35 Storeys Up

It was only 12.30am when the couple noticed the road cleared of vehicles. The cold wind was blowing behind them as they spoke about their next meet up the next day, discussing food to eat and arcades to go to. William was in his usual outfit of a stylish t-shirt and a pair of berms while Felicia had a pink tank top and a culotte bottom, bags slung across their shoulders.

William: ‘Have you seen the new blocks there?’

He pointed at the barricaded aluminium walls in front of the construction site, looking at her shake her head. As they passed the area under construction, he turned into the newly built block and walked into the carpark.

Felicia (whispering): ‘Are we allowed in here?’
William: ‘We’re just going to have a look. Won’t take long.’

The lifts had wooden boards to protect from the renovations but they worked fine by sending them up to the highest floor, level 35. In front of them, was the sleeping heartland where street lamps lit the roads and a few of the units opposite them was still awake.

William: ‘It’s nice up here right?’
Felicia: ‘Yeah. It’s beautiful.’

As she admired the skyline, he went behind her for a hug and she held his hands at her belly, keeping warm with his body heat. A minute passed and she felt something poking at her thighs, almost going between her butt cracks. The quiet, peaceful place had sent William’s mind awry to create the hard on in his pants.

Felicia (whispering): ‘Wanna have a quickie here?’
William: ‘Exactly my thoughts.’

His zip went down and dick out in no time, rising under her loose shorts and touching her panties. Felicia was getting wetter every second he took and her hand went behind her back to pull those panties to the side.

William: ‘It won’t be comfortable like this. There’s no one around.’

With that, he lowered her shorts and quickly removed her panties, before wearing her bottoms back. Now, there was no more obstructions between them and she spread her legs for him to enter. Adjusting the opening of her shorts higher, he slipped his cock easily into her and she was standing upright to hold him close behind her.

Thrusting in a discreet motion, there was no sounds from their genitals as her pussy took him in strokes after strokes. The only thing keeping them from the edge was those silver metal railings, with bars at their leg area. It wouldn’t be easy to notice what they were doing too.

With the gentle breeze blowing against their skin, he shifted his hands to her waist and took a step back to ram deeper. Felicia could only moans softly so as not to arouse any suspicion if there were anybody nearby.

Standing still and letting the guy did the work was one of the best enjoyment in life, simply letting the pleasure take her stress away while being satisfied. Once he had enough, he flipped her to face him and hastily picked her up from the floor.

Felicia (whispering): ‘What are you doing?!’
William (whispering): ‘Just bringing things to the next level. Trust me. And don’t let go.’

Her ass touched the cold railing and her arms immediately went around his neck for support. Adrenaline was pumping through her body wildly as she was just an arm’s length away from falling thirty storeys down. Was that on his mind all along? Cause it was scaring her badly.

He tiptoed to reach his dick to her pussy and hugged her closely as it went in again, thrusting while holding her waist tightly. She was getting tighter in no time as fear took its toll on her instincts. Every part of her was holding onto him dearly for life.

As their privates touched, he was going faster and making slurping noises from her wet pussy. Feeling her arms softened, he wrapped his arms around her back as she came, dropping her hands from his neck. All he needed to do was to let go and she would be out of sight, but he knew better than to drop her.

Once she recovered from the daze, she returned to hugging him and patted on his back to let her down. No matter how fearless one was, that was her limit. Going weak at her knees, she squatted against the railings she had lost faith in but was too worn out to care.

His dick went into her mouth and she sucked the hell out of it, giving her the chance to make him go soft in his knees.

William: ‘I am going to cum now.’

She left his dick dangling in midair as she waded to the side, taking her position behind him before jerking him off. With the juiciness of his dick helping the handjob, it did not take long for him to cum.

As his dick pulsated violently, she aimed him between two metal bars and released his load down the block. Shaking and twitching, his body kept cumming as she pumped till he was shooting blanks. What done was done and they had their fun at the rare occasion of finding an empty block.

William: ‘Come, get dressed quickly.’
Felicia: ‘Why? Scared suddenly ah?’

She stuffed her panties into her bag and became the leader to bring him down the block. Walking hand in hand after the awesome outdoor sex, they split under her block and he took a cab home.

Like all couples, they had their share of love and were totally into each other. Let’s wish them all the best.

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