Day: Unknown
Date: February 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: Balestier Plaza toilet

Peiling and I walked around at Balestier plaza waiting for the movie to begin. I was feeling naughty that day and wanted to have some fun in the cinema.

So, I made up and excuse to go to the toilet and entered the handicap one at level 2. I asked her to come in with me and after sure no one is watching, she joined me. We frenched like there is no tomorrow and she proceeded to undo my pants. Although I did help her unbuckle my belt, I was wondering why was she so horny today.

I was shocked because she don’t initiate. And she didn’t want me to touch her either, she just wanted me to relax and enjoy.

She pulled my pants down, pulled my FBTs down, stood up and kissed me. She was standing in front of me, kissing me and massaging my dick. Her hand was holding my rod, palm facing inwards, finger tips ending at the bottom of my dick.

After a while, she squatted down and sucked on my hardened dick  without stopping. My head was going all numb and held onto the sink for support. Her blowjob was very different. She sucked on the head and fondle it with her tongue, moving in and out only very slightly.

Feeling bad enjoying alone, I slipped my hand into her collar and into her bra to tease her right nipple, she moaned a little but focused on getting me off.

She got tired soon because of the intensity and speed she started at. She switched to her hands while standing at my side, sort of pumping me with her right hand across. I was just leaning against the wall, enjoying.

Without stopping her hands, I came quickly and shot my load onto both her hands. The sight of the thick white cum made me feel satisfied. She washed up, got our things and left the place for our show.

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