Formal Report

This is an attempt to write in a different style from my usual stories, and it’s written from a female’s perspective. So, it’s Stapler ‘girl’ writing. Hope you guys will like it.

Sitting in one of the rooms of the police station, it was especially cold as I felt scared and worried. Two officers actually went to my school to pick me up, where my form teacher brought me to the general office to wait. Having half the day taken away was not quite ideal to my final year for O levels, but I guess it must have been something important.

After waiting for close to thirty minutes, a smartly dressed officer wearing a lanyard entered and sat opposite me, with a thick file on the table. I wasn’t allowed to bring my bag in and that was where my jacket was, wishing it was over me right then.

Officer: ‘Hi. My name is Shaun. I’m the investigation officer in charge of your case. Do you know why are you here?’

Me: ‘Nope. But I think it’s something serious.’

Shaun: ‘Yes. You are partly right. Do you know a person named ‘Martin’?’

Me: ‘Yes. He’s a friend.’

Shaun: ‘Good. Means you know him in a way. I will need you to tell me exactly what he did with you, because he is in trouble with the law. Harming other girls with his actions. You don’t have to worry about safety, cause no one will know what you told me. Your teachers only know that you are involved in ‘Witness to Crime’.’

I swallowed twice as my mind recalled what he did. It was nothing scary, but I guess it wasn’t right of him either. It was a better choice to just tell them what happened instead of trying to protect him, since he didn’t do much for me either.

Me: ‘It was about a year ago when I knew him. I was at the bus stop near my house waiting for a bus when he came up to me, pushing his phone in my hands. He asked me for my number and I just gave it to him, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to do much and I had the freedom to ignore him.

Soon after that, we were texting all the time and he was really respectful to me. We went out about two weeks later and he kept his distance throughout. The first time we met, he handed me a small box and told me it was a present. I didn’t think much of it, watched a movie and had dinner with him. He accompanied me on the bus home that night and stayed with me under my block while I opened the box. It was filled with panties of different colours but had a consistent design. It was those open-crotch type with a string of pearl down the middle.

Being the innocent me, I thanked him and he kissed me for the first time, pushing his hands up my shirt which I did not resist. A few seconds later, he led me to a flight of stairs near by block and touched me under my bra, squeezing and playing with my nipples. Frankly speaking, I was so turned on and just let him did what he wanted. I only stopped him when he tried to reach into my shorts, where he cleverly went back to my boobs and sucked on my nipples. I did not care about people walking past as it felt good, but now I realised how silly I was.

We stayed at the steps for close to thirty minutes before my phone rang and parents asked me home for dinner. In fear of them finding out what he gave me, I transferred the panties into my bag and let him dispose off the box.

The following days we met, he always asked that I wear one of the panties he gave. And in that underwear, the pearls never failed to turn me on, getting me wet before I meet him. Once we met, he would then request to check if I was wearing the panties. I did not know how to reject him then and allowed him to bring me to the toilets or stairs, whichever was closer. He would lower my shorts for me, or reach under my skirt or dress, to touch the underwear and tug the string of pearls along my slit.

Overwhelmed by lust, I found myself weak and horny at that very places, totally leaving things up to him. By then, his fingers had found their way into my pussy and would thrust so hard I got addicted. As our meetings got more frequent, my mind was always thinking about him rubbing me and making me high. No matter if I wore the panties he gave, I was wet every time we met. That was where I thought things were going great, with someone to pleasure me whenever I wanted.

Slowly, he asked me for oral sex and I gave in to him. Having no experience, he told me to put my mouth over and keep it there while he masturbated for me. In that single lesson, I was giving him the best blowjob he had ever received as my body channelled the orgasms into strong, deep sucks, driving his fingers even faster. After that day, it was a routine position to get into, with me sitting next to him and bending my back down on his lap, while his hand went around my waist to rub me off.

The fun we had was something I can’t get tired of, no matter if we tried new positions. I would just be glad to have him fingering and licking me.’

There, I took a break and sipped on the cup of Milo his colleague brought in for me. The room was more of an office layout, without the one way mirror commonly depicted in movies. The only camera was the half-sphere shaped design, mounted presumingly to oversee the room. As I wriggled my butt on the chair to get some blood flow into my legs, it was then I realised my panties was wet, with that pearly panties under it. It was the only way I could wear it out without my mum noticing as she would take note of how many sets of panties I wore.

I did not take long to rest, before resuming the recount of what Martin did.

Me: ‘About six months later, we got more daring in getting bottomless at public places. And he was going all out to satisfy me, bringing a dildo and vibrator for me whenever we met. I was excited at the new toys he had, and let him used them on me. The dildo would usually be inside me while I was made to hold the vibrator on my clit.

Once, he was standing in front of me and shoving that toy inside me, making me so crazy that I closed my eyes. Without thinking much of it, he actually took the dildo out and replaced it with his dick. I was shocked at what he had done, but it was too late. His dick was already pounding in me and I was fucked senseless. My body reacted to the introduction of a living piece of meat and got hooked to it. The open crotch panties suddenly turned into a piece of lingerie that granted him easy access.

Wherever we went, the panties would keep me turned on and ready for him. He was still very understanding then, and wanted sex when the places were suitable. As time passed, I was gladly becoming his sex doll, wearing short dresses or loose shorts whenever we went out so I could get sex every time. The only thing I regretted was the lack of knowledge about condoms, but I was lucky nothing happened.

With frequent sex occurring every time we were together, my mouth turned into a place he used to unload into, convincing me easily with the idea that it was best for me to know exactly where the sperms went so I did not have to worry about being pregnant. The countless amount of cum I had swallowed accustomed me to the taste and I was just happy to suck him off, so he would return the pleasure whenever possible. It was like

His thirst for sex was a subtle and deadly one, but I was the person in the unclear relationship who was getting hungry for more. It was me who began asking for sex at random places, touching him whenever I felt like it. During sex, he had brought up having threesomes or gangbangs, but I just couldn’t be bothered and stuck with what we were doing.

After some time, he stopped asking about sex with other men and I gave up contacting him. During the times I was alone, I thought of the times we had and learnt that he was actually grooming me for sex. I hated myself but didn’t regret much either, cause I did enjoy myself and managed to keep the dildo and vibrator he got me.

Now, I think I have grown and am more wary about people I meet.’

A sigh left my mouth and the urge to get myself off was gone. He finished writing in a few seconds’ time and reached for my shoulders, giving me a reassuring pat.

Shaun: ‘Because of your age, I will try to keep you away from the courthouse. But trust me when I say this. This Martin, is going away for a long long time.’

I had no idea how many girls did he ruined, and couldn’t care much about what happened to him. It’s in the past now, and I’m glad I didn’t do too badly for my exams.

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