After Exams

Day: Unknown
Date: November 2009
Time: 10.30am
Location: Her house

Her exams ended and as promised, we’ll have lots of fun. I placed my laptop and bag in school and left for her house, reaching at around 10.30am.

Her parents were out at M’sia and she’s all alone at home. It was holidays and waiting of results for her.

I reached, pressed the doorbell and waited. My dick was slowly rising by then. And by the time she opened the door for me,  I all horny and became too unbearable when I saw her dressed in a t-shirt, and black panties, without shorts. I entered her house and she quickly closed the doors. She sat me down at the living room as asked if I want to drink anything.

I asked her to sit beside me instead and she did. Holding her head, I kissed her and she leaned on me, falling me on my back on her sofa. I could tell she was really excited. I stretched my hands up reaching in my bag for the condoms and lubricant.

After much effort, I got it and we stopped kissing to do something else. I sat up a on the sofa and she sat on the floor, with her hands on my shorts, she pulled and I stood up a little to help her. My pants were off with a little tug, revealing my FBTs. She pulled the top down and gave me a good suck, and while she was sucking, her hands pulled my FBTs all the way down to my ankle and out.

Moving in a out, fondling my dick with her tongue when it’s in her mouth, and sucking the tip of the dick hard when it’s out. She was so good that I had to stop her not long after. She started masturbating herself while I went to get the vibrator and condom. And when I’m back, she’s all wet and ready. I seriously didn’t expect the whole thing to go so fast.

All the while seated, she helped me put on the condom and lubed it a little, spreading it on my cock to make sure it’s all covered. I stood up, asked her to sit on the sofa, and spread her legs. I knelt on a soft cushion on the floor and slide my dick in in one thrust. She yelped and I ignored and slowly started to move my dick.

I turned on the TV to drown our sounds. After that, I told her to go to the kitchen and wash her hands before jerking me off. She was washing her hands when I came from behind and did her from the back. Windows? There were cloth draped all over.

I did her till she’s done washing and I asked her to go pee. She walked with my dick in her to the toilet which is just behind us.

Once inside, I seat her on the toilet and continued pumping, changing to doggy using the toilet bowl as support. She lifted the seat cover up and I asked her to pee. She tried to but looked impossible.

We then proceed to her room and placed her laptop beside the bed. I played a porn video from my thumbdrive and we act it all out. We did as much as we could and by the time it was gangbang, we were worn out.

Whenever we try to rest beside each other’s naked body, our hands will not rest. The constant touching and kissing kept us horny. We kept having sex and I cummed close to 5 times while she had more from me and from the yellow vibrator.

We had noodles for lunch and us feeling a little naughty eating naked, we did some sick stuff. Her noodles was with my cum in it. I had some of the noodles on her pussy with juices. It was fun and crazy.

I still did manage to recover some energy from a nap and left at 3pm, so I could be in time to pick my things up from school. She was totally knocked out after I left her house.

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