Handicap Toilet

Day: Monday
Date: 28 September 2009
Time: 9pm
Location: Roxy’s Square

We arranged a meeting again at the end of her tuition. When I got note that she was about to end tuition, I went to the handicap toilet at the top floor to wait for her.

She came to the door and knocked after confirming there was no one around. I quickly opened and pulled her in. As usual, we placed our bags and books down before frenching.

I seated her on the toilet bowl and took off my pants. She didn’t realise I removed the whole¬† belt before I pull my pants down. I then asked her to give me her hands and knowing she loves bondage, I’m going to try make her hate it.

I tied her hands (willingly) with my belt to the assist beam on her right. She turned her body around to sit properly to face me. I took our my dick and pushed her head towards it. She obediently took it deep into her mouth and even made slurping sounds to swallow her saliva.

I then lifted her head away and took a condom out of my bag. I removed the wrapper and placed it at the top of my dick. I then took her head and used her lips to roll it down my shaft.

I bent over in a push up position using the assist beam behind as support. I teased her pussy which was only a little wet and kept moving up and down till she’s really wet and ready to take it whole.

I thrust my dick in with one stroke and pumped her in missionary. We had to kiss to keep her moaning down. After 15 minutes, I couldn’t take her tight pussy anymore. So, I turned her around and pumped her from behind in doggy style. At about 15 minutes into the doggy style sex, she could not take the pleasure and asked me to stop.

Ignoring her, I continued pump for another 5 mins. After that, I took out the long yellow vibrator and I seated her back into the first position to continue toying with her. I went for close to 10 minutes with the vibrator till she was closing her legs to stop me. I used my right arm to spread her legs, with my palm on her right knee and elbow on her left. I didn’t rest till I was tired, and when I stopped, she was dripping wet and tired.

I stood up and took off the condom and pushed her head to it. She sucked it hard knowing she had no choice but to ignore the rubber taste. I unloaded and shot it down her throat. I got so engrossed that I forgot I was choking her.

She gagged and I quickly loosen her hands and apologised. She was tearing but was smiling and feeling pleased. I helped her wash up and waited for her to calm down before leaving. Now I know, she’s really into bondage and slavery. Hehe.

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