Sniff Sniff

With my iPad and Apple’s wireless keyboard, I made my way to the void deck under my block with some fish scraps for the cat I always feed. It was a rainy day and especially cold, so kitty actually climbed onto my lap after finishing her food and curled into a little ball. It wasn’t exactly the ideal place to write my stories at since a lot of people usually passes by that area. Just then, a fair skinned girl who was walking at a really slowly pace came from a corner and stopped at the stone table I was at, petting the cat that was on my lap. There wasn’t much words exchanged since I was about to leave, but the sunken look on her face did not show me she was alright either.

Me: ‘Are you alright?’
Girl: ‘Yeah.’
Me: ‘What’s your name? Do you live around here?’
Girl: ‘I’m Farrah, lives around two blocks down.’

She fell onto her arms on the table and was breathing loudly. I knew something was not right and immediately took her sling pouch she carried. As I was really near to her, the two lines of text tattooed on her legs were clear and the short denim shorts looked really tantalising on her, along with a black tank top tucked into her shorts.

I searched her bag for any form of medication but one metal can stood out from the rest of her belongings. Prying it open with my nails, the cap popped off and the stench of strong glue filled my nose. There was no label on it, nor any indication of what it really was. Farrah’s head bounced up upon noticing the smell and she grabbed my hands to bring it to her nose, taking deep breaths of the toxic scent.

There was no way I could let her take drugs, at least not in my neighbourhood. I yanked the can away and went to the dustbin nearby, before tipping the gooey liquid into it. She frantically got up but did not walk more than two steps before collapsing to the ground. After the can clanged into the bin, I picked her up along with my iPad and keyboard, supported her by her hips towards the address on her IC. It was just two blocks away and wasn’t far.

Once we reached, I was about to knock on the door when she whispered that there was no one at home. Again, I reached into her bag for the keys and opened the door for her. Still too weak to walk, I brought her in and laid her on the sofa, removing her shoes after she was still. The lights did not come on no matter how many times I clicked, so I carried her to the only door that was open. Boy, I was shocked. Although there was no smell of any kind, the room was piled with her clothes, from lingerie to clothes that looked expensive.

The bed she slept on was actually a mattress. The moment she fell onto it, a whisper came through and it was when I was about to leave.

Farrah: ‘Cold.. cold.. ‘

Knowing there was no escape, I pulled a blanket over her and went into her kitchen to boil some water. Without lights, I managed to put a pot of water over the stove and started the gas running. I went back to her and saw what withdrawal really meant. Cold sweat, shaking body, pale face, and senseless mumbling. I could not make out what she was saying but it wasn’t anymore important than getting her through this. I returned to the kitchen after a while to turn off the fire, before the search for a cup slowed me down.

In the darkness, I saw her enter the kitchen and before I could turn around, a pair of soft breasts pressed onto my back, covered in cold sweat. She pulled my shirt off and I hugged her tightly, bare bodied. With that hug, I brought her back to the room and placed her on the mattress which she complied. Taking a sip of the warm water, her paleness went and some pinkness returned to her face. With the blanket strewn to the side, her body was not covered and the fair skin made it impossible to tell she was Malay.

I went back to the kitchen to get my shirt and quick footsteps caught me off guard once again. This time, I could tell she was naked because I had tried to carry her by holding her lower back, close to her bum. She jumped onto me and wrapped her legs around me, grinding up and down against my bulge. Skinny, soft. That was how she felt in my embrace. I walked with her arms around my neck to the dining table before pushing her away.

Her arms did give me some space, but not yet released. Her hands moved to my waist and pulled me down, making a strong tug of my pants to the ground. The pair of AirForce shorts I wore had an inner lining that allowed me to go without underwear, yet protecting my modesty. Another shove sent me close to tipping over the table and her mouth went to work immediately.

I felt her lips pressing hard at my tip, and slowly pushing her head until she had taken me right to the groin. I admit I wasn’t that long, but it would still choke if she went that deep. Her warm mouth began thrusting and all I remembered was the watery effect of her tongue that kept itself against the base of my shaft, fondling the underside of my dick. I could not hold myself back but groan in shame, realising how good she was.

My hands fumbled into her hair and pushed her to go deeper, which she obeyed without resistance. As I felt myself nearing orgasm, she played with my balls and triggered my first load within seconds. The huge gush of cum shot into her mouth and the sounds of gulping let me know she had swallowed everything. I helped her up after I was done and she wiped her mouth with the back of hands in a satisfied expression.

We went into her room and I tidied whatever that was in the way. She saw on the mattress like a goddess and began smoking.

Farrah: ‘You’re a nice guy. What’s your name?’
Me: ‘I’m Andy. And where are your parents?’

She gave a flick with her hand and I knew it was a long story. Within five minutes, she was done and I had sat beside her, using my iPad to check the number of visitors to my site that day. Her hands roamed to my spent rod, stroking it gracefully. Her head went down to my lap and her mouth began work on resuscitating my little one, while I continued with what I was doing on my iPad. It was truly a treat for someone to be servicing me without the need for attention.

