New Home

Day: Unknown
Date: November 2009
Time: 1pm
Location: Peiling’s new house

Peiling finally finished her projects and was having more free time. She asked me over to help her format the HP computer which was too full and unorganised. I quickly agreed as we have not met for long.

Upon reaching, she opened the doors for me and led me upstairs to her room. It was my first time in her new room and I looked around while she starts up the PC. I quickly pulled up the scanning of the clusters for error, which some will know, needs a long time.

Since it’s only 1pm, I decided to lie on her bed for a while. She came and sat on the bed, asking if I was done. I pointed her to the screen and she sort of gets it that some waiting is inevitable.

I signalled her for a hug while lying down and she did. Bending over to give me a hug, I then quickly gave her a tug so she would be fall onto the bed with me. Being lazy, she just lied there in comfort. I then tried to pull the blanket she fell on over ourselves.

Covering the both of us, I hugged her from her front and kissed her lips. No response. So I stuck my tongue into her mouth, only to be blocked by her teeth. I used my right hand as I am lying on my left, to widen her mouth a little to stick my tongue deeper.

She responded by sucking my tongue gently, and then frenching me deep and hard, with her eyes closed. I moved my right hand which is freed to her hips, and slowly, going under her school PE shirt. Upon reaching her breasts, I realised she was wearing bra. I whispered to her softly if I could unbuckle it for her.

She gave a soft, ‘Uhm’. I unbuckled them and I cupped her left breast with my right hand. After some kneading, I fondled with her nipple. She started to feel a little restless and warm so I turned her onto her back.

Lying beside her, I continued to fondle her nipple and sucked her right nipple which breast has fallen to the side. After a while, I moved my right hand down her stomach to her PE shorts.

Not wanting to scare her, I rubbed her pussy from outside. As her body starts to move, as her legs starts to move in response to my rubbing, I slowly moved my hand up to the suspending area of her shorts and slipped in.

She had no idea I was holding her favourite toy with the hand I had in her shorts. Only when I turn on the vibrator at her pussy, she turns over to me and used my left thigh as a bolster, applying pressure on the vibrator. In her own room, she moaned loudly and didn’t forget to massage my dick through my shorts.

Soon, she asked..

‘你可以把手放进去吗?‘ (Can you put your hand in?)

I nodded. I went into her panties with the vibrator and she became more aroused. After a while, she told be she had enough and I can off the vibrator. I did as she said, to off the vibrator, but I kept my hand in there. She was just lying there, semi-conscious.

I used my middle finger to rub the contours of her pussy, and slowly goes deeper. I know she will feel pain if I try to go in deep. I kept her pussy lips spread with my index and fourth fingers. Just by rubbing her, she moaned a little and got wetter. When she climaxed, she will push my finger deeper with her hands and asked me to not move. I do rub a little to increase the effect though. Hehe.

Looking at her tired face, she went to sleep not long later. And me? No ejaculation for me, but I did reformat her computer. I left at around 4pm before the period her parents come home.

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