Being a Natural

Me: ‘Valerie, don’t you feel unsafe in such short skirt?’
Valerie: ‘Huh? I’m okay with it ah. Is it too short?’
Me: ‘I think so. I can totally see your panties if you bent over.’

She turned herself to look into the window of the class ongoing in the computer lab and did exactly what I warned her about. She reached for her laptop bag on the floor and revealed that tiny g-string of hers under the black tight skirt. My eyes were giving the disappointed look but another treat to her panties changed my mind about her. Her laptop bag was back on the floor and it was just her and I in the walkway. We were the only ones to skip lunch and waited outside our lab for lesson to begin. In case you were wondering, the previous class was held in a cleanroom facility that had slightly more layers of doors to it. It was just right behind me.

She walked towards me and stopped a few inches before my face, granting me a false hope she would kiss me. But the whisper at my lips caught all my attention and my mind cleared to process whatever she said.

Valerie: ‘There is still about half an hour before class starts. I can’t sit on the floor in my skirt. So, how about we go back to the cleanroom to wait? Your admin card can access right?’

I took the card out from my pockets and tapped on the yellowing old scanner. I was one of the two who were given special rights as a reward for being too early. With my both hands full, Valerie pushed through the heavy airtight doors and entered into the suit room, windowless except for the small glass pane on next door. Temperature was at the lowest to maintain the integrity of the sensitive equipments, and our sensitive equipments were heating up instead.

She reached under the back-laced top and unclipped a hook at her boobs, letting the melons hang free.

Valerie: ‘Oh my gosh, finally I can let some air between my boobs.’

Then, there was a few seconds of silence.

Valerie (whispering): ‘Someone is shy eh.’

I had no idea she was this wild but still gave into her. My bags was placed nicely against the wall and my pants unzipped. She approached me and dug her way into that opening and flipped my dick out, growing halfway into a man. Her skirt was lifted up to flaunt that stringy underwear but I was given nothing more than that.

Her body was up against mine with her back on me, and butt crack grinding on my warmed rod. As she stroked up and down, an extra lift of her butt brought my dick into a horizontal position, poking right at her damp pussy. My hands did not move away from the side and she just moved her body back, slipping my dick into her with a flick of the centre string to the sides.

Knowing there was an hour, I thrust my dick at her and she just grabbed onto the sides of my shirt for support. The speed was slow, and impatience was growing. As much as she tried to pump her butt towards me, the number of slippers were getting irritating too.

Finally, I got what I wanted to hear.

Valerie: ‘Can you just fuck me?’
Me: ‘Am I not doing it already?’
Valerie: ‘Teasing asshole.. ‘

My hands held onto her shoulders after rearranging her hair to one side, and pulled her hard as I rammed forward. Her voice became much more meeker and it sounded so much better. As I forced myself deeper with every stroke, we were moving half a step every few seconds. Until a point, she was leaning against the lab suits that hung from the hooks on the wall. It was also then I pinned her body against the cold wall and started the rampage.

Her butt was flubbing quicker as I pounded harder. The silence had amplified the droplets of liquid coming out of her, and the growing tightness just showed me how much she wanted this. Without much space to move away from, her pussy was clamping down on my dick every minute from orgasms and the afterglow was appearing before we were done.

Valerie: ‘I am getting tired.. are you cumming soon?’
Me: ‘You want me to? Where?’
Valerie: ‘Yeah. Inside? So we won’t have to clean up.’

True enough, the moisture in the preparation room had pushed the humidity readings up, engaging the auto lock to the main room and blasting more cold air from the vents. A fifteen minutes break should be enough before the next class start, and we were just three minutes away.

I picked up my pace and increased the frequency of our bodies banging, I could feel the tension in her vagina, but I preferred to think that I had grown throughout the session. Pounding mercilessly into her, at least two more orgasms rang her dishevelled mind and turning her legs jelly. Going full speed ahead, my cum loaded themselves at the exit and I did not bother telling her that it was coming.

I just grabbed her waist and rammed the daylights out of her, while engaging auto fire midway. My precious load spewed into her like a water balloon with the end untied. A turn of her head gave me a slutty encouragement and I just kept thrusting all my cum deep into her. Slowly, my hip stopped and I stepped away from her, dripping some onto the floor.

She adjusted her strings and reached under her shirt to buckle the strapless bra back, before pulling her skirt down to a decently short length. As I was still enjoying her dress up performance, it was her who came up to me and tucked my full-fucked dick into my underwear, ending the quickie with a zip.

Valerie: ‘Don’t tell anyone k? Especially my boyfriend.’

Oh, did I mention he was in the same class as us? I placed my index finger on my lip as an assurance, but shot a condition right back at her.

Me: ‘Only if we partner for the Oracle project later.’
Valerie: ‘Sucker! And what do I tell your girlfriend?’

Oops. I haven’t been honest with you guys. She applied the same terms to remain silent about what just happened, so long we are in the same team for another project she was good in – so we could have more free time for other activities.

No one had seen us exit the cleanroom with messed up readings, and the next lesson was spent at the back of the class next to her with her skirt high enough to masturbate with my cum.

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