Andy met Melissa with a upbeat spirit even though they were only having dinner together. She could not help but also feel more lively with him, with a wondering why he was so happy.

Melissa: ‘Why are you so happy today?’
Andy: ‘Cause we’re going to try something new?’
Melissa: ‘You want to do it in the toilet again?’

He shook his head and finished up his last mouth of rice at the food court. They made their way to a handicap toilet at the mall and he took his camcorder out, ready to film their public quickie. Melissa wasn’t so keen in being on a camera, but she was aware of some fetishes of guys as well.

Andy: ‘I know we can’t have sex all the time, especially when we are both working, but we can make some videos I can watch when I feel horny right?’

Melissa was worried about the safety of such things getting out of hand, thanks to the media and crazy people who used them for blackmailing. He reassured her for the umpteen number of times and helped her to feel more comfortable by telling her where he would keep them. She finally gave in to his excited descriptions and let him have it.

Once the camera started rolling, he handed her the dildo she loved to use at his place whenever he was busy, and she knew what to do with it. He stood in front of the bowl and she sat on it, spreading her legs wide for the camera. The dildo disappeared into her after she used the tip to massage around her clit, and the mindless masturbation began.

Her moans did not go extra loud, but the close environment they were in had made it sound big. In a way, she enjoyed how naughty he let her, without even satisfying him a bit. Andy continued panning the camera around her as the toy slurped in and out of her pussy, making her body jerk uncontrollably. The camera was balanced on one of the handrails in the toilet and he was getting naked as well.

Andy: ‘Treat it as a performance. It’s your show!’

A wide smile appeared on her face and she placed her mouth over his dick that was next to her, while the toy was still going in and out. Melissa put in extra work by taking the blowjob slow and sensual, working her tongue around his dick head, and then giving him surprise deep thrusts. He could only hang on for his balance as his mind went blank with pleasure. She had been hardworking with her job and it was time to move on.

Andy brought the camera to rest on the water tank of the toilet and aimed it towards the bowl. He helped her up and let her placed her knees on the narrow cover, before going behind her for some doggie. He skipped the condom this time and just slipped his dick into the welcoming hole of Melissa. The moment he went all the way in, he saw her biting her lips to contain the moans that might give their acts away. He felt how tight she could get when the situation is right, and indeed, she was getting used to being in front of a camera and doing all these naughty things.

The pounding from behind jiggled her firm boobs nicely for the video. He kept pumping for god knows how long until she was barely keeping her head up, bombarded by the waves of orgasms. Whenever she raised her body up, the dripping of her juices could be seen on the full definition camera. It was truly a porn star in the making. Her body had seemed to be glowing with life, along with the tighter pussy and erected nipples.

After Andy felt the urge to cum, he pulled his dick out of her and turned her to the side, with the camera filming them from a side view. He shoved his manhood in for the camera this time and held her head in position, before thrusting it deep into her mouth. Although she wasn’t a fan of deep throat, she was doing it for the camera – as though many people would be watching it. Her eyes tried to stay open at him but the tears made it seemed so painfully satisfying.

He pulled out of her mouth just before he blew his load and let the streams of sticky cum spray all over her face, which majority of it landed in her mouth. The camera aimed at her sweet lips that was partially coated with the yummy goodness. She played with the cum in front of the camera lens for a moment before swallowing it, with her mouth opened. The slimy cum slid down her throat and it was all the director needed to see.

Melissa: ‘Is it good?’
Andy: ‘You referring to the sex or the video? Both is awesome!’

He cleaned up with her and the camera had the last few scenes of her removing her panties and bra under her body con dress. With glee and anticipation, they let the toilet to a few staring eyes and made their way home so he could process the film, maybe censoring her face.

Now, who would be the first person he showed this to?

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