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Alena was home waiting for her Biology tutor to come after he told her he would be late. Since there was no one home, she didn’t bother to put on her panties nor bra, but just relaxed in her room where the tuition would be carried out. Joseph rang her doorbell while struggling to hold the paperwork he was doing earlier. As a young school teacher, the income wasn’t enough to sustain his lifestyle and giving tuition was the only thing he could do with his current job.

She opened the door with a weary look and he barged in before the books spilled onto her living room. Quickly, she squatted down and the immediate down blouse view made Joseph blushed. He picked up his books while the magnetic attraction to her boobs made it much more difficult to focus. The tank top she was wearing was loose but she was so comfortable in them she did not notice what a feast she was giving him. Although she was 17, her body was still considered to be developing and the twice weekly dance CCA had kept her in shape.

They went into her room after packing and her messy bed only made it more tempting to just collapse and sleep. Joseph was tired after the long day at school, but this was part of his job as well. So he persevered. He excused himself before lesson to remove change his pants to a pair of shorts, taking off his underwear since his little brother had been suffocating the whole day. Sitting beside her while she flipped through her homework, his eyes was locked down her collar and flashes of nipples helped kept him awake.

Alena pushed the page with the completed work to his side of the study table and went to lie on her bed, in an awkward position that exposed part of her fleshy soft pussy lips under her flimsy shorts. Her blankets covered her eyes and she tried to fall asleep while he corrected her work. With the window of opportunity, he quickly took his cellphone and snapped a few close up of her in that naive pose, before marking her work.

Joseph: ‘Why are you so tired?’
Alena: ‘My parents ban me from going out until my grades improved.’
Joseph: ‘You’re so lazy lo. Lying on bed during tuition. You would love it if our class is carried out on the bed right?’
Alena: ‘Yeah! If only.. ‘

He took a textbook and the exams paper he prepared, before getting into her bed which she adjusted herself to let him climb on. Alena then heard no sound except for the clicks on his phone, and a scary conversation happened.

Joseph (on phone): ‘Hi Mrs. Chia, I heard from your daughter that you’ve grounded her until her grades improve. *pause* Yes, don’t worry. I understand. *pause* I can tell she is quite depressed from that but she had completed my homework well this time. Is it okay if I bring her out for quick dinner? Just tonight. *pause* Alright. I will.’

Alena (exclaiming excitedly): ‘What did my mum say?’

He gave a thumbs up and she jumped up with a burst of energy. Proper lesson resumed and she was leaning towards him as he taught, giving him more visual stimulation for some unwanted growth. As expected, she lost her balance at one point and pressed onto his manhood which had been hiding under her blanket, and the two of them went quiet for a while. She pulled her blanket away from her legs and Joseph placed the textbook on her lap, so none of that accident would happen twice.

But his hands did not leave her lap after the book rested on her. Slowly, he moved his hand up her thigh and slipped into her baggy shorts, touching her bare pussy. She raised both her knees slightly and kept on reading. Joseph understood the hint and began circling her clit with his middle finger. The wetness came gradually and his hand advanced deeper, going up and down along her slit to spread the lubrication evenly. Alena’s legs parted instinctively at that touch and her eyes closed, resting her head against the wall.

Joseph took the signals in his stride and pushed his middle finger in, going all the way in until she jerked and then started to finger her lovely hole. Meanwhile, her legs had folded themselves into a crisscross, giving him more space to go – faster in particular. He adjusted his position and angle, before giving her what she wanted, making deep forceful thrust, fully utilising her excessive leaks. Her hand roamed to his legs as well, until it disappeared under the blanket, squeezing his bulge lightly to let him know she wanted to play as well.

Still under the sheets, Joseph removed his pants and Alena followed suit, but out of his watchful eyes. Her shorts fell onto the floor with a kick but that was as far as she would bare for him.

Joseph: ‘Come. Lie properly on the bed. Don’t strain your back.’

She pulled the blanket with her as she placed her head on the pillow and closed her eyes shyly. He took his place lying right beside her and continued to tease her clit to get her wanting for more. No matter how horny he was, there was a final something he needed to get right first.

Joseph (whispering): ‘Are you a virgin?’

Alena bit her lips and shook her head. And that was all he needed to know. The shy response was so innocent yet naughty. Her hand reached for his dick and started stroking him, smearing the generous about of pre-cum he leaked around his rod, going fast and slow according to how he fast he went on her. There was no indication from anyone of them to advance further, and time could be running out if her parents returned. She felt impatiently ready and stopped jerking him, giving him a few firm tugs.

He took a condom out from his bag but she snatched it away from him with pouted lips, keeping it under the pillow her head was lying on. A little worried, but he had confidence in his student. He shifted on top of her and she held his dick in place to point at her entrance. While his train docked at her station, she opened her eyes to look at him, with an unspoken faith, or was it trust?

Alena: ‘Don’t worry k? I’m on the pill. I asked my parents for it for better complexion and.. to save money on pads.. umm.. Can I ask you for something?’

Joseph paused with one inch inside her.

Alena (asking shyly): ‘Can you do it hard to me?’

He propped his body higher and moved his elbows to her shoulders, locking her body movements from moving upwards as he prepared his thrusts with unknown level of force. Without warning, he jerked his iron rod into her and shocked her with a loud slapping sound. The loud moans broke the quietness and Alena spent the next few precious seconds to quieten down. Her pussy was exceptionally compact with the raging strokes, that gave her no time to get accommodated to his length. The claw marks on his back had showed him how much she enjoyed such method and was totally immersed in his pace.

