Always Wet

Rin: ‘Fuck.. I’m wet again.’

She went for a shower in the hot weather and was feeling chilly in the air-conditioned room, until her eyes spotted the vibrator she had left on the bed. It had been a long time since she masturbated herself, burdened with work and projects in her university, and that very day was one she decided to have a break to treat herself to one or two orgasms that went out of hand.

Alone in the house, there was nothing to hold her back from driving that powerful little bullet inside and be able to torture her starving clit without panties or anything to cover. The coldness of the room could not lower her heated body anymore and went useless in her countless waves of climaxes. And now, just as she was about to leave home for the electronic fair at Expo, her pussy was asking for some attention again.

She picked it up and coiled the wire around the rectangular control, only to turn it on accidentally, sending the unforgettable vibration through her mind. Seeing that she only intended to bring her wallet and phone, she tucked the toy back in its zipper pouch and kept it in a separate compartment in the sling bag, throwing it over her shoulders and leaving for the fair.

On the bus, men were glancing at the outfit she wore, scanning her jacket and light pink skirt like wolves in the forest where little red riding hood was just innocently looking for a place to rest. An empty seat beside a fit young man who did not even bat an eyelid at her seemed to be the ideal spot, where she can have some quiet moment on the long ride. Sitting demure with her legs crossed, he was busy tapping away on his phone playing Candy Crush, a game that seemed to be trending for a long time.

Finding a place to slot her bag in was a troublesome one, too big to be between her and the guy, yet too small to cover that indecent short skort (shorts disguised as skirt with fairly loose openings). Rin wasn’t too concerned about exposing herself as she knew it was actually shorts, but that guy was actually eyeing that high hemline of the flaring pieces of clothes revealing that milky white legs.

Suddenly, as she placed the bag down on that little space she made between them, a loud buzzing sound went off and she pressed against her bag to sense the origin of it, imagining her phone ringing. After three seconds, the vibration was still going strong and she frantically opened her bag, only to find the toy’s control dial blocked by the wires.

Fuck! She whispered to herself while reaching into her bag with both hands, oblivious to the stare of the guy into her direction, discovering that kinky toy she brought out.

Guy: ‘Do you need any help?’

Rin did not look at him but shook her head, finally ending the buzzing noise made by the plastic bullet against the controller. He turned his body slightly towards her and reached his hand into the bag, taking out the toy with his fingers around to hide it.

Guy: ‘I think you should use it.’

Rin: ‘Huh!’

He uncoiled the wires and placed the bullet on her lap, leaving it open for any curious eyes to see. She quickly covered it with her hands and he took her bag away, placing it on his other side. He then rested his hand on her thigh after the bag was secured. The quick advancement of pushing his hand into the loose leg space of her shorts shocked her but it was the toy she was more concerned with, afraid he would just turn it on and let the buzzing sound embarrass her.

His hand did not stop moving until he reached her pussy, where his expression did not change despite she was pantyless – and wet. He gave her clit a quick rub and removed his hand to bring the bullet in, leaving her no choice but to hold his arm as though he was her boyfriend. He pushed the bullet into that soaping wet hole and made sure it was the right place, before angling his fingers to continue massaging her clit.

The other hand gave the dial a twist and the silent pleasure shook her body, dropping her head onto his shoulders. With much discretion, they did not make any sudden movements but kept themselves in the arm-grabbing position, his hand under her skirt massaging on her clit. After a short while, her legs closed and the orgasm just sent her into a tiny tremble, where more juices coated his fingers.

Guy: ‘Where are you heading to?’

Rin: ‘Expo.’

Guy: ‘Good. Me too.’

He brought the controller over to her waist and stuck it between the waistband and her hips, vibrating in the slowest setting. He then picked his bag and hers, helping her up as the bus came to a stop right outside the MRT station. Hand in hand, they made their way to the toilet on the second level where the whole hall was empty, giving them the quietness and privacy of the toilet only accessible to event organisers.

Once in the handicapped cubicle, he pinned her against the wall and kissed, undoing his pants at the same time as he rubbed on her clit under the shorts. Giving in to his daring stunt, Rinnie handed the controller to him and lowered her shorts enough to let it fall to her feet, kicking it aside so she could feel his fingers better.

She pulled him to the toilet bowl and sat him down, going on her knees and taking his erection into her mouth. Holding on to the base of the shaft, her mouth worked up and down along it, wetting and sucking on it, until he began groaning in pleasure. Her mouth was feeling as good as a second pussy, tight and lubricated, moving non-stop to service the man who dared to touch her. The blowjob lasted five minutes, and ended when he had to stop her before he cummed.

Picking her up, he placed her over the bowl in a standing doggie, going behind her with his dick dripping with saliva. He did not take long to find the inviting hole, and went in with one shove. The thick piece of meat filled her mind with endorphins and Rinnie almost tumbled forward. Grabbing onto the sides of the seat, he was ramming her so strongly that the squishing sound was actually a gauge of how tight she was.

Pumping with all his might, he found it hard to keep up with the contracting vagina. The orgasms came after two minutes of sex, and it was the first time she learnt that she could squirt, or rather leak. A few deep thrusts into her turned on the gentle tap, dripping juices between her legs onto the floor. That bit of extra lubrication came to help as he pounded her harder, splitting her vagina walls wide and deep.

That guy was fit to start off with, but as he neared the climax of his own, the speed picked up and his hip was the only moving part now, jamming that rod in and out systemically. The build up to Rin’s last orgasm was somewhat fearful to herself, but it was something she looked forward too as well.

Guy: ‘I’m cumming now.’

After a long ten minutes, his thrusts went harder and deeper, shutting down Rin’s senses one by one, leaving only her sensitive clit and pussy ringing in pleasure. The last few strokes he gave were sank deep into her, while the unmistakable eruption of hot lava flowed into her cervix. She clamped her pussy tighter for him as he moved slower, cleaning out his tube with the pressure around it.

She felt full by the time he was done, and the exit of the thick rod relieved her of the overwhelming heat and intensity. The familiar bullet went back to her pussy after a while, holding all the cum in against her urge to push it out.

Guy: ‘Come. Put your shorts back on.’

He was already holding her clothes as she stepped away from the toilet and into the shorts. He helped her up and tucked the controller in her waistband. They were both tired and drenched in perspiration, but there was still some energy left in them. He put on his pants and left the toilet with Rin, heading in the same direction but having no visible relation to each other.

It was definitely an unexpected event to happen on a simple visit to Expo, and the guy was so good that she had kept the vibrator on throughout the walk through the bustling booth. In no time, her pussy was wet again, turned on by that warm cum swirling inside her and desiring for that unknown man’s fingers on her clit once again.

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