Doctor and his Nurse

Emily: ‘Doc, finishing up?’
Doctor: ‘Yupp. Am going to be done in a while.’

She drew the curtains around the bed and laid comfortably still, while waiting for her good Doctor friend to finish tidying up his table. Behind the curtains, thoughts of the suave looking, diligent guy working in the same room was her focus of the night, trying her best to imagine him making moves on her.

As the room went quiet, he appeared next to her with his stethoscope, teasing to see if she needed a diagnosis.

Doctor: ‘How are you feeling today?’
Emily: ‘Warm?’
Doctor: ‘Oh? Come, let me hear your heartbeat.’

She joined in his spontaneous joke and unbuttoned the top of her blue blouse, exposing the purple lace bra cups and let him place the cold end on her chest.

Doctor: ‘Hmm.. Fast heartbeat.’

Part of him suspected that she was turned on, given how private the clinic was with just the two of them left. But it did not take more guesses for him to realise she was serious. Her hand nearest to his side was already rubbing over his groin, trying to feel his dick rising.

Emily: ‘Doctor, can I give you a check up down there as well?’
Doctor: ‘Are you sure Emily? This could get out of hands.’
Emily: ‘Hands? I’ll use my mouth to check then.’

She climbed out of the bed and let him sit near the edge, while she grabbed his office chair and sat on it. Doctor did not make any moves as she fumbled with his belt and pants, wriggling his growing rod out into the cold clinic.

Emily: ‘It looks fit, and healthy.’
Doctor: ‘But does it taste as good as it looks?’
Emily: ‘Wait.. I’ll check that for you.’

Her tongue appeared out of her pink lips and ran along the underside, from the base to the tip, where her mouth simply went over it and slid down easily.

A gasp from Doctor showed her how great it felt and she continued to suck on that dick, going deeper each time to make him weaker. After a few minutes of the one-sided foreplay, he decided to swap positions but he wasn’t sitting down anymore. Standing at where her feet was, he conveniently slid her panties off her legs from under her black skirt and raised both her knees and skirt out of the way.

Doctor: ‘I’ll do a check for you too.’

His head disappeared out of her sight and the soft warm tongue sent a shiver up her spine. He was putting all his effort on that clit that was hidden under the fleshy folds, flicking it wildly as her body fidgeted to his attacks.

Emily (whispering): ‘Doc.. use your tool to check. I need a penis-smear test.’

He helped her to lie nearer to his end of the bed and her legs went around him to hang onto something. Without anyone else in the clinic, they were left to themselves to make use of the rare occasion of early closure.

His dick inched slowly into her wet pussy, forcing out some air as she tried to relax herself. After some time, Emily could feel all of his meat inside her, throbbing as excitedly as her vagina that was squeezing to accommodate his size.

Doctor: ‘Ready? I am going to move now.’
Emily: ‘Yeah.. all the way.. ‘

His hips moved like a locomotive’s wheels, from slow, to a steady high speed that sent her moaning sexily. Her hands automatically went to her clit and rubbed on it to enhance the pleasure, while that handsome doctor did his work of satisfying her love hole.

As his hips slammed on her butt, he was going so deep her g-spot was in a fix, overwhelmed by the constant waves of tease that was building up her climax. The man in his white lab coat, groaning as he rammed deeper, was all she could remember. His dick was finally in her after nights of sexual fantasies with him, and she was not going to disappoint.

Emily: ‘Doc, let me turn over. I always finger myself in that position while thinking about you.’
Doctor: ‘A naughty nurse I have.’

He unfolded the lower third of the bed for her to bend over and gladly plunged his dick back in once she was stable on the ground. Banging a sexy nurse was every man’s dream, and Doctor could finally get a taste of his nurse who never failed to attract the eyes of the sickly patients he cured.

The jerking of the bed was shifting it out of place, but the two of them was so engrossed in their little after-work fun to care. The orgasm that was building up was finally at its limit and Emily couldn’t find the strength to let him know.

Emily: ‘Doc!’
Doctor: ‘Yes?’

A tight squeeze of his dick told him all he needed to know and the last thrust he gave her totally triggered his ejaculation mode. As he tried to pull out of her, she leaned her body forward and wrapped her legs around his waist, keeping him still while the first load poured into her pussy.

Emily: ‘You have morning after right?’
Doctor: ‘Guess we will have to use it now.’

He continued screwing his dick deep into her and emptied the rest of his cum while her pussy went on to milk every drop out. His tired body collapsed on her back as they panted heavily.

Emily (whispering): ‘Doc.. like it?’
Doctor: ‘Need to get you a morning-after.. ‘

They laughed for while before getting dressed, and for a change of plans, they ordered takeaways into the clinic. Well, for the dessert, a 69 finale requiring a lot of work to get each other to cum wore them out for the night before the clinic closed for a day of break.

Did they spend their off day together? Maybe they didn’t leave the clinic at all. ;)

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