Forced Play

It was an exceptionally free day for both Felicia and Kenneth. They had got themselves so drunk the previous night at the club that they did not realised that another couple had helped them checked into a hotel, and did something to them. Kenneth was tickled awake by a feather and he found his hands tied at the back. His mouth was gagged by a rubber constraint, disabling him from making any noises. Felicia awakened shortly after and found her hands locked to a metal collar without much moving parts. Her head was also covered in a leather constraint that blocked her vision, but allowed a ball gag in her mouth. In dispair, Kenneth searched around to see their new friends seated comfortably in a corner.

The two of them had been put into some contraption that held Kenneth’s hips against Felicia, dick parked right inside her. It was so tight that he could not move much without bringing his girl along.

Jim: ‘Don’t worry the two of you. It’s going to be just for a few hours. And it’s going to be fun!’

Kenneth’s hard on was seen as weird cause it had been a long night and there was no way he would still be hard. Jim’s partner, Joyce, clicked on a remote and Kenneth felt his balls tingling with an electrifying sensation. There was no knowing what had he been attached to, but the two of them were in no position to bargain. On Jim’s hand was a similar control, and when he clicked, Felicia would moan and begin making sensual moans that turned her boyfriend on.

Joyce: ‘Why don’t you two fuck?’

Some distorted mumbling came from Kenneth but it was too inaudible. She pulled Kenneth up on his knees while still connected to Felicia, giving him space after he was steady. Slowly, his hips began moving and was thrusting into his girl, going very gently. It wasn’t what the couple wanted to see. Jim gave the button a click and Felicia twitched, groaning so desperately Kenneth knew it hurt. He went faster and the couple got on the same bed, kissing each other passionately. They went into doggie just like the pair and was fucking to their hearts’ content, randomly pressing on the controls that sent electrical signals to the toys.

After a while, the couple grew tired and stopped, sitting and watching the two tied up couple fuck.

Joyce: ‘Should he cum already?’
Jim: ‘I think it’s time.’

She turned a dial up to the maximum and gave the red button a push. It immediately sent Kenneth’s hips jerking and the warm cum shot out uncontrollably, to the horror of Felicia that was not on any form of birth control. His sperms broke into her and was filling her up with waves and waves until the button was clicked on again. Exhausted, Kenneth sat back on his ankles and rested, while Jim adjusted his position in front of Felicia.

He held her chin and brushed her face, breathing warm air at her.

Jim: ‘Have you ever sucked another man’s dick when your boy is inside you?’

He undid the gag ball and pushed her head downwards at his juice-covered dick. Jim knew she might bite, but not if he had a way to stop her. He clicked on the red button of his control and Felicia began shivering. The cum that was loaded inside her began pouring out onto Kenneth’s dick and her moans grew more sexy. Her mouth went down on Jim’s dick and sucked on it furiously, as though she was possessed. Her oral skills had never been good, but the way she did it this time, working her tongue around and shoving her face at his dick, Kenneth was sure she was going throat deep on him. His hips was almost moving behind her from the slight tingle in his balls and Felicia was receiving the full pleasure treatment like a sex-slave princess.

Jim lost control at one point and rammed his hips upwards at her mouth, until his load fired right down her throat and Felicia swallowed it so she could keep sucking. Even after that, Jim was still rock hard and wanted her to continue.

Seeing that her guy was done, Joyce went to Felicia’s back and unlocked the constraints that held Kenneth in position, before taking her position on the bed, but on her back. Joyce’s legs went around Kenneth and pulled him close, until he tripped and fell on top of her. She quickly swung the leather strap over his body and tied it around herself, securing him on top, and inside of her.

She then clicked on a normal button and Kenneth could not go against the torture of his dick that he began thrusting into Joyce’s sweet young pussy. Now that he looked, Joyce was barely 20 and her figure was already so stunning. He could only imagine doing a girl of such body in his dreams. Taking advantage of his situation, he went faster and faster, until it was Joyce who was screaming in pleasure. Jim had went behind Felicia and stuck his dick in, pumping her half as fast as Kenneth was doing his girl. Jealousy, anger, fear was what drove Jim to such speed and ferocity, but it was all for a good cause.

An accidental click on Joyce’s red button sent his cum spraying into her pussy while the extraordinarily tight pussy of Felicia was draining Jim’s dick of cum, forcing every drop out with the unspeakable suction inside her. The groans and moans of the four of them shook the room. Still weak from the orgasm, Joyce could not gather enough strength to turn the toy off, still getting flushed with the unintended man’s cum.

Jim on the other hand, could not pull out of Felicia’s sweet pussy, and still tormented by the contracting vaginal muscles. Exhaustively, he turned his controller off and crawled on the bed to Joyce, to help her turn it off. Kenneth’s hands appeared behind him with the chains unlocked and removed the blindfold off his wasted girlfriend. He then took the whip that was sticking out of Joyce’s bag and began whipping them so hard that they disappeared into the bathroom to get dressed, before making a quick escape out of the hotel.

Kenneth took the chance to rest and catch his breath, from the crazy orgasm he had.

Felicia: ‘They didn’t take the toys.’
Kenneth: ‘Yeah. Looks like we earned it.’
Felicia: ‘Can I ask you for a favour?’

Kenneth’s concerned face appeared and she blushed really loud, if there was such a term.

Felicia: ‘Can you turn it on for me?’

The continuous waves of intense orgasms Felicia received was so powerful it had got her addicted. Kenneth too, could not deny how great and convenient it was, to cum with a click, and driven by an unknown force. The two of them spent their day in the room, extending the stay for another day, that was filled with consensual sex, using the tools their evil friends left.

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