In no time, I was hard again and she reached into a pile of empty cigarette boxes and other random stuff. A packet of condom appeared and she just went on to roll one over me. I liked how smart she was, not tempted by the better feel of sex without protection, and took responsibility for her actions. Farrah went in front of me and faced away from me, separating my legs so she could be between. Holding my dick in position, she let herself sit backwards over it and the whole process was friction free.

The right amount of lubrication had made things easier and her body just rocked forth and back after it was in. After a few minutes, she leaned herself forward and was in a stretching position, taking my dick inside of her just by moving her hips up and down. The change in angle drove me a little crazy and I was ready to take over any time.

I held her body down onto mine, and got to my knees. She turned her head back and showed me puppy eyes, pleading for some attention. I wasted no more time and started thrusting my hips at her, sending the waves of pleasure into her mind and progressed into the chain of orgasms she enjoyed. Her pussy tightened with every passing climax and I was surprised at the delay of my ejaculation, probably due to the fact it was my second round.

She stopped me after one of the climax and flipped over to her sides, stretching one leg straight while raising and supporting the other. I waded on my knees over her leg and penetrated into her from the side, ramming her hard with whatever energy I was left with. The orgasms resumed and she was moaning so hard it almost turned into screams. The sensitivity of my dick was also recovering and it was merely a matter of minutes before I fired my second load. The session went on without much change and I knew it was about to end.

Farrah then stopped me with both her hands and pushed herself out of me. Very quickly, she took two pillows and stacked them, before lying on them with her head over the pillows’ edge. Her mouth, throat and body had been aligned in a straight line and I thought she wanted to finish me off by sucking. I placed my dick into her mouth in a missionary position and she waited. The few seconds of awkwardness made me blush as I was lost.

Farrah: ‘Fuck my mouth and cum inside.’

I shifted my hands to her boobs and squeezed them hard while moving my hips, ramming deep into her throat. Not only she kept her teeth away, the natural contraction of her throat was put to good use and I did not bother holding myself back anymore. The hardest rams into her mouth and I was soon in my own world, pumping mouthful of cum down her throat. I stayed balls deep until I was satisfied and she did not make a move at all.

Falling back onto the mattress, I was weak to my knees and she was breathless as well. She turned around and crawled to me, sucking on my soft dick for any leftovers before resting. Farrah was not only a sexed up girl, she took my shorts and sniffed at the area where my dick was normally in contact with, claiming it to be better than glue. So, it was glue she had been sniffing.

I fell asleep for what seemed a long time, until her mouth was felt on my dick again. Three times? No shit. I wanted to get up to do what I needed to, but she pressed onto my chest which made me give up and return to the semi-sleep state. With my eyes closed and Z monsters attacking me, I could totally make out where her tongue was and what she did with it. She reached under my balls and stimulated a special spot where I lost control the instant she touched it, and fucked her mouth hard again, until the third and hopefully final load was splashed all over her face.

It was about 11pm when she nudged me awake, with a condom over my dick already. How could I not noticed? I got up and brought her to the corridor of her house, both naked, and fucked her right there and then. The sensation of her pussy was like a virgin even though it was the second time I was fucking her. The tightness was so awesome that I found myself lifting her waist while pounding into her. The few doors that creaked sent us running back into the house, and the next best spot was the kitchen. I opened the windows wide and pushed her bare top over the grills.

Spreading her legs open, I impaled her forcefully strokes after strokes, until I felt the fourth load building up. I hopped onto the washing machine that was nearby and pulled her to my dick. Shoving her face at my groin, her opened mouth took it right in and I used her as how I would to my fake silicon pussy at home. Her obedience was one of a kind and I caught myself cumming hard for the last time. Her mouth was just too overwhelming not to be addicted to.

Being a sucker for oral sex, she was the ideal partner and as unconventional as our meeting was, I knew it was luck that we bumped into each other.

Farrah: ‘You know you can come to my place whenever you want to do your work.’

Would I ever be able to do my work with her around? I told her I would drop by and she missed call her own phone with mine. As I took my rest on her bed, she went around her room to clean up the rest and handed a bagful of cans to me.

Farrah: ‘I won’t be touching them again. Help me throw away?’
Me: ‘What if you felt the urge again?’

She turned around and opened one of the shoeboxes to show me. It contained two dildos, one long, one short, a wireless vibrator and a C-angled plastic attached to a leather belt.

Farrah: ‘I would rather be addicted to these – and you.’

With that said, she took the belt and wrapped it around her waist, ready to lock it up, but not before I slipped the wireless vibrator into her pussy. I was handed the keys to the tiny lock and she clicked on the control to the wireless toy inside her. A long translucent shirt went over her small body and she sent me to my block, attracting many lecherous eyes along the way.

What more could I ask for? I now own a personal slave.

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