Initimate Connection

Lester: ‘Good morning Amanda.’
Amanda: ‘Morning!’

The awakened girl sat on his abs in his white singlet while her hands were above his head, giving him the delicious lips on her wake up face. She had took a belt and prepared it on the metal bed frame in the middle of the night, for a little surprise just for him. As the leather tightened around his wrists, he struggled but it was too late when the lock fell into the hole.

Lester: ‘So early?!’
Amanda: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She slid her body down as her hand lowered his underwear, rubbing her braless boobs across his dick. Lying on his thighs, she had her fingers around his rod, stroking slowly as she admired the veins-covered dick that was hard since the moment she woke up.

Rubbing her thumb on his pee hole, he was fidgeting as it got sensitive and groans were coming from his mouth. ‘Yes, yes’, kept repeating as she moved really slow, pushing him to the limits.

Lester (whispering): ‘Can you suck me?’
Amanda: ‘Nope.’
Lester: ‘Wahh. Torturing me.. ‘

Her tongue appeared between her lips and she licked a few times up his dick, but it was far from what he wanted. He could feel the bulge thickening but she wasn’t really helping at all. It was her playtime to have fun with this dick that was inside her most of the time.

As his legs wrapped around her body, he was demanding her to either ride him, or free him. She knew what was going to happen if he was freed, she was never going to make it out of the room alive. Just as she got up on her knees, he shifted his legs together and let her climb over his body, feeling the soft pussy lips stroke downwards his shaft.

Not wanting to just give him what he wanted, she rode him with her roselips and tore his masculine instincts apart, depriving him the one desire he needed. Trying to angle his body so he could slip right in, she would kneel upright whenever it entered.

Amanda: ‘Your way or my way?’
Lester: ‘Will you let me shoot?’
Amanda: ‘I will.’

Hearing that, part of him let her take control and she turned herself around, spreading her legs over his head while her mouth finally touched his dick. Her head descended down the rod and he did not attempt to thrust. Those soft lips just lubricated themselves with saliva, without rushing to satisfy his horniness. Once she had reached the maximum depth her throat could go without gagging, it was a steady rhythm to work on the area below the hood, occasionally sucking hard on the tip to get him all worked up and sensitive.

The relieve from each stroke was soothing his urges and everything was smooth. Her hips were high enough to prevent him from licking her, and it was the playfulness in her that was driving her actions, not lust.

Amanda: ‘I will finish you off with a handjob.’
Lester: ‘Huh?! Can’t we make love?’
Amanda: ‘Nope. I don’t want it.’
Lester: ‘Please?’
Amanda: ‘Handjob or nothing.’
Lester: ‘Okay okay. Handjob.’

She sat between his opened legs and let the saliva in her mouth cover her palms. Using both hands in a praying-clapse, she jerked him off at a painfully slow speed that was building his orgasm up to an unbelievable level.

His legs couldn’t stop shivering as she glided her hands to the tip before hammering downwards, forcing all the nerves in his dick to be extra sensitive. Suddenly, she just stopped and stood up, squatting over his dick with a chance of getting some sex going.

Amanda: ‘I’m not going to put it in. Just going to do this.’

She moved his dick along her slit but did not even go low enough for him to just ram it into her. Just as he was getting desperate, the handjob resumed in this position and he was tensed up from her teasing.

Just as she slowed down, he had closed his eyes with all hopes lost of getting some pussy. His dick was brushing against her clit again and he was getting sleepy. Right as he was about to ask her to stop, the warm, soft flesh of her vagina suddenly slammed right down over his dick, shocking him wide awake.

Rocking her hips back and forth, his penis was rubbing against her g-spot and was throwing his body into a small struggle. There was no chance for him to say anything as she continued tormenting him, till her pussy tightened and she paused for a moment.

As the orgasm poured a limitless amount of pleasure into her head, her knees gave way and she fell over his dick again. She leaned back on one hand and used the other to violently attack her clit, while still rocking up and down his overwhelmed dick.

Lester: ‘I’m going to cum! You’re too tight!’

His dick flicked out of her pussy as the first shot came and it sprayed all over her stomach, flowing straight down for her love hole. Her continuous masturbation smeared his cum over her pussy and her body only stopped shaking after a minute.

Climbing back onto him, his dick laid tired on his groin, weak and soft while she got her kiss.

Amanda (whispering): ‘Like it?’
Lester (panting): ‘You really drive me crazy.’

She freed his hands as she sat over his head, letting him lick the cum-juice mix off her pussy. Once she was done, she took his position on the bed and let him lie on top of her, making out while he secretly wrapped the belt around her hands.

Lester: ‘It’s my turn now.’
Amanda: ‘Huh?!’

She looked up at the secured belt and put up a fight to get him off. He did dismount her body and went straight to lifting her legs up into the air, wide opened for him to have his go. He used his hips to guide his dick right into the depths of her pussy and went onto the pound her as soon as he was in.

The struggle quickly went weak as she began moaning, trying to be as innocent as possible while the ‘rape’ happened. Her pussy was slapped by his balls that was connected to his thrusting dick, plunging the endless waves of orgasms.

Despite the need to let her recover each time, he did not pull out and kept going till he was totally breathless. Thinking that he was about to end, she gave in and let him finish the last lap.

After he pulled his dick out of her, it seemed like he was too tired to unload for the second time. As said, it only seemed like. He bent her knees to one side and helped her up on her knees, shifting their bodies nearer to the headboard so she wouldn’t get hurt by the belt.

Ramming in doggie, her body jerked uncontrollably as he took his revenge, paying back with double the intensity.

Amanda: ‘I really can’t take it anymore.’
Lester: ‘Hang in there. I’m cumming!’

He made the last few thrusts deep and hard into her pussy while the second load was emptied into her, hand going around her waist and reaching for her pussy to fondle her clit. His dick was still inside her as she climaxed shortly after, squeezing him dry in a milking motion from her contracting pussy. By then, everything was used up and he untied her from behind.

They collapsed onto the bed, tired and too breathless to say anything. The looks on their faces had already told each other more than what they would say. Still a work day for him, he got out of the bed and carried her into the shower, where they spent a long time washing each other up and got dressed for work.

Amanda: ‘Can we make love properly tonight?’

His dick twitched at her offer and an eager nod gave her the answers. As usual, she went pantyless under those tight fitting skirt and his dick had shrunk enough to be kept safely in his underwear.

While she took some time off in the toilet to masturbate herself to the scenes this morning, photos were sent to his phone to keep him energised and looking forward to the end of the day.

Now, I think they will have an awesome session without those bondage and forceful sex, just.. the most intimate connection between two people.

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