamped shut around my dick, stroking it. I could not belive it, I was actually dry-humping my best friend! A small part of me felt guilty, but I pushed that part away and focused on looking into Claire’s eyes. She slowly descended, leaving a trail of kisses till she reached my dick. Without taking her eyes off mine, she slowly licked my head once. I shuddered in pleasure. She gave it a little kiss before slowly licking the sides and bottom of my dick. She then formed a seal around my head with her thick lips and proceeded to lick me using the tip of her tongue. I could not hold back any longer and I held onto her head, slowly guiding her lower till she had my entire dick in her mouth. She then released her grip with a sucking sound that left saliva dripping from her mouth all over her bed.

‘You like that, Claire?’ I asked as she went down again on my head. Her response was to go faster and she went on for a good five minutes at the fastest speed she could before she slowed suddenly. ‘This is what I do that to make the guys want me to blow them again’ Claire said as she slowly sucked on my head. And without warning, the tip of her tongue entered my pee hole and began to flick up and down. I went berserk and turned her around before she could go down on me again. I jammed my tongue into her already soaked pussy and I heard her moan as her lips were around my head. I found her clitoris and began madly flicking my tongue the same way she was doing to my head. She gasped in pleasure and pressed her vagina onto my mouth. I felt her muscles tighten and loosen suddenly as she moaned her loudest ever. ‘You came, eh?’ I said as I gazed at her face through her breasts that were swaying, begging to be fondled.

‘Yes, and now it’s your turn..’ she murmured as she got off my dick and lay on her stomach. Claire liked to be fucked doggystyle and I was only too happy to oblige. She laid flat on the bed and closed her legs, perking up her butt. I slowly entered her, and we both moaned as I filled her up. ‘Fuck, you’re tight!’ I said as I slid my entire length into her pussy. ‘And you are so fucking long..of course I’m tight you’re the first dick I’ve had in at least 2 years’ she moaned as she grabbed the bedsheet. I did not waste any more time and begin to bang her hard, smacking her ass as the sounds of ‘piack, piack’ began to fill the room. If I thought Claire was moaning till now, I was wrong. She was moaning so loudly now that I was afraid her maid would come to investigate. ‘Fuck me, fuck me, oh that’s right it feels so good, fuck me!’ she cried as I pulled my dick out and flipped her over to fuck her in missionary. As I banged away, she held on to my shoulders, her nails digging into my shoulder blades as I pumped my dick into her wet, tight pussy.

She crossed her legs over my butt and tightened her grip. She was so wet and tight that I could feel her muscles contract and relax every time I went in and out. ‘Oh fuck, I’m cumming!’ cried Claire as I felt her pussy juice flow down on my dick and all over the bedsheet. ‘Oh baby, you’re so good..let me help you now..’ murmured Claire as she pushed my chest down and began to ride me, her pussy pounding my hard dick. She leaned forward to lock lips with me and her breasts were crushed against my chest. My hands made their way up her legs and found her firm ass. Cupping her butt, I lifted and dropped her on my dick, making her grind her pussy harder.

The countdown had already begun and I was already in the final stages before I gave her a creampie. ‘Babe, slow down you gotta let me out’ I said as she pounded hard on my dick. She did not want to stop and I could see on her face that she was making up for two years of not having a dick inside her. But I was not going to give my best friend a creampie. ‘Claire, get off!’ I said as with one final burst of energy I pushed her off and pulled out, my dick coated with layers of her pussy juice which began dripping on the bed. Without hesitation, Claire got up and rammed my dick down her throat. I could not take it anymore and I held her head down as I came, wave after wave of pleasure going through my body as I emptied my load into my best friend’s mouth.

After I came back to earth, I looked at Claire and realized that some of my load was leaking from the corners of her mouth. Grabbing a tissue, I cleaned it up for her. ‘Thank you’ she murmured as she swallowed the rest of my load. We looked at each other for about 30 seconds, then we realized ‘Oh fuck, we forgot about Joanna!’

Both of us were so fucked that day :)

Part 1 | Part 2

Story published with permission, courtesy of Randy.

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