Lucky Strike

Halfway into a game of Plants Vs Zombies, a cute young girl walked up the stairs of a speeding bus and the gorgeous sight of her long curly hair and tight spaghetti top attracted me for a second. Bearing no thoughts of hooking girls in such a situation, I returned to my game and saw her sitting in front of me, body slanted to rest her legs on the seat.

From time to time, I would catch her stealing glances at me but I only smiled when she looked long enough.

Girl: Whispering..

I took out my earpiece and asked her what was her question, and a jovial tone brightened my day.

Me: ‘Games. Where are you going?’
Girl: ‘Nowhere. Just wanted to be alone today.’
Me: ‘Ah. I see. I do that sometimes too.’
Girl: ‘Really! Haha. What’s your name?’
Me: ‘I’m J. You?’
Girl: ‘Ling. Can sit with you?’

She picked up her bag and I cleared the empty seat beside me, but it wasn’t next to me that she wanted to sit. Walking towards the back of the bus, I followed her and packed my iPad to focus my attention to her. It wasn’t everyday someone would make a friend and there was no reason to disappoint her either.

Ling: ‘Got a girlfriend?’
Me: ‘Nope. Single for now.’
Ling: ‘Me too. Sometimes it feels lonely right?’

I nodded with a smile and she opened her legs to put her bag between them. The skirt she was wearing wasn’t too short and it exposed just enough of her legs to show off those fair skin. It wasn’t too nice to stare and I did not do anything, till she leaned closer to me into the window.

Ling: ‘Umm.. do you want to have some fun here?’
Me: ‘Huh? Fun?’
Ling: ‘Yeah.’

She shifted her butt forward and let her skirt get tugged higher, till some of her translucent panties was showing. We were near to the rear of the bus where no one would disturb us, but it was the randomness of such ‘lucky’ events that bothered me. Was she for real? Or just some kind of a joke?

I did not really have a plan that day, just to visit a shop down west to check out some camera stuff, so there was no hurry to get things done.

Seeing how confused I was, Ling took my hand and placed it on her thighs, before reaching for my shorts and lifting my shirt up to reveal the waistband.

Ling: ‘Don’t be shy k? I’m kind of horny now.. ‘

My hands continued stroking along her thighs, occasionally brushing across her panties. Her hand had disappeared into my shorts then and was pumping that limp rod, growing in her cold palm.

Ling: ‘Want me to take it off?’
Me: ‘Can?’

She stood up slightly and let me pull those g-strings off, before keeping it into her bag for me. Now, my fingers were rubbing her clit and the mutual masturbating act carried on at a faster pace.

From her handjob, I knew it would not be easy to make me cum. But for Ling, the moans and body twitches was enough to tell me she was feeling it. Slowly, my finger poked into her pussy and the juices lubricated the constant thrusting.

Ling (whispering): ‘Have you ever had sex on a bus?’
Me: ‘Of course not. It’s so dangerous.’
Ling (whispering): ‘Got a condom?’
Me: ‘Are you serious?’
Ling: ‘Yeah. Take it out.’

As though all guys carry a condom all the time, she was right this time. The condom I carried for my ex, Baby, was unused and it came handy at this time. She took it from my hand and did the honour of capping me on, before moving herself between my legs.

Ling (whispering): ‘Hold it up.’

I awkwardly dived below her butt to point my dick upwards and she lowered herself slowly, warming my rod with her wet pussy. As my dick entered, she gasped deeply to the pleasure filling her up.

Ling (whispering): ‘Don’t move k? Let me do the work.’

With that, her skilful ass bounced on my lap, up and down without going too slow. All I could do was to hold her waist and help her move easier. Now fixed in that position, we fucked as discreetly as possible, making small movements in that tiny space.

Her feet was closed together as she grinded me, squeezing me in an overwhelming tightness I had never felt before.

Me: ‘Ling, stand up. I’ll move a little too.’

We stood up in the tight leg space and I rammed her hard and fast in standing doggie, where her body shivered to an uncontrollable state.

Ling: ‘I’m cumming J! Keep going.’

The bus was reaching a stop with passengers flagging, and I increased my speed to make sure she come before me. Just as the bus stopped, her pussy suddenly went super tight and forced me out, pushing me back on the seat while she stumbled onto her side of the chair.

Ling: ‘Sorry. Sorry. It feels too good.’

The two passengers came up to the second deck and sat in front. My dick, still throbbing in the condom, was coated with her juices and she was just massaging her clit to ease the heat from the high speed sex earlier.

Ling: ‘I’ll help you now.’

I moved myself as close to the window I could get and watched her removed the condom. Like a gymnast, she bent all the way down and took my dick into her mouth, sucking forcefully while her head bobbed in my groin.

It was a sudden relaxation I felt going up my spine as her mouth was as warm and wet as her pussy, suction controlling the tightness and deep throat to use her tongue to recreate the deep pounding.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t hold it in with that non-stop face fuck and tapped on her shoulders to let her know I was cumming. Ling did not stop even for a second and kept going, till I had to cup my mouth to hide the moan of pleasure.

The powerful jets of my cum could be felt shooting into her mouth and she was still sucking. In that five plus waves of ejaculation, none of my sperm leaked out and she ended the blowjob with a graceful suck on the way up.

Smiling at me, her throat moved and I knew my load just went into her stomach.

Ling: ‘Is it good?’
Me: ‘The best I’ve felt.’

We returned to our positions and adjusted our clothes back, before she handed me her phone.

Ling: ‘Your number?’

I typed my contact number in and she gave me a miss call immediately.

Ling: ‘Oh, where are you alighting?’
Me: ‘I think I’ll just spend today with you. Can?’
Ling: ‘Really? Yupp!’

She hit the bell immediately and I alighted in yet another confused state.

Ling: ‘Let’s go to my place. There’s no one home now.’

Wow, do such things really happen so easily? We spent the next few hours on her bed, fucking each others’ minds out without protection, since I had used the only one on the bus. Cumming inside her was the best sensation I had felt, and it was the first time I did it too.

When we left, I still did not know her real age, but the sex we had, I could only say that she is experienced.

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