Standing on Bus

Day: Unknown
Date: JuneĀ  2009
Time: 6pm
Location: Bus

The bus was relatively empty when we boarded. I was sending Peiling home after school.

Having no seats available and lazy to move up to the back, we went to stand at the standing zone. She was wearing a black denim skirt then. Soon, more people boarded the bus and it became really crowded that we’re forced into a corner.

As the bus had this levelled steps to the back of the bus, there is a metal sheet to cover us from the passengers in front of us. Peiling was facing the window then and I placed my arms around her waist to her tummy. Then slowly moving down, my right hand went below her skirt and into her panties. She did not struggle but held on my other arm around her.

She was moaning softly and giving me short pecks on my cheeks. She got really wet and I didn’t want to stop. But soon, she realised the danger of being seen and quickly pulled my hand out.

She was quite mad with me and as usual, I had to be the one giving in.

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