Licking Sweet

Catherine: ‘Kor! I’m home!’

Kelvin: ‘Okay. I’m coming out in a while.’

She dropped her bag on the sofa and fell on it, earpiece still in her ears with the TV on. It had been a long day in school and the hot weather made her unbearable in the heat. She undid the buttons on her blouse and leaned her head back, while waiting for her brother.

Kelvin walked out of his room and sat on the floor in front of his little sister, legs unglamorously opened. He lifted the skirt up and helped pulled her shorts off with her panties, leaving her waxed pussy exposed for some licking. She placed one feet on the edge of the sofa and let him worked his tongue on her clit, poking quickly at it. It had been a routine for the two of them to care for each other in this incestuous manner, keeping it from their parents for a few years.

His nose would vibrate over her clit while his mouth attacked the juicy abalone, drinking her fluids while her hands rummaged through his hair, pushing him deeper and guiding his tongue to where it felt best. After she was adequately wet, his fingers went into her pussy and the steady thrusts started with her moans.

Catherine loved how her brother’s hand could go on for a long time, while multi-tasking with the cunnilingus. Her legs spread themselves as far as she could, allowing his mouth to go anywhere he wanted to taste. That sweetness of her was something he looked forward to everyday, and such hot days like now would make her smell better.

As Kelvin sped up his tongue on her slit, her body arched back and her arms reached for the leather, clenching her fists over it as the orgasms shook her tiny body hard. Her brother would continue licking for the excess liquid, until she could not take it anymore and had to stop him. Out of courtesy, she took out her worn PE shirt to wipe his mouth clean before he could hug her on the couch, like a loving couple watching shows.

After a while, it was Catherine’s turn to have lunch and a whisper into Kelvin’s ear was all it took to get him to remove his boxers, giving her permission to his rock hard dick. As her ponytail was still intact, she decided to still go for the no-hands approach, bringing her head down on his shaft without any stroking.

Kelvin gasped at the overpowering warmth on his deprived dick and felt her saliva dribble down his rod. She did not want to get things too messy as well, so she sank her mouth over him where the saliva reached and pumped her head up and down, bouncing on his lap while keeping her body bent sideways.

Being a guy who could last for some time, she had something up her sleeves that day as well. Turning his body towards her, she let her tongue glide along the underside of his shaft, and maintained a lighter than usual suction. She pressed her lips tight whenever the dick exited and clamped on it when she went down on him. That new move did not require speed but it was driving Kelvin hornier than usual.

It was the first time they did it that he was conscious about cumming too soon. Nonetheless, he did not try to control her but just laid back and shut his eyes, enjoying her new techniques to the fullest. Up and down her mouth went, sending her brother into a state of trance and sensual groans. He was panting more than usual and she was glad it was something he liked so much.

That blowjob only lasted slightly more than five minutes when he told her he was about to cum. Keeping up with the pace, her suction increased and his hands went behind her head, to push her down deeper for a few strokes until he finally gave the hardest shove, keeping his dick throat deep in her.

Like a space shuttle taking off, his load packed into his shaft and gave her the powerful shot, delivering the chunky white semen down her throat. Patting on his lap urgently, he let go of her and she lifted her mouth up to his hood, still gathering the cum that was filling her mouth up. The first few waves had gone down her stomach, but the rest of it managed to amount to quite an amount.

It took him fifteen seconds to empty his balls and Catherine was relieved when his dick stopped spewing. She kept her mouth closed as he moaned during the time she made her last suck. Holding his head with both hands, she showed him that beautiful mouthful of love and swallowed it.

Kelvin was tired when it all ended and stayed by her side while she masturbated herself. Bringing her head to his chest, his hands went into her bra to assist with the oncoming orgasms she rubbed herself off to.

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