Somewhere Else

Melissa and Augustine sat in the living room while watching her parents leave house for work. Their whole morning was spent on their school projects and it was only at 11am when they finally had some privacy to the whole house. She walked to the peephole to see that they had left and went into her room, leaving Augustine lost on the sofa.

After ten minutes, she appeared in front of him in a translucent pink nightie, with extra low V neck that did not make any different to her A cups. Still, the black strapless bra and matching panties stood out under that outfit that ended just slightly below her groin. She signalled for August to go over to where she stood behind the door, while pressing down on the lock to open it.

Melissa: ‘Ready?’

Augustine: ‘Where are we going with you dressed like that?’

Melissa: ‘Just the stairs outside.’

Augustine: ‘But people will see you!’

Melissa: ‘Won’t. I have you to protect me right? Plus it will be exciting.’

Augustine: ‘Okay. But must keep very quiet.’

The afternoon sun was blasting down overhead but the lower levels were shielded from the heat. She stood looking through the door for a minute before pulling the main door open, and exited quickly to the stairs. For the newer designs of HDB, there were doorways on each level to the stairs, and it provided some form of protection from being seen too.

August walked slower behind her and gently shut the door, before joining her on the steps. She had already begun to pull her underwear off and unclasped the hook to her bra, leaving them neatly beside out of the way. His loose boxers came off as well and showed her his unexcited dick. Not being the first time he was hard after her, she took the tiny bird between her fingers to pull his foreskin back. He then sat a step higher so her mouth could go over it and make it larger.

For someone who did not favour blowjobs, she liked how it grew in her mouth, making it less daunting to suck on. After a while, he reached her desired size and treated him to a erotic blowjob with her tongue playing excessively on the pinkish dick head. It was an area of his body that was most sensitive and would groan whenever she made a strong suck, gathering the pain at the tip before releasing it and swallowing his dick down to sooth the pain. The change in that oral environment sent him sighing in relieve and made him harder at times.

Melissa: ‘Shall we do it now?’

Augustine: ‘Yeah. Been waiting for you to ask.’

She leaned back with her legs opened and let him in-between. His rock hard dick then pushed its way into the small entrance and gently slid in without a pause. The lengthened breathe of air she took showed how good he was, and her legs just wrapped around him in anticipation of what was about to follow. He pasted his groin on her and then lifted her chest up in push up position. Once he found his footing in the acute angle, the sexy thrusts started to make her moan and shiver her body with orgasms.

August’s body never stopped moving and it was why she would dare to try such things, like having sex in public places. As her mind faded out into a white background, droplets of perspiration was dripping on her chest. That contrasting temperature was the only thing that kept her sane. But she was desiring for much much more.

She had to slow him down from soreness and took a few minutes to catch her breath, while helping him to wipe off some sweat with her bra. Melissa got up limping and stood on the flat ground before the stairs, and tilted her body to hold onto the edges of the steps.

August took a few deep breaths before going up to her, placing his hands lightly on her waist. He brought the tip outside her pussy and made very small dips into her. She was about to cry for help, he gave her a deep plunge that stretched her pussy sideways, sending her into a risky groan. He caught wind of that sound and immediately sank his meat deeper with every stroke, while her knees were bending in submission.

His dick was especially excited that day with the occasional cold wind undisturbed by the hot weather. With only their hips moving, his arms were recuperating well and he could drag her harder on his dick. That piece of meat was separating those two pieces of flesh trying to close so they could recover, but August’s speed was just not letting her rest. Soon, more juices were flowing down his balls.

The pace he was going at picked up haste and she was already begging for him to just cum already. Pressing her hips together, she helped by squeezing harder too. That sudden increase in pressure just knocked the wind out of him and he managed to pull out before the point of no return.

Still holding onto her body, he let her sit before going behind her, spreading his legs for her head to feast. She turned her body to the sides and devoured his stick. Following that, it was a moderate suction, and her tongue pushing upwards from under his shaft. That softened mode was gliding so erotically and warmly under.

Letting her do the work, he closed his eyes and rested his tired body. As he was already at tipping point, she only took three minutes to charge him up. He ran his hand along her chin as he felt the urge coming, pinching her earlobe as his juices pumped into her mouth. Her tongue was against his pee hole, and his flavourful load just landed on top of it, giving her a detailed taste of her boy.

A few more strokes down his dick concluded his release and she went to the drainage pipes in the corner to clear her mouth. Once she was done, August had already worn his boxers back and left the stairs with her, returning to her place for a well-deserved nap.

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