Perfect Countdown

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Hey J, will you be working tonight? On New Year Eve?’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. Why?’
Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Nothing. See you later!’

Thinking that Asumi might be coming with her friends to get a drink, I didn’t think much of her questions until it was almost 12am. As the bar closes at that time, I was wondering if she was still turning up. Without any more strength for the night, I tided up the place and turned off all the lights, till the familiar shapely girl turned up at the glass door.

Asumi: ‘Still open?’
Me: ‘Haha! Not planning to let me go home huh?’
Asumi: ‘So.. you want to count down with me? Or go home?’
Me: ‘Of course with you if I can!’

She dropped her bag on the sofa and went behind the counter, where the receipt from the day’s sales finished printing. The lights were all turned off, leaving us blind except for the lights from the draft beer taps.

Right as I turned myself back at her, a pair of panties was hanging at her ankles, above those red heels she wore. Under the dim lights, her slim waist and ample side boobs were most prominent and I wasted no time in stopping what I was doing and hugged her from behind.

Me: ‘You’re not spending tonight with your friends?’
Asumi: ‘I already had too much to drink earlier. Tonight, I want to countdown with an orgasm.’

Her hands behind her worked on my jeans to free my dick and it was out after a full minute. With ten minutes to 12, there was enough time as long as I put my mind to her.

Me: ‘Let’s go over to the back. It’s too cramped here.’

She followed behind till we reached the circular sofas in the back, where she immediately got into doggie.

Asumi: ‘Let’s skip the foreplay k? I’m already wet when I am on my way down.’

Knowing my dick was still dry, she pushed my rod under her clit to let her pussy lube it up. As I moved my hips to get her juices all over, she got wetter with the small tease I was giving. As soon as I was ready, I simply moved back further and let my dick plug into her pussy, where her tightness stopped me before I could fully penetrate.

Asumi: ‘Oops! Hehe. Slowly?’

Not wanting to hurt the nice girl who decided to spend the new year with me, I entered slowly and it didn’t take too long before we were moaning in ecstasy. The perfect seal of her vagina over my long shaft, it was stimulating every area where it felt good. The occasional backward thrusts from her was soothing too, as she tried to get me to go deeper.

The slapping sounds of our bodies did not bother us as there was no CCTV, it was just pure lust and pleasure while we fucked away. As the continuous pounding took my sensitiveness away, I raised one of her knees to the backrest of the couch and let her balance on her other leg. Of course I was there to support her if she lost her balance.

With the slight relaxation of the pressure on my dick, I went faster and her fists clenched to my forceful strokes.

Asumi: ‘You feel so good inside me J!’

Suddenly, I realised we were just minutes away from the New Year, and I had to do it ‘hands-free’ to get to my phone for the radio app. It was after all, our cue to climax at the right moment.

Me: ‘It’s about two minutes away. Are you cumming?’
Asumi: ‘Yeah.. I can feel it. You?’
Me: ‘Need more time.. sorry.’
Asumi: ‘Just go all the way. Clocks are sometimes inaccurate right?’

I placed both her legs back on the couch and packed her knees together. The new tightness was driving me insane as I picked up my speed, going all the way out at the petite, well-endowed girl who was clenching and relaxing her fists to control her orgasm.

10.. 9.. 8..

That was it. I held nothing back as I grabbed her waist, hips pounding on her firm ass that was providing the cushion for a deep recoil action.

5.. 4.. 3..

Asumi (shouting): ‘I’m cumming!’

She squeezed her pussy so tight I couldn’t stand it anymore and as the radio broadcasted 2.. 1.., my gun just went off, firing non-stop into Asumi as she flipped her head backwards, groaning in a single breath as her body started shaking.

Some of the cum got pushed out of her pussy, dripping on the black felt material but it was not too much of an issue to clean it up. My dick got forced out as it shrunk and she did not move from the doggie till the cheers went off in the vicinity.

She rolled onto her back and tapped on my thighs, moving my dick to her head resting on a cushion. Her lips went over it without hesitation and sucked hungrily on it, till I had to beg her to let me rest.

Drained and exhausted, I tapped a pint of Carlsberg and finished it with her.

Asumi (panting): ‘The best New Year countdown I’ve ever had.’

She remained lying on the couch while I massaged her clit, sending her moaning sensually while she got busy on her phone.

Asumi: ‘Hey J! this country is half an hour behind us. Can we countdown again? We have more time.’

I smiled at her and she knew it was a yes. Half jerking and sucking me off, my dick regained its size and was back inside her again. This time, she made me lie down while she mounted on my dick, grinding me as fast as I was banging her earlier.

Sadly, we missed the second countdown as we lasted longer than expected, but the next two countdowns we went for was on the dot. By the time we were done, it was almost three in the morning, and she suggested sleeping over at my place since she had told her roommate she would be home for the night.

Well, I didn’t exactly tell her I sleep in the same room as my brother, so guess who joined in the fun midway?

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