Bus Ride

Day: Unknown
Date: March 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Bus 88

I met Peiling for dinner and realised it was only around 5pm. Not wanting to go home so early, we went to the bus stop outside Junction 8 to see where can we go. Looking at her dressed in a short denim skirt and tee kind of got me thinking dirty. I suggested that we take a bus from here to end, and back home.

We looked for the longest trip and it was bus 88. We decided to cross the road to get to the other side. (directories had both directions, the side you’re on is usually black and the other direction is greyed out).

We hopped on 88 not long after and I nudged her along till we reached the back of the upper deck. Seated by the left side. She was carrying her usual furry Puma bag and me a tote Esprit bag.

I moved her bag to cover her legs and took her vibrator out of my bag. She was kind of worried about people around but there wasn’t any. So she got prepared too – mentally.

I placed it on her skirt at her pussy to get started. As I pressed it harder onto her, she got wet and released her grip on my arm, allowing me to roam freely. I placed my left arm around her waist.

Slowly, I moved my hand into her shirt, reaching for her boobs. From behind, I reached into her left breast and toyed with the nipple. I positioned her to face the windows so I can reach better.

After playing it for a while, I seat her back and played her pussy outside her panties, making her want more. All the while while doing these, our eyes were locked on anyone coming or looking our direction.

Once she is wet and cannot take it anymore, i slipped my hand into her panties from her navel. Because my hand entered from the top, her skirt was lifted higher than usual and she had to adjust it.

And while she was doing that, I rubbed her clit and she just lets out a soft moan suddenly and hug my arm, closing her legs. She then spread them a little so she could feel more. I rubbed her for a long time and she simply massaged and rubbed my dick up and down through my bermudas.

I kept her wet and tired until we reached. She had so many orgasms that she was a little wobbly when alighting.

Peiling: ‘

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