Girlfriend for Rent

Nelson: ‘We’ve done threesome before. It won’t be any different.’
Alicia: ‘Are you sure? Don’t find someone too old can?’
Nelson: ‘Yupp. The person I contacted is my age. So don’t worry.’

They waited in the hotel room till the bell rang, where a smartly dressed guy came to see the two of them.

Man: ‘Hi, I’m Greco. You must be Nelson, and she’s Alicia?’
Nelson: ‘Yupp. Nice to meet you.’
Greco: ‘Here is the money.’

He handed three hundred dollars to him and made his way to the bed, where Alicia was lying down in a white nightie with black lace around the hems. Greco removed his clothes hastily and sat behind her, opening her legs to her boyfriend who was sitting in a corner.

Greco: ‘Your first time?’
Alicia: ‘First time with a stranger.’
Greco: ‘I’ll be gentle. Trust me.’

He began by rubbing her clit with his fingertips, going all out at just the pussy rub. Her body could not stop shaking from the strong fingers that was driving her wild, yet holding herself back without sounding too much of a slut. He was breathing in the sexy perfume she put on and was focused on getting her to climax. While it did not take long, Alicia was exhausted when she felt her muscles tightening, from her neck down to her pussy.

The strong jet of cum shot over the sheets was so intense that her body just threw itself back against Greco, who hugged her while his fingers kept going. Out of breath, she could not focus on what he said when he asked if she was alright. The purpose of his visit was straightforward, he wasn’t there to please her. It was the other way around.

Nudging her back to bend her over, he kneeled behind her and let her get into doggie. The tip of his dick went in first, following by a never-ending shaft that shocked the energy back into Alicia’s body. He was so thick and hard that she felt like it was a plastic dildo, but with some throbbing to keep it alive.

There wasn’t enough time for her to rest before his hips slammed against her butt, driving that long screwdriver into her pussy without mercy. Nelson couldn’t be more delighted to see how much his girlfriend was enjoying despite being ‘fucked-for-money’. It would certainly get her to do more of such jobs knowing how pleasurable it could be.

Greco: ‘You’re damn tight girl. The way I like it.’

He gave his penis a squeeze of muscle and it grew even thicker, stretching the thin walls of her vagina to fit inside. Every sensitive area was stretched, revealing the most vulnerable parts of her that was being stroked with each thrust. Saliva drooled out of her mouth as the dick rammed into her, flooding her body with lust and drawing her energy out at the same time.

Alicia: ‘I’m going to cummm.. Slow down.’
Greco: ‘Good.’

He rammed even harder when she said that, forcing the orgasm out of her, squirting all over the bed while he enjoyed the overwhelming contractions over his dick. They were doing it raw but he had made a promise not to cum inside her. After all, she was almost lifeless when she was done cumming, lying on the wet bed while jerking to his thrusts.

Greco: ‘Can you turn over for me?’

She tried her best to move her legs but it was him who finally got her on her back. He held her by the waist and helped her to sit in front of him.

Greco: ‘Just lean back on the pillows k? I’ll finish it as soon as I can.’

He began sliding his ass on the sheets, driving his light sabre into her as she threw her head back and moaned. It was definitely the craziest sex she had with this guy she barely knew. He was giving her the love that her boyfriend could not reach inside her pussy. Everything was in a blur when he went at his fastest speed, juicing her pussy non-stop as she tightened.

Greco then pulled out abruptly as she came and stood over her legs, holding her face towards his dick. Ramming deep down her throat, her body kept shaking while he groaned in a deep voice. The powerful squirts erupted from both their bodies at the same time and she swallowed without thinking to clear her throat so she could breath.

Some of her juice actually landed on her boyfriend who was watching in the distance, and he got worried when Greco finally stepped away from her face. Cum had covered her forehead and lips in huge amount, leaking out of her mouth as she continued convulsing from the orgasm.

Nelson went over to her to keep her wam under the blanket and Greco went to dress himself up after a quick rinse. Before he left, the guys shook hands and Alicia was looking better after the life-sucking orgasm blew her away.

Nelson: ‘You alright?’
Alicia: ‘Yeah. Can we find another customer today? I am still horny.’

No matter what he did to his girlfriend, she was enjoying it and they were making money while keeping her pleased, or changing into a sex-hungry girl. As the doorbell rang for the second time in a few hours, she was already masturbating to the Caucasian who was smiling as he made eye contact.

Man: ‘Here. Five hundred.’

Yes, there was a price jump, and his girlfriend would be getting a shopping spree with the money after she was done with him – if she could still walk after her pussy was tortured by two dicks, plus Nelson’s in a day. Could she have asked Nelson for money if he wanted sex again?

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