Room for Three

Rin was in her room alone at the dorm, listening to her iPod while texting her roommate who went home for that night. She had showered, eaten and completed her revision for the day, leaving with only sleep to prepare for the next day. Having turned off all the lights, it was only her phone’s screen that lit her face.

As the typing went on, she finally got tired enough to sleep and placed her phone in silent mode, tucking it under her pillow to get it charged for tomorrow. Just as she started snoring, her dorm’s door clicked lightly, and two men in masks entered, making no attempts to communicate. It was clear that they knew exactly what to do. They removed their tops and pulled their bermudas down, arranging them in preparation to jump into and escape if things turned awry.

Tiptoeing to her arms and feet, they managed to get them tied with duct tape without waking her up. Lifting her long sleeping shirt up midway, Rin was awake with a jolt but the man at her hands quickly covered her mouth, pushing a gag ring under her teeth and tying it violently around her head. The only sounds she could make was groans, and the music from both their phones were loud enough to drown her cries out.

Having the sweet 19 year old girl in front of them, shirt cut away and body tied, they were free to do anything to her. The men then pushed her to the side of the bed and sat beside her, turning her body over and placing her on her knees. The dick at the pillow was already hard and standing, being the replacement gag for her mouth, she knew what was about to happen.

A shove to her back brought her face close to the dick, and the guy undid the straps around her head, pinching her cheeks so hard she was begging him to let go, and giving her word she would not shout for help. After all, she might get hurt if she tried to. Her head was forced down on the thick cock that reached all the way down her throat, but she was already trained not to gag. Seeing how ready she was, he just bounced her head down and enjoyed the forced deep throat.

The other guy behind her took some time to put on a condom, and spat a few mouthful of saliva over her pussy. After a while, his dick ran along her slit to spread the make-shift lubrication and granted her with a sudden thrust, stretching her pussy wide apart to take on his size. Without wasting time, he held onto her waist and rammed his dick hard into her, creaking the bed with the jerking movements.

They had kept themselves in those positions for some time while maximising use for her body, leaving saliva all over his balls and pussy convulsing from each orgasms. It had been too long since she pleasured herself, and this dick was doing her a favour by moving non-stop, never going tired. As time passed, the thrusts behind her got faster and deeper, driving her mouth faster and groaning whenever she cummed. It was pure abuse that she got, and it was arousing her even more.

The man at her pussy grabbed her boobs at one time and realised how hard her nipples were, and pinching them just made her tighter. With the new knowledge of her body, his hands worked on her sore peaks and hips continued to pound her hard. As the night slipped away, the two men did not get tired a single bit and Rin was just getting heated up too.

He was finally done thrusting at stopped, going beside the blowjob counter to wait for his turn. Her head was released half a minute later and he went to her back, while his friend sat on the pillow, pushing her head down on the raw dick. Sucking in desperation, she did not take long to get him hyped up and forcing her head even lower, hitting her teeth with his groin. Just as the new dick was shoved into her, the guy at her face plunged his dick upwards while her lips stuck on his base, throat contracting to receive the thick load that followed shortly after.

The streams of cum shot down her throat and went down her stomach without effort or taste, and her sucking got all of the remnants out and swallowed it without instructions. At last, one guy down and just one more to go. While she was still licking the softened rod, she realised the guy inside her did not have a condom on. The ridges along his shaft was stroking along her vagina and it was driving her wilder than before.

The squeezes she made did enhance the sensation below, and it was satisfying to him too. Although he did not speak a word, she could sense the vigour and power flowing through him, driving his hips hard on her butt. The entrance of her pussy was screaming in excitement as he grew thicker.

His non-stop pounding was loud despite the music playing, and he was at his final burst of energy, pumping his dick deep as his face turned into agony. After two minutes or so, his movements slowed down and stopped all the way inside her. The huge load poured like a bottle into a wine glass, filling her up soothingly until the warmth suddenly flooded outwards to her opening.

The gentle thrusts resumed and cum was leaking onto her bedsheets, while his dick was making the last few spits. Once he was done, he left her bed and went to put in his clothes, while the other guy continued with her mouth. With the zip left open, his dick was still out and he went over to her, taking over the guy who left her mouth to wear his clothes back.

She fell to her sides and gladly took his dick into her mouth, licking the cum clean off his rod and swallowing as she did so. A final suck cleared his manhood and he took a penknife out from his pocket. A swipe of the blade on the duct tapes freed her limbs and they walked out of her room as though nothing happened. She watched the two of them left in separate directions and fell back onto her pillow, panting and thinking about the fuck she just been through.

As her senses returned to normalcy, the soreness on her clit appeared and she reached down for it, placing her middle finger over it to give it a gentle rub. With the cum still stuck around her pussy, her fingers went on to give her a mind-blowing masturbation until she was dead tired, and fell asleep with the loads in her pussy and stomach.

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