Clueless Assumptions

With her mouth taped and wrists bounded, her mind was living her worst nightmare when the man she was leaning on pulled her knees her her chest, exposing her most vulnerable spot to the other guy, whom had been stroking that eight-inch horror the whole time. He took knees at her butt and pushed the tip in, groaning in smiles as he pierced his way into her barely moistened vagina that couldn’t be more resistant to the rape going on.

His monstrosity tore right through her opening and nullified her struggles immediately, silencing her futile cries for help behind the black duct tape. While his friend kept her in the ‘sex doll’ (leaning backwards, arms behind back, legs spread like chicken wings) position, he just kept pumping the full length of his penis into her. He was picking up speed sooner than her body was producing lubricant, burning her nether region with the sheer friction from the rapid thrusts he groaned so excitedly to.

Unsure of how a simple plan to stalk someone could took a turn for the worse, she was in the easiest outfit for them to get into her panties. Her tears only flowed faster when her inner thighs were bruised, skin chaffed from the continuous, quick hip-slams her assailant gave.

‘Bro! I’m cumming.. ‘

A hand went across her nose and pinched those nostrils shut on an outgoing breath, taking her for her first ero-asphyisation as the penis inside her spilled its load with outmost eagerness. Of course, she was allowed to breath sooner than before he was done, and that weirdly gotten her extremely wet all of a sudden. Luckily, the men were too distracted to take any note of her change in mood.

‘My turn my turn.’

‘What position you want?’


The first guy then made way for his friend, who got that poor thing on her knees, and pinned her chest onto the smooth concrete floor. As tightly as she shut her legs together, it did not hinder his entry at all – into her ass where he spat into. The pain shot through her spine as inches disappeared into her asshole, mixing the little pleasure earlier with the most excruciating sensation ever, in that supposedly one-way exit. More saliva coated his dick as he rammed deeper with each stroke, until he was grunting for his life.

Within three minutes of violent ass-rape, his tempo turned unpredictable. Taking long pauses in between fast, swift thrusts, she was in as much agony as he was, surprisingly, in.


‘Damn lousy sia you!’

Her duct tape caught even more desperate pleas as she felt her ass heating up, to the hot semen that filled that other hole full. A bright LED light suddenly shone in her face, bringing her fears to the undeniable possibility that his friend, the first guy, had been capturing all their sick acts on film.

Her break finally came when the longest piece of cock pulled out of her ass, easing the wide stretch around his girth. The men took more clothes off her to wipe themselves, and then cut her restrains loose before sprinting down the block.

The girl, mentally and physically messed up beyond salvation, wore just her panties and bra they left her with, for the five minutes dash home. Never would she do such a thing for her friend again, especially when the other party seemed extremely vulnerable, like he was waiting for them to slip up.

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