Guilty Rewards

With just a couple left in the bar, I had tidied everything up and was ready to close. They were seated in front of me and chatting over a couple of beers, which I was still serving as they gulped in big mouthfuls.

Man: ‘Are you closing soon?’
Me: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not working tomorrow.’
Lady: ‘What’s your name? Want to drink with us?’
Me: ‘I’m J. Nah. I can’t drink. I’m still at work.’
Man: ‘Come. Sit and drink. Pour a pint for yourself.’

Not wanting to turn down his friendly request, I brought a pint to their table and sat next to his wife, where she pulled the chair out for me. Most of the conversations were between them, but the frequent questions came to keep me entertained as well. As she got drunk, her hand was on my lap and moving on its own.

Man: ‘Don’t worry. She’s my wife. Anyway, I’m also quite high now.’
Lady (whispering): ‘Come to our place to drink next time. I can make cocktails for you.’
Me: ‘Sure. When I have my off.’
Man: ‘Then you give her your number.’

I swallowed hard and tapped my number into her phone, where she saved my name as ‘帅哥’. My working hours had been stretched for more overtime pay and their company didn’t make it too tiring for me too. Only when the clock showed three, did he take out a hundred dollars and placed it on the table.

Man: ‘How are you going home?’
Me: ‘I’m going to take a cab. I don’t drive.’
Man: ‘Don’t drive? How can it be? You’re a man!’

I smiled at him helplessly as there was just no time for me to take a license. They made their way out after finishing their drinks and I was left to clear the table and tally their bill. Once I had locked the doors, his wife came up to me and wrapped her arms around mine.

Man: ‘I’ll send you home. Wait for me here. I’ll drive my car over.’

In his stern tone, I knew he was still friendly but needed some help to take care of his wobbling wife. After a minute, his 7-seater sedan appeared and I went into the backseat with his wife who was mumbling inaudibly.

Man: ‘Postal code?’

There, I gave him my address and sat quietly in the back. His wife suddenly leaned onto me and turned my cheeks in her direction, whispering ‘Joanne’ into my ears. Right after that, she pushed me down forcefully onto my back and my head landed hard on the door.

Man: ‘Eh. Don’t be too rough.’
Me: ‘Okay.’
Man: ‘Not you lah. I’m talking to her. She’s crazy when she’s drunk. And you, don’t try to reject her. Let her do what she wants.’

Did he already know what she was up to? My jeans was tugged at and I raised my butt to let her bare my bottoms. The whole day of work had made me stink a little but she was obviously ignoring it. Hands came forth to stroke it and the beer I had earlier was making me a little high too.

Like a cougar, she jerked me till I was hard and crawled between my legs. Her mouth opened immediately once my dick was below her chin and took it whole without a flinch. Just as I was worried about offending her husband, a condom flew into my chest and the full picture was right in my face.

Joanne stripped her shorts off after getting my dick wet and clumsily climbed over me. In that short period, I managed to roll the condom on as she was moving in slow-mo.

Holding my dick between her legs, she dropped her pussy over it and shocked me with that tightness similar to a virgin. In the rear-view mirror, I could see him checking out our progress.

Man: ‘Tight?’
Me: ‘Very.’

Riding tiredly, we were fucking to our heart’s content at the back. Moans and groans came from both of us as she rode harder, slamming down in my lap till she came. I was totally helpless at that point, except using my hands to knead those soft C cups.

Man: ‘We’re here. But I want you to finish first. Dear ah. Doggie.’

I got up quickly and shifted to her back, where her body was too tired to move anymore. Heads just below the hood, I plunged my dick deep into her and she jolted her head up with a thud.

After she leaned her chest down on the seat, I held her waist and pumped fiercely, driving my cock in and out with slurping sounds. Her husband had his car camera turned towards us and was recording our sex as he lit a cigarette (windows wind down).

Joanne: ‘Faster! I’m gonna cum.’

I went all out at her as demanded and did not stop till she suddenly reached her arms back at me.

Joanne: ‘Dear, can I suck him off? I can’t take it anymore. Very sore below.’
Man: ‘Up to you.’

She asked me not to move and turned herself around, still in doggie but her mouth facing me. Devouring my cock into her sweet lips, she brought my hands to her head and pulled my waist at her face.

Oh? Mouth fuck? I got her cue right away and pumped my dick down her throat, feeling the pressure at the tip where her throat starts. Slamming away, she reached her hand between her legs and masturbated as I fucked.

Me: ‘Shooting.. ‘

After that, she stopped me from moving and patted on the seat, where I sat down and let her take over. Shoving her face at my balls, I was at her deepest ends and she was fingering herself faster.

Finally, the huge load of cum fired from my sweaty, wet dick and she caught it in her mouth, away from her throat. Sucking me dutifully, I could sense every drop being extracted and it took us almost a minute to recompose ourselves.

Man: ‘Shiok bo?’
Me: ‘Thanks bro.’
Man: ‘Don’t mention. It’s the first time my wife says her pussy is sore.’

I cleaned myself up with the box of tissue at the rear window and she climbed to the passenger seat next to him.

Joanne: ‘Next time I’ll just call you before we meet. Can hor hubby?’
Man: ‘Ya lah. Let him go home. Late liao.’
Joanne: ‘Not working tomorrow right? You can take care of me while my husband is at work.’

I replied a sure before hopping out of their car, given a thumbs up as he drove out of the parking space. A photo came into my phone from Joanne after I reached home, with her fingers in her pussy on top of the familiar leather car seats.

Perks and rewards come in many forms huh?

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