Written in Sadness

Alvin: ‘So, you broke up with him? Was he sad?’

Hyeonji nodded sadly while he placed his arms around her shoulders, calming the girl who was about to break out in tears. She dare not tell her ex-boyfriend that it was actually someone else whom had convinced her to leave him and the regret came immediately when he gave in to the breakup with a lot of patience and understanding. Thinking that it was the pressure from school and work that caused them to separate, he loved her too much to see her in such a struggle with herself.

Alvin had been waiting for this moment to act on his impulses, bearing no guilt as she was single. Rubbing his hand on her shorts-clad thighs, she did not resist the advances he made to her groin. Pressing hard on her pussy, he was moving his whole palm to get the Korean girl horny, trying to get her mind off her ex and his dick into her.

Alvin: ‘Don’t cry anymore k? We will take things slow.’

The button on her shorts had been undone and in the privacy of the hotel room, she let him have his way to remove her shorts after he placed her on the bed. He moved to the carpet where his fingers stripped her soft cotton panties off, and tongue proceeded to the delicate flesh to help her relax further.

Slowly, her body went into a split personality, one enjoying the tongue that was licking her wildly, and the other hanging on the thoughts of her ex going down on her. Tears were still rolling into her ears but there was no more strength in her to defend what was left of her sadness. Like a girl whom had given up on all hopes, she allowed him to widen her legs and shifted her higher on the bed. Even the lack of condom did not bother her since she was so disappointed about what she had done – to break the heart of a guy who loved her so much because of what this monster said to her.

The slight ache in her pussy was nothing compared to the pain in her heart, and Alvin promptly shoved his dick into her while exclaiming her tightness in the dirtiest words she heard. Lifeless, her body jerked up and down the bed as he rammed his dick into her, taking full advantage of this heartbrokened girl.

Alvin: ‘Can you suck me later?’
Hyeonji: ‘No. Don’t even think about it.’

He had pulled out of her after five minutes of violent sex, and turned her limp body over on her knees. He grabbed her arms and held them behind her back as he rammed in doggie, bombarding her senses with little pleasure. Her pussy was reacting normally, climaxing and squeezing to his thrusts, but nothing in her wanted to feel any of those guilty pleasure he was pumping into her.

Minutes passed to the energetic guy pounding himself breathless, while Hyeonji was deep in thoughts about her own actions. The dick pounding inside her had little effect on her as she was figuring out whether to get back to him. Alvin had gotten what he wanted, and he probably wouldn’t have the affection to care for her either.

Alvin: ‘I’m coming Hyeon.’

He pulled out after a deep thrust and sprinkled his sperms on her back, letting her arms go to give his dick a few strokes to empty it. After sex, he just sat on the bed waiting for her to do what she needed to do. Hyeonji cleaned her back with the bath towel and rinsed herself thoroughly alone, knowing what she should do next.

While she wore her panties and shorts back, Alvin was on his phone, showing no pity for what he just did to the vulnerable girl.

Alvin: ‘Still thinking about him? What’s so good about him? Can he give you orgasms like me? I know you came.’
Hyeonji: ‘You made me break up with him so you can fuck me. Right? I pity you. Because he can make me happier without having sex.’

She slammed the door behind her after getting her bag, and took a cab down to where her ex-boyfriend lived. Not only he accepted her without much questions, he began loving her at another level deeper, showing that he was as lost and sad when she broke up with him. The hour of sex she gave him was his assurance that she would never leave him again, no matter how bad their circumstances was.

True love yes. But she paid a small price that Alvin spent at her expense.

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