It had been months since Bryan joined the secondary school as a counsellor, and the boys and girls that went through him did change for the better, therefore granting him permission to walk around the school and sitting in classes to monitor students and teachers alike. Like every school, there were a few flirty, rebellious, pretty and easy girls, but he kept his thoughts and what not strictly to himself. Even dark secrets between students and teachers had to be contained in his patients’ little file of confidentiality.

Although the incident happened only yesterday, every sight and sound could still be remembered clearly. It was Chanel’s routine visit and she had a new issue, one with her boyfriend who was a well-known playboy. The heartbreak couldn’t be any worse, but Bryan had the perfect solution for it.

Sitting her down in the leather sofa-bed, the temperature of 24 degrees was right for her to relax. Not mentioning the candle vapouriser, dimmed ambient and light music. Bryan used his erotic hypnosis method for the first time and it worked wonders. The thirty minutes Chanel took was slightly longer, but the effects were in full swing. Now, all that’s left were the right questions to ask and instructions to give.

Bryan: ‘Did you have any sexual experience with him?’
Chanel: ‘Yes.’
Bryan: ‘Describe how wild it would get.’

Chanel: ‘He would ask me to go to his place in a nightie he gave, with only a long jacket to block the sights of people. Then when we got to a private place, he would rip the dress and then we will have sex, usually without the need for foreplay since I would get very wet even before I reach. He will flip the Karmasutra book and try every position that interests him.’

Bryan: ‘Great details. Now, I want you to imagine that you are at his place now, and right now, you are lying on his bed. The moment you sit up, you are going to feel his clothes and pants. Tell him what you want him to do. Guide him.’

Sitting up slowly, Chanel’s hands reached forth and felt Bryan’s clothes. Her mood changed and she was undoing his pants in the fastest possible way, taking his erection into her mouth once her hands freed the big gun. Damn she was skilled, her saliva lubricated his whole shaft and sucking it in and out instinctively, while her hands went to remove her own clothes right down to her skin.

Switching to a handjob, Chanel asked in the more shy tone.

Chanel (Shyly): ‘Can you lick me? I’ve waxed and washed it extra clean for you.’

Kneeling onto the leg support of the bed, Bryan gladly took the juicy piece of pie into his mouth, flicking and sucking on her clit like a pro. Suddenly, her hands grabbed onto his hair and guided him around, stopping wherever she felt best.

Chanel: ‘Omg, your tongue is so good, why have you never licked me before?’

Still swallowing her cum, Bryan enjoyed the pussy lick for the moment, before his patient got too wet for comfort herself. Turning herself over and getting on her fours, the perking butt needed no instructions. She was his.

Quickly capping on a rubber, he pushes his bursting dick into her, biting his lips to withstand the tight impossibility. As the inches started gliding into her, the size of his dick was different from her ex, which was so close to waking her up from the hypnosis. Knowing it was safe to go on, he started moving his hips, while she synchronised her hips back and forth.

Chanel: ‘Dear! You’ve grown so big. I’m.. going crazy!’

Right then, her upper body slumped onto the seat and a jet of comforting warm liquid sprayed at his balls. Not giving his cute patient a break, he grabbed her 23″ waist firmly and continued fucking her, making the tired poor girl spasm and squirting fluid with every climax that wasn’t even five minutes apart.

Finally, the end of his little romp was approaching and the condom was so tempting to remove. But wait..

Bryan: ‘What do you do when he wants to cum?’
Chanel: ‘I.. I’ll swallow it.’
Bryan: ‘I’m going to shoot now. Do what you have to do.’

Going back to the sitting position she removed his clothes in, she took his dripping wet dick in her hands and stroke carefully, as though doing a massage. After two to three minutes, she popped a surprising question that seemed too, like an instinctive reaction.

Chanel: ‘Will you cum in my mouth?’

Without waiting for his answer, her fingers gave his choked pipe a final stroke with a certain pressure and he shot his big load into her mouth, unlike anything he felt before, it literally drew all his energy along with it and the waves kept going, as long as her fingers kept going up and down with that unique pressure.

Opening her mouth to show him her little after-consultation treat, a gulp went behind her sweet pink lips. Bryan had to take five to rest and gather his energy. The five minute break was a special one, as he caught his breath, some unique and special thoughts were placed into her, helping her to pick herself up from the break up and a little something for her future visits too, just between him and Chanel.


Chanel woke up and felt better, though a little tired and sweaty. He had instructed her to clean both of them up and wiped the little sexcapade off her mind. Now, every sight of Bryan would stir something deep in her, something that would get her wet like a well-trained bitch.

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