Happy 5!

This month (October 2013), marks the fifth anniversary of J’s intellectual, sexual, witty, challenging (plus many many more fun terms you can think of!) journey into writing! This is the first time I wrote an entry for such an occasion and will include a little statistics below for you guys to know more about this hobby.

In the month of October 2009, there were 152 views. And today (October 2013), 80000 views – per month. Of course it can’t compare to more successful blogs that had more alluring contents like pictures and videos, but it is a huge huge achievement for me. I won’t bother putting it down in percentage, cause I am too hyped up writing this.

I am so tempted to bash the other lifestyle blogs that has few views despite their hard work and years in existence but arghh.. No no.. I shall not. J has came a long way since the beginning, and the word ‘came’ simply sounded wrong. Come, let’s make this less formal and more fun to read.

At the start, I wrote and posted stories as they were completed, totally uninhibited to keep any stories for future dates. I could remember how wild my mind were, giving you guys almost 4-5 stories in a good day. There was no concern to how this blog will run, only that it served as an outlet for me to live my fantasies and record my experiences down. Does anyone want to know where the first blog ever started?

http://koaii.com, was my second registered URL, used to sell handphone charms. The site before that actually consisted of my name, so I won’t be able to tell you guys. Now, this is the only URL I had been maintaining, http://wetpinkslit.com was once mine as well, used to explore the possibility of writing from a 100% female point of view. Now I am thinking of buying it back. Any sponsors?

From [URL removed], my blogging life officially started and went on well. Watching new blogs pop up and discovering sites like http://theinnocentslut.blogspot.com, http://kinky-babe.blogspot.com. The innocent slut had stopped blogging when I started but the recent revival totally excited me again. Those were the times I sought to open the world of erotica sites but knew it would never take off in this conservative society.

Sammyboyforums has served as a great source of inspiration and the micro-stories there showed me the amount of talented writers we had! All gone to waste by hiding the dark side of such stories. I remembered how I would scour the photo/video section and let imagination guide me.

Once the plot was in place, my English was another challenge for me to overcome. I came from a neighbourhood school and did not have high expectations for myself, totally unconcerned about my own future. For the last year of my study, a cute English teacher (she was 24 then and I was only 17), corrected a sentence in one of my composition that unlocked a better style of writing in me.

Remembering how she taught, less grammatically incorrect stories were born. Just last year (2012), [URL removed] went offline, and by ‘offline’, I didn’t mean a server crashing. Apparently, the whole world could still read my blog, all except me. Maybe the telco had decided they had enough of me? Nonetheless, I was furious at my lack of skills to fix the problem and simply registered another site with another hosting company.

[URL removed] was born, unplanned. Still, I would like to thank CK, my poly friend who owned the previous webhosting company, for sponsoring the two years of usage (except for one of the years he decided to make me pay 240. That amount was huge for a poly student and I had to give him most of my part-time allowance, leaving me about 20 for the whole month).

Things happen and unhappen, photos, videos, stories went up and were suddenly pulled down. Cyber threats, personal threats, insults, possible civil cases, those were the bad things I’ve fended off to keep this blog running. Apart from the bad, good things like advertising offers, advertorials, ideas to rip my loyal readers off, came and never took off.

This is the important part I want you guys to know. Keeping this site advertisement free and clean has cost a lot. Hundreds of dollars was rejected because I know how a site look will affect readership. If I had earned that money but lost the readership, it won’t do any good for the advertising company too. I can live without that few hundred dollars, but not without you guys.

As you realised, anything money can solve is not a problem. It is the principles, discipline, self-control that made things much tougher. Ever since I realised I have no plans to keep this blog running, especially with my on-the-spot publication (in the past), I began keeping a schedule for all the stories that came many times in a day.

So, a three-day-one-post system was put in place and have to put you guys in a little wait before you read something new. The money that I have earned for Nicole has all been handed over, and the twenty-plus dollars in my PayPal comes from the sale of the stories. I wouldn’t say that this is a non-profit blog, but it is definitely not profiting at anyone’s expense.

Now, a little forecast for you guys! As of today, I have written enough stories to last till October 2015. Isn’t that awesome! More readers are submitting their stories to be posted here and those special entries are NOT counted in the schedule.

The search for a female model is still on-going, to spice things up with harmless photos that will go for sale to pay her (no one will work for me, except me who wrote for years unpaid). If you guys have anyone one to recommend or if any of you girls reading this is interested, please feel free to contact me. And don’t don’t ever send me information to blackmail girls to get them to model. I will fucking report you to the police.

It seemed like the expiry of the domain on August 2014 will be extended, I wouldn’t want to waste those stories I wrote right? For those whom had bought the preview stories, thank you for your contribution. You were fully aware that the stories you bought WILL be published some date in the future, but you guys still decided to help. You have my deepest gratitude.

For those who have been reading silently, thank you too. It is you guys that showed me people recognise my existence and my hard work, writing in my free time before my work starts (in the noon). I know nothing had gone to waste.

Is this entry getting a little too draggy for a non-sexual post? Hang on for just two more days to the next story k? Seriously, I have no idea if it is raining or sunny now, cause.. this entry is written ahead of schedule too! Let me go on a bit more.

Watching the search terms that people Googled to get to my site is an interesting experience. I remembered how ‘FBT’ used to be such a hot topic, and then it progressed to ‘incest’. It served as a good gauge to look into the minds of people during that period of time. The last search term that appeared around the top 5 was ‘underage’. I won’t deny that.. underage-looking girls are wrong to have wild thoughts about. Just don’t get any rotan marks yeah?

I take great pleasure in writing, no matter if anyone is reading. Cause I write best when I’m hard, a little secret between us. Now guys, give the new blogs support so the bloggers will keep going. Like how you guys kept my fingers busy, they would feel the same too. While some of them started posting photos to give you guys some images to fap to, I think there are enough local blogs to go around. Some like mine, are wordy, and some like LindaMichelle, are visually teasing. Asumitok too! Her wordy and pictures-filled blog is a joy to read about her private-cum-cumming life.

Special thanks to White Wolf, LindaMichelle, Asumitok, Elise, Nicole. I couldn’t have came so far without your company. Arghh.. I used the word ‘came’ again, sounding even more wrong. For those out there who have seen me or know my real ‘NRIC’ identity, please don’t spoil things for the others. This is just a simple blog, filled with words and years of my hard work. Your turn to tell me, is my site harmless?

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Oh my, my name appears twice. Thank you dear jhae for your kind words. I never thought such a great blogger would ever enjoy my blog.. I am simply rambling about my daily life and needs and more.

So glad you have enough posts to keep us entertained for 2 more years.


Thanks for visiting! But really, your posts and photos have been inspiring and it’s sort of a healthy competition to see who can get more readers hard (or wet!).

As much as I would like to celebrate, I think it’s more important to keep writing and give this little red dot a taste of what Singaporean has to produce some of the best blogs in the field of erotic stories.

Jia you to all the bloggers and enthusiasts, for reading and writing.

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