Happy National Day 2014

This entry is in tribute to our (Singapore’s) independence and like Crystal, I am proud to be a Singaporean. Here’s a fun fact 101. All local erotic blogs are monitored by a big agency. :) No matter if it is a personal site or a dead blog, we are all being watched.

From where I came from, here that is, erotica is gaining popularity but books are limited to the pages it can hold. Skipping ‘local writers’ in general (cause I can’t speak for all), I think that this technology, blogging, seems to be the most effective way for me to get my fantasies across.

Through the years, I have met a particular someone who works in that watch group agency and there is no hiding when you violate (local?) laws regarding copyright and using photos without the approvals of the people in them. This agency have the sole, most, powerful people behind them and will not hesitate to remove any threats to its citizens. But hey, we know what we are posting right?

That is why J has adopted a only-photos-taken-by-him-or-submitted-by-the-source-can-be-used policy. This is how our nation protects her female citizens and that is how we should respect our girls.

Next up is us, the people! Looking at all the writers popping up, and disappearing, we aren’t really growing. We are in a replacement cycle, one that J is sad, yet happy for. You can say that I watched these blogs grow and vanished. But ss the standard improving? Are scenarios reaching out to more topics? And most importantly, what have the blogs that are started by guys, tell us about the standard of men in our tiny erotica world?

I am sometimes viewed as a sex-starved pervert with no other means to get relieve except by writing, a passionate writer that writes as though he no longer needed sex, an attractive mind behind a harmless body that holds unknown mysteries. One thing for sure though, if you are writing, you are moving beyond physical gratification – cause no men had ejaculated from typing.

I can be described in many forms, but I know who I am – J.

So writers, do you blog to merely express your urges? Cause readers can tell. The ‘need’ part transcends above plots and languages, somehow, it hurts to have great ideas written in such rash manner. Those are exactly how my entries sounded like when I first started out.

Or do you write to make yourselves better? ‘My language sucks, but why do I care?’ or ‘if I can imagine raping someone in my stories, I definitely can imagine writing in the shoes of a sex magazine editor’. Which is you?

I am nowhere near an editor and I still feel guilty for writing in agonising phrases with a limited vocabulary that is sure to make any English-Ed reader squirm.

So what if I am good with my imagination and storylines, as good as they are, I am limited by my own level of English. Example, I can only express ‘poke’ in approximately three ways? Pathetic.

Anyway! Thanks to Singapore’s education system, our younger generation are getting better. If you ARE the younger generation and you write as badly as I do, you belong to the older generation. :) Kidding!! We all learn as we write more, and is five years enough? Damn. I’ll never get to the end of this.

Lastly! Readers! Apart from those attempts to catch fling with those sexy female bloggers, I appreciate all the attention you gave us. I’m sure all the writers would agree to that. I hope the my stories are keeping you guys HARD! And you girls wet! *Is it true that all men wants a FWB? Should J be accepting too? Talking tons of BS here.*

Thank you guys for your continuous support, you have seen five years of ‘Happy National Day 20XX!’ here. O.o How awesome could that be? I’ll definitely be writing again, thanks to Ena. As of now, I’ll see how far I can last this time.

So here it is! Happy National Day 2014 guys! You won’t want any xoxos right? Neither am I going to force myself to give one(s).

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Hey Jhae, i’ve been quietly reading for quite some time. Your blog is definitely not one to throw in all graphic details. Some of them have playful twists while others might have a morality issues behind them for us to think about. I really understand what you are trying to say here and i really do want you to keep on writing. All the best man!

I don’t really know if anyone checks back for replies. But thank you Xavier for being with me all these while, no matter for how long you have been reading. I do hope more blogs will pop up, be it wordy or photo-based. No one is complaining. Hehe. This erotica world in SG is too small.

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