Day: Unknown
Date: 6 August 2009
Time: 8pm
Location: Playground around Peiling’s house

Peiling and I met up and spoke about our relationship that bought the both of us to tears. Soon enough, we calmed down and went to the playground to settle our needs. We had already went around scouting blocks and alleys but no avail.

We got seated at a children’s playground, at the section outside the tube-shaped slide. Having a cover on top and the tube and metal sheet at either sides, we’re quite covered. She was seating above and me sitting on the little steps lower.

I was massaging her already wet pussy through her panties and she was just hugging me around my waist, moving her hands in response of organsms. After she had enough, I asked her to help me and she agreed.

She moved lower and I moved to her seat. She then asked me to unzip my pants and take my dick out. I followed her instructions and she bent down to suck on me, alternating with her hands. Using her saliva to lub, I got more turned on and played with her nipples through the top of her shirt.

I was about to cum when she positioned her mouth over my dick as usual. After shooting, I asked her to swallow it down. She was reluctant but did so after splitting half with me.

For a first attempt, she vomitted the food eaten earlier along with the cum after swallowing. I felt real bad but she said she was okay.

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