Sweet School Students’ Love

Julian (whispering): ‘There’s no one home?’
Sweetie: ‘Yupp. Come in.’

They had gone to her place and let her enter the house to check if there was anyone before he let himself in. The couple dropped their bags at the doorstep and immediately went into each others’ embrace, making out wildly with their tongues swooping hungrily. He was unbuttoning and stripping her skirt off, while she unzipped his pants, digging his cock that she was looking forward to please.

Sweetie: ‘Stand here k?’

She sat down on the sofa, leaning her face on his thigh while her hand jerked away on that throbbing penis. Once she spotted the droplet of pre-cum forming, his eyes lit up while she opened her mouth, taking his rod slowly down her throat.

Being just sixteen, she was taught how to do it by him, where she would slide her lips down the shaft. Her soft tongue then rubbed under, where the sensitive nerves are. The continuous moans from Julian was enough to keep her going, sucking deeper with each stroke. Even his balls were not forgotten, rolling around in her palms while her mouth worked hard.

Julian: ‘Sweetie, I can’t take it anymore.’
Sweetie (panting): ‘Finally huh?’

The loyal girlfriend turned herself around on the couch, bending her body over the backrest for him. Those tight waist with the tiny hips, no one could imagine her to be this slutty. Julian couldn’t wait any longer in front of his lovely girlfriend and immediately brought his dick to her pussy, taking a moment to compose himself before pushing himself in.

The separation of those wet folds totally drove her crazy, forcing herself to relax while it tore her vagina apart. Inches by inches, his dick disappeared into her and a long breath of moan came to signal his full penetration.

Sweetie: ‘Oh my god.. I can feel your heartbeat inside me. It’s so strong.’
Julian: ‘Yeah. Just for you Sweetie.’

With that said, the violent thrusts started and he screwed deep into her. The overwhelming pleasure, bombardment of sex, heated her up so fast that her breaths couldn’t catch up with her. Likewise, Julian was at his fastest speed and his load was barely holding on in his balls.

Sweetie: ‘Fuck me harder!’

His reply of yes came out with a groan and her knees were packed together, forcing her pussy to feel the wrath of his pounding dick. Brushing every area in her body, her waist started trembling till it reached her arms, shaking as the orgasm flowed through, giving her a new life.

Julian: ‘I am about to shoot.’

As soon as he said that, he pulled out and went over to her face, behind the sofa. Her opened mouth needed no invitation and he was ramming between her lips again, admiring those pink thin pink lips swallowed his cock without holding back.

In and out, minutes past so quickly he wished he could be like a pornstar in those American clip. The speed went up quickly and before she could give him the questioning look, the jets of cum came spraying into her mouth, puffing her cheeks up as his hips buckled to the strong impulses.

Sweetie did not rush one bit and waited till he slid his cock out, shrinking as she gave it a peck to end their meet up. Returning to the sofa, he sat silently, letting Sweetie lie on his lap to suck on the pacifier between his legs.

Julia: ‘Like it?’
Sweetie: ‘Can you make it big again?’
Julia: ‘Let me rest for a while k?’

The diligent girl did not stop sucking till he was big again, before putting on their clothes and headed for a secluded staircase at another block. This time, without their bags, they went for another round of wild love making, in the discreet corner of an empty unit where she could cum all she wanted.

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