Her legs could not stay wrapped around him as he pushed so hard that made her legs opened. For a good five minutes, droplets of sweat dripped calmly on her shirt, but the continuous stretching and abuse of her pussy was driving her mad with bliss. The soft, wild moans of her had made Joseph so desperate that he was sure he would go crazy with her. The discreet orgasms she had been getting were too frequent with his skills, until her clit got too sensitive for anymore torture.

Alena: ‘Joseph.. change.. change.’
Joseph: ‘To?’
Alena: ‘Anything?’

He pulled out of her and let her massage her clit to ease the pain and soreness. The sight of her touching herself was so exclusive he was certain he had been doing a great job. Thinking for a moment, he made his mind up and moved her from her position. He laid on her pillow and stared at her, hoping she was smart enough to know what this position was. Alena wasn’t that innocent either, of course she knew. She climbed over his groin and lowered herself slowly over his upright tower. Joseph was smart to choose such a compromising position. He wanted to find out how horny and wild she was, after all, Alena was HIS loyal student.

Alena: ‘Can I cover my eyes with something?’
Joseph: ‘No.. you’re going to do it looking at me.’

An embarrassed frown appeared on her face and the rock and roll began. With her body staying motionless, her hips rocked forth and back, sending most of the sensation to his little head, which in return, was angled nicely at her G-spot that she desired so much for. As she rocked, the occasional unprepared orgasms knocked her weak and she would fall onto his body, dripping the sweat on her forehead onto his unbuttoned, exposed chest.

The attack of pleasure on her mind kept going with her rhythmic grinding, readying Joseph’s load to tipping point at the same time.

Joseph: ‘Alena! I’m about to cum!’

Alena then moved her feet to the sides of his waist, going into a squat and lifted her hips up until the halfway length of his shaft. She leaned backwards on her arms and started thrusting her pelvis upwards, swallowing his dick in yet another different angle that helped delayed his ejaculation for a while while increasing the sensitivity of his mushroom. The slapping of her butt on his thighs went for as long as he could hold on, but the ticking countdown did not give him an easy time.

Joseph: ‘I really can’t take it anymore!’

She returned hastily to the grinding position from earlier and kept moving her hips back and forth until his hands grabbed and held her waist down firmly over his dick. A split second was all it took to load, squeeze the trigger, deliver the load up his chimney, and exploded like fireworks into her clenching pussy. Alena started to move her hip in smaller motion to help him with emptying his sperms into her, milking it like squeezing jelly through a tube (those who remembered the Coca Cola shaped jelly tube will know).

Joseph went frantic as the head of his dick went hyper sensitive but Alena maintained her position on top of his thrashing body, and the unintentional struggle triggered more waves from his ejaculation. The fight finally ended when he lost control of his body and the energy level suddenly went down to zero. She leaned over his body and moved a few more times along his stomach, teasing him with a few random squeezes before dismounting her stallion.

She fell into his arms and they cuddled closely while the pieces of tissue she cleaned herself with, kept increasing in numbers.

Alena: ‘You really cummed a lot eh. Look!’

The amount of tissue she used had contained whatever excess that had leaked out of her. Andwe had not even try to imagine how much was inside of her. They rested for just a few minutes before she pulled him up to leave house before her parents come home only to reinforced the ban. This time, Joseph was near-death and they managed to leave her house after some draggy clean up.

Alena: ‘Can we do it again during the next lesson?’
Joseph: ‘If only you completed your work.’

They finished dinner with her in the loose tank top and shorts, still bra, and panty-less. The two of them were so exhausted after the sex at her place that they could not be bothered with lusty eyes of all the males that saw her and disapproving girlfriends along with the aunties. Their raging hormones had been expended, but not yet dead, as they found themselves horny after the modest dinner. Since they had crossed, doing it a second time won’t be any more wrong right?

Another round of sex took place after a quick search, in a barricaded area for renovation of the playground at a park nearby. The easy access to her pussy made the quickie even quicker, with Joseph dropping his pants after pulling Alena’s shorts down. The standing doggie was one of the best position he had experienced as he found himself so turned on and ready-to-cum with little time spent ramming at her. Her pussy was at the perfect angle that he could go fast without over stimulation. The aid of the extra long delay drove her moaning after the first orgasm and he did not slow down, but just went really fast and deep until the bit of cream left in him was flushed into her pie hole.

They split up after a thorough clean, and went their own way. On the way home, their minds were on the crazy ‘tuition’ they had earlier and could not make those kinky thoughts go away no matter how distracted or tired they were. Joseph had no more energy when he reached home, but the vivid image of her body bouncing on top of him was so clear and alive, helping him for the final lap to shower. Although his body gave up wanking before sleep, it wasn’t the same for Alena, who kickstarted her lust with just imagination.

Her fingers found their way into her cave after smelling the scent of Joseph on her bed, and dropped dead tired after two well-deserved orgasms. Well, that was one advantage girls have over us guys, unlimited orgasms.

A final SMS from Alena ended Joseph’s day as he peeked at the bright screen of his phone.

Alena (SMS): ‘You didn’t give me any homework today! :P’

So, it seemed like there won’t be any work before they get on it with each other. But no next time, reminded Joseph to himself.

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One of the best man.. God damm it.. the days I had tuition.. damm if it happened to me… Great work bro!

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